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By on October 29th, 2020

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Did you know that websites which evoke no emotions are easily forgotten by visitors? Maya Angelou was right after all when she said that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Emotions have a huge impact on our decisions. The kind of emotions your websites evokes will therefore determine the kind of relationship you have with your visitors. So, when coming up with a concept for your website design, take time to identify the aspects that appeal to their emotions. Work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney in coming up with ideas for your web design project. 

Keep in mind that 94% of a website user’s first impression is determined by your website’s design. This means that if you correctly use emotions on your website, the conversion rate will be higher. But that’s just one of the benefits; you will learn more in the article. 

Our web design experts at DIgital Hub Australia shared with us various ways one can use emotions in web design to achieve great results.  Keep reading to learn about them. 


Colour psychology is probably the most popular elements when it comes to the use of emotions in web design. According to this theory, colours are believed to have different effects on people.  Some colours will frighten your visitors while others will catch their attention and influence how they interact with your website. 

Blue, for instance, is a warm colour associated with calm. It symbolizes reliability. You can use it alongside green or purple on your ‘about us’ section as they all evoke the same feeling of trust. 

Red represents energy and strength. When used together with orange or yellow, they could alert your visitors, making them pay quick attention to the subject in question, say sales or discounts. Yellow is also known to stand for happiness.

Consult your digital marketing agency in Sydney and at the same time read deeply about colour psychology to understand how to use each on your website. Know the different emotions they evoke. 

When you pick the right colour palette, this will put your website in a better position to evoke emotions that will convert your visitors into customers. 


Don’t we all love humour? Think about the feeling all those funny memes evoke in you or how you feel about friends who make you laugh. That’s the exact feeling your website will evoke in your visitors when it incorporates humour. You will set them in the right mood, making them feel different about you, but in a good way.

Keep in mind that humour is also a delicate path to navigate. What’s funny for one person could be absolutely offensive to another. You will have to learn more about your target audience before deciding on the kind of humour to use. 

How you use humour will also depend on your industry. Too much of it may be appropriate for some businesses and harmful for others.  So, make sure you have achieved a good balance. Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you figure the best way to incorporate humour in your content and when to do it. 

You can also add humour to the technical aspects, like substituting an error message with a funny cartoon that eases the tension and makes the visitor laugh. 

Visual Elements 

Pictures, videos and other multimedia content are a great way to attract the attention of a visitor and evoke specific emotions such as happiness, empathy, trust, inspiration and interest. 

For example, pictures of children, elderly people or adults evoke a feeling of trust. Smiling happy faces in a picture or video on your website will make the visitors feel happy and confident about your products or services. 

When it comes to empathy, videos do it so well. Whether you are offering a product or service, there are many ways you can use videos to create empathy. It could be a story about how your customer used your service to escape a difficult situation or how your product transformed their lives.  

Have any good SEO agency in Sydney help you create videos that will not only relate to your visitors but also meet the expectations of search engines and/or social media platforms. 


Another emotional aspect of web design is the tone of voice you choose to use on your website. The way you communicate with your website visitors will influence your relationship with them.  

An authoritative voice, for example, shows seriousness and professionalism. You can use such a tone when passing along a serious message. This will evoke confidence. 

A conversational and friendly tone, on the other hand, shows that you care and are approachable. You could use it when you are trying to sell something so as to elicit a feeling of trust and happiness in your visitors. 

You can learn more about how to use tones of voice on your website by consulting any best SEO agency in Australia, especially one with experience in creating engaging and creative marketing and website content. 
You may be wondering, is that all about using emotions in website design? Well, that’s just half of it. There are many other ways to apply this concept in web design and development and only a good web design agency in Sydney can help you leverage its potential. Our web design experts at Digital Hub Australia are on standby to help you navigate this path. We also provide many other afforadable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Talk to us today to learn more.

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