How To Build A Strong Social Media Presence

By on March 12th, 2020

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Social media is no longer a trend; it’s now a space that requires time, energy and a lot of skill to leverage its potential. Is it possible? Yes! 

You’ve probably run into brands that seem to have a flourishing digital presence. Some appear to have loyal customers and fans who make interactions on their platforms livelier. Others have made sales running into millions and billions from the platforms.

“How did they do it?” That’s a question you probably asked yourself. I wanted to find out too and that led me deep into the web. I combined my findings with interviews and observations and finally arrived at these five steps:

Step 1: Pick Platforms That Fit You/Your Brand 

Not all social media platforms are going to be right for you or your brand. Before deciding on which one(s) to be active in, ask yourself the following:

  • Which platform(s) has my target audience?
  • What’s my goal(s)? ( sales, brand recognition, engagement, customer support, etc.)
  • Is the platform(s) right for my industry/nature of my business?
  • Which platforms are my competitors using? 

Study every platform thoroughly as well. Remember each is unique when it comes to content, interaction, and functionality. Common social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and LinkedIn. Currently, 72% of Australia’s population are active social media users. Why not take advantage of that?

Once you have picked the platforms that work for you/your brand, focus your energy on growing them into strong and influential social media pages. 

Step 2: Have a Social Media Strategy 

“Why?” You may ask. Let’s understand what it is first. A social media strategy outlines how you/your brand will use social media to meet your communication and business goals and also states the platforms and tools you will use to realise those goals.

It’s what connects all the essential elements that need to work together towards the success of your business. Without one, you will have little to no success. Even worse, you will be giving your competitors a chance to outshine you.

So, come up with one and make sure all aspects of it are aligned towards your business and marketing goals. Aspects like a posting schedule, social media marketing, and content plans should all be part of your digital marketing strategy.

Step 3: Practice Brand Consistency 

The way your brand looks, acts, and sounds directly affects how existing and potential customers/social media users perceive it. 

When the headshots, theme, photos, and logos don’t match, your customers and fans/followers will find your brand confusing, hard to memorise, and they probably view it as unprofessional. 

Instead, create a consistent look across all the social media platforms where you have a presence.  The look you opt for should be consistent with your brand. Avoid low-quality images at all costs. 

When it comes to content, make it have a consistent tone, voice, and style. You can achieve this by leaving the social media management work to a permanent person or team. If you alternate, inconsistencies will be inevitable. 

Step 4: Engage Your Audience 

Unfortunately, many businesses on social media don’t seem to connect well with their audience/community.  Posting offers, advice, ads, you name it, is great, but when you fail to engage the people who comment on your posts, you miss out on a chance to create relationships, increase brand awareness, and build a larger community. 

Sometimes the customers will feel that you don’t value their interest when you fail to engage them. But when they see a real person setting aside time to speak to them, respond to their questions, suggestions and comments, they are more likely going to support you and grow your brand.

Now, if you can’t handle the interactions, hire or assign the role to someone else. Remember, those comments, questions, likes, etc. are potential customers. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. 

To create engagement, post daily, use images, be personal, listen, ask questions, come up with contests and giveaways, develop great social media marketing campaigns, and respond to comments and mentions.

Step 5: Pay Attention To The Details

We are not done yet. There are a few other tasks you will have to carry out in order to build a strong social media presence. They include:

  • Monitor your social media performance and then adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly
  • Share great industry-specific content and showcase your skills/expertise
  • Offer incentives to your audience for sharing your posts
  • Use plenty of visual content
  • Be authentic on all the social media apps
  • Optimise your social media profiles

Remember, building a strong social media presence takes time. The good news is it is possible and the price you have to pay for it is putting all these steps into action. Whenever you feel stuck or in need of help, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A digital marketing agency in Sydney can help you to navigate the tough areas involved in this process and turn your dream into reality.

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