Digital Marketing 101: How To Promote Your Products Effectively

By on March 28th, 2020

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Savvy marketers know that digital marketing is the future. If keen, you’ve probably noticed that social media platforms continue to record staggering numbers when it comes to marketing promotion, followed by search engines, websites, and email. 

All these platforms are a good starting point for any business that looks to promote their products effectively. And when it comes to that, every marketer’s dream is to actually create a campaign that can generate awareness, interest, and boost sales. Well, the good news is this can be accomplished on either of those platforms. 

What’s important for you to know and understand now is how to effectively promote your product in the digital space. That’s what the article is about. I also show you where a digital marketing agency comes in. Take a look. 

1. Online Advertisements

Nowadays, no day ends without coming across an ad on the internet. Unlike before, there’s a variety of them, from Google Search Ads, AdWords Ads, and Bing Ads to Social Media Ads, Banner Ads, Email Ads, etc. 

Each of these Ads could be the perfect way to place your product in front of your target audience. Assuming you already have a digital Marketing Strategy in place, it shouldn’t be hard knowing where to find your target audience.

Social media platforms, for instance, have hundreds of millions of active users. Almost 40% of online shoppers admit to using their social media for research and inspiration when planning to buy something. You could leverage this opportunity by creating a Facebook Ad to promote your product. 

Google Ad is another effective way to advertise your product. At least 64.6% of internet users click on them when shopping online.

With these Ad options, you have the chance to create engaging Ads in different formats and target them to an audience of your choice. 

2. Email Marketing 

Hubspot email marketing stats give us a glimpse into the platform’s effectiveness. Turns out marketers continue to trust and use emails to promote their products because of its ROI, effectiveness and simplicity. Some mention the increased engagement as what inspires them to keep using it. 

So how does one use email to accomplish their marketing goals? For a start, get to know the best practices in using email to promote your product. That includes things like personalisation, catchy subject lines, timing, and so on. Also, have a call-to-action, and above everything else, keep sending your customers relevant updates and information that will turn them into loyal subscribers. 

Newsletters are a nice way to do this because you can add updates, relevant information, news, etc. basically anything that you feel would be of value to your customer, in addition to the promotion. 

3. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is not only cheaper and great at getting leads but also what the majority of marketers use in their marketing campaigns. 

Content for marketing can take many forms, including text and visual, and you can utilise a variety of online platforms to share it. Provided what you create observes the best practices, you have a chance to trigger and raise your sales. 

For your content to be effective, you will also have to promote it through optimising it for search and social sharing, distributing it across different relevant platforms, involving influencers in promoting it, having it feature in authority blogs, etc. 

Plenty of businesses have used content marketing not just to promote but also introduce their products on the market. You can make the most of this technique by partnering with a digital marketing agency. 

4. Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing sets itself apart from the rest of the techniques we have looked at by solely using mobile devices to promote products or services. Over half of the world’s population now has a mobile device and they spent at least 89 % of their time glued on them each day. 

All this time, they are consuming a variety of content that mostly interests them. That’s an opportunity marketers have used to also get their products and message in front of this audience. They have accomplished this through mobile app marketing, mobile banner ads, voice marketing, SMS marketing, quick-response barcode, among other mobile-specific marketing techniques. 

To experience the best mobile marketing has to offer, make sure your website is optimised for mobile. Also, tailor your message to the right audience.With these four techniques, you have a chance to create massive awareness, generate interest, and raise sales for your product. As you have probably noticed, each of the techniques requires investment in the form of time and effort to do it right. If you plan to do this on your own, remember to learn as much as you can about how to do each of them properly. Take a digital Marketing course if you can. But if that sounds like too much for you, you have the option to partner with a digital marketing agency in Sydney.

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