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By on September 14th, 2020

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Designing a landing page may sound like a simple task but as you are about to find out, that’s barely the case. A badly done landing page can crash your mobile app. It will not get you the leads and conversions you desire. 

You may not have thought about this yet but the best way to avoid all these misfortunes is to have the best digital marketing agency in Sydney do the designing for you. As we show you how to design a high converting landing page, you will also learn why using expert help in this really matters. 

We had our Web design experts at Digital Hub Australia share tips on how to come up with a great landing page. Check them out below: 

Know Exactly Who You Are Talking To

Conversions matter more than page views for a landing page. Put differently, it is better to have a few visitors who belong to your specific target audience than thousands of visitors who are less likely to convert. 

But you will only be able to enjoy higher conversion rates when you know your audience. That means identifying your target audience and having a better understanding of their needs, interests, behaviours, demographics, habits, characteristics etc. 

Simply get to know who you are talking to. Have a good Digital marketing agency in Australia help you with this. Once you have such information, you will be better placed to create a landing page that will be more focused on your audience.

Put Important Information First

Put the most important information on your landing page so that visitors can right away know what your website is about. 

Don’t forget that you only have a few seconds to attract the user’s attention, inform them and compel them to take action. So, make the information on your landing page clear and concise and at the same time creative and engaging. 

If you are not skilled in coming up with such content, hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you. They will use their experience and skill to create landing page content that converts.

Describe Features As Benefits

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Ask yourself what will make you consider a product or service when there are many businesses offering the same thing.  

For the average customer, the uniqueness of your app may not be obvious. Mentioning the features alone will not be enough in making them see how special your app is. Go the extra mile of explaining the benefits each app feature provides to them.

Tie these benefits to a problem or need they may have. This is what will make them want to try your app after they get to your landing page. 

How you explain these benefits definitely matters. If they are not clear and compelling, they may not trigger any action from the visitors. Get any best SEO agency in Australia to help you do this right. 


Tailor your landing page to suit the specific needs of your visitors. Almost every visitor out there appreciates personalised experiences. When they feel that you are specifically talking to them, they will listen and be more willing to take action. 

One way to personalise your landing page is to make sure that the content on the page is in the first or second person speech. Let your visitors see things from their point of view; not yours. 

Also tailor the page to their segment, device and stage in the sales funnel. There are several other ways to personalise your landing page in a way that both of you further and changes the conversion rates.  Hire SEO experts in  Sydney in Australia to help you explore those other ways. 

Make Use of White Space, Graphics and Images

You may want every element on your landing page to shine, from the headlines and copy to images, videos, call-to-actions, customer testimonials, you name it.  Of course, each of them matters. 

But what’s going to have a huge effect on the conversion rate is the balance between these elements. A cluttered messy landing page with no particular order and minimal white space will most probably not appeal to your visitors.  

But when there’s decent white space between texts, graphics, columns and margins, visitors will have an enjoyable reading experience and an easier time scanning your page. 

Make sure your web designer fully understands the need for white space. Let them share with you how they plan to go about it.

Based on what we have looked at, you can agree that designing a great landing page that converts takes a lot of skill, effort and time. There’s definitely more to be done beyond the five aspects we have looked at. That is why you should only work with the best web design company in Australia on this. At Digital Hub Australia, we have talented web designers who have successfully done this before and are ready to use their collective experience and skill to create for you a high converting landing page for your new app.  We take pride in being among the few who offer affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. So, don’t let your budget stop you from having a great landing page. Get in touch with us to learn how we can be of help to you. 

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