A Digital Marketing Guide to Writing Captivating Blogs

By on May 17th, 2020

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It’s okay to be worried about sharing your brand’s content online. Imagining that it may perform poorly is part of the content creation process. In fact, every business owner turning to digital marketing fears the unknown at some point in this journey. That’s what has led many to consider having the best digital marketing agency in Sydney help them with the process. 

The thought of coming up with content interesting enough to keep more people coming should not discourage you from creating it. Consider it a fair challenge. 

And to help you overcome it, we will be sharing tested and prove ways which can help you write captivating blogs and keep your audience wanting more. But before we look that, let’s briefly see why blogs are necessary. 

Why Do You Need A Blog? 

Before we get into the real task, it is important to note why your business needs regular posts online. 

1. Reach Out To Your Customers 

One key factor that digital marketing introduced in business is creating a platform for brand awareness. Businesses now use blogs to promote products to both existing and potential customers. 

From introducing a new product or service to notifications about offers and how to use information, you can never go wrong with branding through captivating blogs. Having a good digital marketing agency in Australia help you with the technicalities of doing this right is a sure way to leverage the opportunities blogs offer. 

2. Create And Own Your Space 

Do you want to win in a field where your competitors have dominated the market? Well, great blogs put you on a level playing ground since you have a chance to captivate your target audience and sell your brand. Constantly uploading catchy information about your products brings in more followers who then turn into consumers. 

3. Free Traffic 

You heard that right. In this era where most businesses that want to have many visitors to their website pay for adverts and use other expensive methods, blogging makes everything easier and cheaper. With each blog you post in regards to your brand, you optimise the chances of catching the attention of new followers who stumble upon your site by searching for products related to your brand. 

If your website doesn’t have a blog yet, now would be the best time to hire the best SEO agency in Australia to help you design one. 

How Then Do You Write A Catchy Blog? 

If writing has never been your cup of tea, we can only imagine how writing for business makes you feel. However, this article breaks the down the do’s to help you generate quality content that will market your brand grow like you never imagined. They include:

1. Know Your Target Audience 

A good blog is not determined by size but by the number of people who read to the end. Digital marketing is about convincing your audience to keep coming back to find out more about your product. For this to work, you first must understand what the audience you intend to capture likes. This then will help you generate blog content they find relevant. 

2.  Increase Your Potential 

Successful digital marketing boils down to how many visits your site gets and how well you can retain these guests. 

Any best SEO agency in Sydney will advise you to do research to determine what things people you wish to reach out search for online. You can then use this information to identify keywords that will maximise your chance of appearing on the first page of their searches. 

This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To better understand this, you can hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia who can help you choose appropriate terms for your business. 

3.  Keep It simple 

Who said writing about business is all about sturdy and mind-boggling paragraphs that require hours to go through? 

As much as your blog is all marketing and business talk, your audience will stay longer on your site if they can read through it easily. Break down your paragraphs to bulleted points that are fast to skim through. 

And instead of dictating to your audience, approach them in a more conversational way which breaks the ice. Be specific about your products/services by using direct terms like, ‘we deliver our products/services to you in Chatswood….’ instead of ‘we deliver in many suburbs’. 

4.  Invest In A Theme 

What do people think about your brand when they come across your website for the first time? Does your colour, wording, imagery and arrangement communicate anything to do with your products and services? 

People develop trust in your business if they relate to your product just by logging in to your website or reading through your blog. 

To help you achieve this kind of conviction, hire digital marketing experts in  Sydney who can help you come up with a logo, tag line, colour scheme and even font that sells your products in just a glance. 

Final Word

Blogging is among the most affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. By understanding how well-composed blogs help grow your online business, you can save a lot on advertising and still turn random people online into your clients. From simple interactive wording to search engine optimisation, there is no limit to what you cannot achieve. With help from the best digital marketing agency in Sydney, your business can even achieve more than you have ever imagined. 

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