Hiring The Best Web Designer In Sydney Australia To Avoid Common Landing Page Errors

By on October 20th, 2020

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Your site might be getting a lot of traffic and while that is a great thing in itself, your bottom line won’t change at all unless you can convert as many visitors as you can. A well-designed landing page should do just that; successfully convert site visitors into leads or convince them to take your desired action.

While the goal of a landing page is pretty straightforward, you will find that achieving it is not as easy as it sounds. You will need help from the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to come up with a well-designed landing page. It is the best decision you can ever make to avoid design mistakes that would result in the reduction of its effectiveness.

Here are the common landing page errors you can easily avoid by working with a professional: 

Poor Design

Poor landing page design is one of the main reasons why most landing pages never reach their full potential. 

So, what entails bad design? You can look at it this way: If the main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors, then any design elements that prevent this are the problem.

For example, you could have navigation elements that might serve as distractions for your visitors or you could be frustrating potential customers with too many steps on your landing page opt-in section.

There are a dozen other design elements on a landing page that you can have to get right for it to be effective. That is part of what a digital marketing agency in Australia can help you get right. 

Slow load speeds

Did you know that you stand to lose over 50% of your potential customers if your landing page fails to load within 5 seconds? Unfortunately, unless you are an expert web designer, you might not know how to optimise your landing page speeds.

Load speeds are even more important than the offer on your landing page. After all, how will you convince site visitors to convert if they leave before your landing page loads?

Some of the tools you can use to test your site speed and get page speed insights include Google Test My Site and Page Speed Insight. Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney Australia to help you make the best use of these tools.

Not Focusing On The Visuals

People love striking imagery. The most successful landing pages use this to their advantage. 

One mistake many businesses make is using stock images for their landing page campaign. The results are always better when you incorporate images that show images of your products being used or those that creatively reflect your brand. 

Hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia who understand the kind of imagery that would resonate with your visitors and have the resources required to obtain or create them.

This applies to offers as well. For example, if you are offering your visitors an ebook, your landing page should have an appealing dummy image of the book. This has the effect of making your offer seem more tangible to your visitors.

How A Web Developer Will Help You Avoid Landing Page Errors

What we have looked at represents a fraction of the landing page errors you could make. This is why you should make use of affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. Working with a web design expert has a lot of advantages. Here’s how they can help you avoid landing page errors. 

Experience Creating Landing Pages

Our guess is you will be working with a digital marketing agency in Australia that comes recommended by many other businesses in your field. The advantage of working with such an agency is that they have a lot of experience designing and creating unique websites and landing pages in your industry.

This experience will come in handy when developing a landing page that is unique to your business model. They will know the kinds of landing page errors to avoid for your type of business and tweaks that could make it more effective.

Strategic Online Plan 

A lot goes into making a landing page successful. Besides getting the design elements right, your landing page has to be optimised for search engines, have strong calls-to-action and engaging content.  

When you work with the best SEO agency in Sydney, these are some of the aspects they will factor in while coming up with a strategic online plan. 

At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we work with a team of designers, SEO specialists, copywriters and coders to ensure every aspect of the landing page is done right and in the best way possible. 

Skill and Talent

This is pretty straightforward. You are more likely to make mistakes if you have no understanding of the technical aspects involved in landing page design, from the codes and plugins to images and headers. 

On your own, you may also be tempted to go for the free templates and basic tools. But this will deny you a chance to be unique.

A professional web design expert is in a better position to create for you a dynamic, attractive and high-converting landing page because of their skill. They understand how to create a faster site and will prioritise mobile-friendly design principles, ensuring that your mobile users have a seamless experience when interacting with your landing page.

In conclusion, you stand a better chance of having a high-converting landing page if you work with the best web designer in Sydney. As you have probably noticed, there are many parts that come together to create a successful landing page and only a professional has the resources, skill and capacity to bring everything together. Whether it’s the incorporation of aspects such as SEO services in Sydney or use of advanced tools, trust a web designer to do them all with precision. This is exactly what we do at  Digital Hub Australia. Get in touch with us to learn more.  

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