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By on April 12th, 2020

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You have probably have heard of Instagram or even experienced it. As marketing continues to change and competition intensifies, many businesses can no longer ignore the need to join this platform. If you have not come across this amazing photo and video sharing app or haven’t figured out yet why your business needs it, go to that Instagram login page first. In a short while, I’ll show you why you should register for an account and be part of this revolution.

Since its inception, Instagram has experienced a meteoric increase in its user base, a fact that has not gone unnoticed to business owners across the globe. The developers at Instagram also recognise the opportunities this app presents to businesses and so they have continued to add a plethora of features to enhance it for this purpose.

There are a lot of reasons why Instagram is absolutely crucial for your business in this day and age and going through all of them in this article would be impossible. However, the following facts will help you to figure out why you badly need to use this incredible app to improve your business.

1. Is Instagram Free? Yeees!

You are probably rolling your eyes at this; of course, there are a lot of great free apps out there today. But if you take the time to consider the key function of Instagram, plus the utility and power that it offers to businesses, then you will appreciate the profoundness of this fact.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, keep this in mind when you consider that Instagram allows you to post countless high-quality photos for free. Videos are also thrown in the mix giving you the keys to a marketing arsenal right at your fingertips and its all for free.

Add all that to the fact that Instagram boasts of an enormous user base on its platform and you have yourself a killer marketing app.

2. The Power Of The Hashtag

Hashtags are keywords that summarise what your post is saying. When used correctly, hashtags give you the opportunity to make your brand really stand out and get to as many people as possible.  Companies like Nike and Coca Cola have utilised branded hashtags and well-thought-out Instagram captions to power their campaigns and lift their brands to near-mythical status in the business world.

This is not unique to corporate giants; small and upcoming businesses have also used hashtags to their advantage by creating a unique image around their brand for their customers to identify with.

3. Numbers Never Lie.

According to the developers at Instagram, their platform boasts of a user base of 800 million active users. Most of these users use the platform on a daily basis, constantly checking their feeds and interacting with other users. This obviously presents a golden marketing opportunity for your business. 

If you have organic Instagram followers and come armed with an effective and dedicated digital marketing strategy, there’s really no limit when it comes to the number of users /target audience your message can reach.

4. Peel Back The Mask

With the stories feature on Instagram, you can literally peel back the mask and show users a side of your business they did not know existed. Live posts and stories are a great way to reveal to your Instagram followers the human element of your brand by showing them how the product is made, the people who work there and how everything comes together to create the uniqueness of your brand.

This will help potential and existing customers relate with your business more and dispel the notion of you being a bunch of suits working for some soulless, faceless corporate entity.

5. Tap The Power Of Influencers

With such a massive and active user base, Instagram inadvertently created the opportunity for some individuals to be online celebrities by virtue of the number of users following their accounts. These individuals are called Instagram Influencers, a title they have earned based on their activities on the platform. 

Partnering with best influencers on the platform might just be the fuel your marketing needs to yield those desired results. This is because, with a few hashtags and catchy Instagram captions, the influencer can introduce your brand to a market you had no access to by making their followers become aware of your business and what you have to offer 


With the reasons that I have listed above, it is easy to see why using Instagram for your business is not an option but an absolute necessity. Letting the opportunities and marketing power that this app offers you for free go to waste is easily a decision you will regret soon. 

So what are you waiting for? Spare some time to learn what is Instagram (if you haven’t) then go back to that Instagram login page, proceed with the registration and usher your business into the future. Where you feel like you could use extra help, especially when it comes to marketing, speak to one of the top digital marketing agencies in Sydney

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