Why Are Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Failing?

By on July 2nd, 2020

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We all agree that Facebook has changed a lot in the past decade.  Who would have guessed that the most popular social media network at the time would evolve into one of the most ideal platforms for online advertising? You have probably noticed the buzz surrounding Facebook ads. A lot of people seem to consider them a plug and play option for online advertising. But this is not wholly true because unless you have the best digital marketing agency in Sydney working on your Facebook Ad campaigns, the odds are next to zero that you will strike gold with your first try.

Facebook Ads are a breeze to set up and pay for. This has contributed to the false notion that they present a quick fix to your online marketing campaign. But the truth of the matter is that most businesses struggle to get returns on their Facebook Ad campaigns. And this sucks because success on Facebook will greatly benefit your business.

So why are you Facebook Ad campaigns failing? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

1. Failing To Focus On Your Core Values

One of the biggest problems with most Facebook Ads is the fact that they rarely address what their customers value in your product. You might be focusing your propositions on what you consider relevant without realising that this approach is hindering your customers from converting.

When creating your ads, you should make sure that the messaging and design focuses on what your customers want.

The message in your Facebook Ads should be clear and concise. You should ask yourself if a person who knows nothing about your business would want to buy your products after watching your ad.

If your ad does not excite your customers, then they will have no reason to click and convert on it. Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney if you want well designed Facebook Ads that excite your customers and boost your conversation rates.

2. Targeting Small Audiences

Consumer targeting is arguably the best feature of Facebook Ads. Facebook allows you to target a very specific customer base with a few clicks. The irony is that this could be the reason that your Facebook Ads are failing.

The problem with being too specific on your targeting is that only a few people will end up seeing your ads. Facebook is an awareness-generating platform meaning that if you are focusing on a niche market in the initial stages of your ad campaign, then you are losing out.

You should aim for a large audience on Facebook especially when your Facebook Ads represent the upper funnel of your digital marketing campaign. 

Get that best SEO agency in Australia to help you do this right if you feel that you could use an extra pair of hands.  At DIgital Hub Australia, we long to help businesses like yours do their Facebook advertising right.

3. Lack Of Long Term Goals

You need to realise that Facebook is primarily a social media network. People use it to socialise and not to buy products.

This is why your Facebook Ad campaigns are more likely to fail if you choose not to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia. 

By working with the best SEO agency in Sydney, your Facebook Ads will be designed to organically funnel customers to buying your products over a period of time rather than shoving your product in their faces.

A hard-sell approach on your Facebook Ads will rarely work. This is because you are assuming that all your customers are ready and willing to buy your product at that moment.

Your Facebook Ad campaign should have a multilayered approach. This can be achieved through having different ads that target consumers who are at different stages of your marketing funnel.

You are bound to notice more quality conversions with this kind of long term approach to marketing on Facebook

4. When Your Ads Are Irrelevant To The Audience

People hate spam. It’s nothing new. Facebook created the relevance score to deal with ads that target the wrong audience. The lower your relevance score, the more you will be charged and your ads will be shown less.

You get a high relevance score if people are sharing and commenting on your ads. A high relevance score means that you will pay less and your ads will be shown on a regular basis.

Hiring a digital marketing agency in Australia is one way to have have your targeting options optimised so that your ads can reach the intended audience.

For you to make your Facebook Ad Campaign effective, these are some of the crucial things you should pay extra attention. There may be more, but you can only know them if you have expert help. Our guess is you probably want quality yet affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. That’s what we provide at Digital Hub Australia.  Talk to us today to learn more about how we optimise Facebook campaigns for businesses like yours. 

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