Why Your Business Needs Digital Advertising

By on April 26th, 2020

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For the longest time, marketing was a hit or miss affair. Businesses had one marketing strategy: Cast the net wide in the hopes that something will stick. Big businesses that had a hefty marketing budget could easily power through using this approach But small and medium businesses did not have the luxury to do so.  Well, with a good digital marketing agency Sydney, that might just be the least of your worries. 

Digital marketing has completely revolutionised this space. Now businesses have the opportunity to reach more people than before. This was not possible with traditional marketing methods. 

Digital advertising in Australia and across the world has evolved from snake oil status in the early years into an effective method of reaching customers. Later we’ll be introducing you to a short compilation of reasons why your business badly needs digital advertising.

Can Small Businesses Do It? 

The misconception among small businesses is that only large corporations have the budget and technical knowhow to mount an effective and powerful digital advertising strategy. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is that digital marketing has levelled the playing field for all businesses, making it easier for small businesses to take on the big boys.

And the truth is that small businesses can easily hire a digital marketing agency in Sydney at relatively affordable rates. Don’t be discouraged if your business lacks the funds to go that route because there tons of content online created to help you create a viable marketing strategy for your business.

Meanwhile here’s why your business  badly needs digital advertising.  

1. We Are All Hanging Out Online

If you set up a traditional brick and mortar business establishment, chances are that you will probably rely on old school methods of advertising like setting up a sign board or passing out some flyers. 

You will get an odd customer here and there from this approach, but why go for a trickling stream when you can go drink from the dam?

Over nine million Aussies shop online. Let that sink in for a minute. Setting up an effective digital marketing campaign will introduce your business to a massive customer base. 

What’s more, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have affordable advertisement services that you can use to reach more people. Not forgetting to mention google advertising in Australia. 

2. It’s All About Analysis

Many businesses and marketers will admit to having used the spray-and-pray approach when it came to traditional marketing. Even though there were very few ways of accurately calculating the impact that your marketing campaign was having on the market, this was not an optimal model for most businesses.

But with tools like Google Analytics and other marketing analytics tools perfect for Australia’s online advertising space, this becomes yesterday’s news. Businesses can easily measure the amount of traffic to their website, analyse page view durations and the site’s bounce rate.

It becomes easier to figure out the aspects of your campaign that are working, enabling you to tweak what doesn’t work and refine your digital advertising strategy. 

3. Interact With Your Market

Digital marketing offers your business tools to engage with your consumers in real-time. Your customers expect to interact with your brand. Choosing to engage with them positively will dispel the notion that your business is a cold and faceless establishment.

You can easily pick your consumers’ minds for insight and the direction they would love to see your business take. Such information is priceless to a business. It helps you structure your business around the needs and wants of your customer base.

4. Better Return On Investment 

Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing offers your business the ability to easily measure the impact of your marketing strategy. There are a lot of analysis tools to do this, meaning you can tell the sources of advertisement that consumers are visiting your website from and the ones that are not working.

This data will help you in deciding whether to use your resources to bolster the marketing methods that are not working or to focus everything on the successful ones. With the help of a digital marketing agency in Sydney, you can correctly evaluate the returns on your ad campaigns with accuracy.

Digital advertising in Australia is poised to steal more market share from traditional marketing methods in the coming years. Medium and small businesses have no excuse when it comes to investing in this. It offers immense reach and there are specialised programs available to accurately measure and optimise your campaign for further market penetration. You can always speak to a reputable digital marketing agency in Australia if you need help doing this right. 

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