The Value Of Brand Communities

By on June 25th, 2020

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For a business trying to build brand loyalty, improve conversions and enhance customer relations, the solution is usually simple: Build a brilliant brand community and while at it, work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to leverage all the potential such a platform offers. 

Put simply, this is an active community of consumers who relate to your brand as they do to people. They’re usually like-minded and more often share significant traits. 

Unfortunately, not many of us understand the value such a community can add to our business.  Yet investing in one can help your business grow to heights you never imagined. Our team at Digital Hub Australia can attest to this as we have benefited immensely from our brand’s communities. In this article, I’ll show you how such a platform can be of value to your business.

1. Pre-release Platform

Your brand community is like a part of your company. And that’s because they share your interest in the products and services that you offer. They are eager to see you make improvements where necessary and are patient as you work to introduce new features, designs or products. So, consider such a community the best pre-release platform where you can release your product for critique before it is out for the public to use.

2. Brand loyalty

Having a group of people who share a common interest in your brand is an assurance that they will not be swayed easily by your competitors or new products in the market. Unlike your usual clients, people in your brand communities stick with you to the bitter end. 

They would rather point out negative aspects of your products through feedback than abandon your brand. However, note that building such brand loyalty takes time and unless you have the help of a good digital marketing agency in Australia, you will have more difficulties coming up with strategies that will bring you closer to your goals.

3. Constructive Feedback 

People in your brand communities feel as if they are part of your team. This works for your brand since they give positive feedback through new ideas, suggestions on improvements and even corrections that would drive usual clients away. 

Encouraging feedback on this level opens an avenue where you learn your strengths and weaknesses all aimed at improving your services and products. 

For example, we’ve witnessed several situations where a business hadn’t thought about the need to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia until their loyal consumers suggested that it would be great if they expanded their reach so that more consumers can benefit from their great services and products. 

4. User-Generated Content

Think about how much content you have to come up with every time you need to communicate through digital marketing.

Well, brand communities simplify this since they can generate enough buzz around your content which in turn promotes brand awareness, increases your ranking on Google searches and strengthens your domain. Nearly every best SEO agency in Sydney uses a similar tactic in building brand awareness for businesses. 

That aside, when many people talk about your products online and give feedback, new clients seeking information about a product or service you offer will have an easier time deciding whether you’re the right choice.

5. Brand Evangelism

Have you witnessed how easy it is to get drawn into something by someone who has had a positive experience with it? That is exactly what brand communities do. 

They talk to others about your brand since they already feel like part of the team. They give feedback to anyone who is looking for a product and needs persuasion. 

As a result of their efforts, you end up receiving new clients and growing your customer base. Pretty cool, huh?

6. Reduced Customer Support Costs

You knew we would come to that, didn’t you? When you have people who are ready to talk about your brand positively to others, it automatically reduces the number of people knocking on your doors for information. 

Whether its questions about prices, packages offered or even explanations on how to effectively use your products, people in your brand community are always more than willing to assist newbies. 

If you have active and engaging social media platforms, this will even reduce the customer support costs further. Many businesses often hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help them do social media management right.

7. Brand Exposure 

In this era where almost everyone is active on more than one social network, you can increase your exposure through brand communities. 

This is easily achievable as these loyal clients will share your brand information to their accounts hence multiplying your viewership.

Collaborative marketing has worthy rewards since the sharing chain is endless. You only have to share with your brand communities and watch the domino effect play out. If you have no idea how to make this happen, this might be the best time to hire the best SEO agency in Australia.

Does your brand have such a community? If yes, congratulations! Keep making the most of it. If no, imagine what you have been missing out on. Now is the best time for you to change things. Get help from an agency that specialises in social media management, online marketing, SEO services in Sydney and other related digital marketing services.  At Digital Hub Australia, we have a team ready to turn your wish into reality at an affordable cost. Getting affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia has never been this easier. Act today!

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