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By on June 13th, 2020

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Your website is one of the few investments where proper due diligence is not negotiable. A bad website design can really hurt your business in many ways. A good one, on the other hand, will help you with a lot, the least being achieving your business and marketing goals. Now, finding the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to design your website is probably among you don’t want to go wrong with.

Unfortunately, you will end up making costly errors down this road if you are not well informed about web design and development. Let’s not forget that there are hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Sydney that will try to convince you of their expertise on web design. But how can you pick a web designer who won’t disappoint you? We’ll be looking at that shortly.

Knowing exactly what you want on your website is the first step in finding a perfect company to design your site for you. So, here’s a chance to also learn about the crucial aspects of web design and development and how a well-designed will help your business increase its revenue tenfold.

What Are The Most Important Aspects In Web Design & Development?

When it comes to web design and development, there are certain factors that you should be able to cross off your list to ensure that your website will be successful on launch. Let’s have a brief look at each:

Fast Loading Speeds

Your website should be able to load as fast as possible or users will be frustrated and go somewhere else. If it takes more than 5 seconds to load, then you are in trouble. The majority of users nowadays hardly have any time to waste when browsing the internet. So you should make sure that they spend as little time as possible looking at loading pages on your site.

Well-Organised Information

See to it that your website is user-oriented. Make it easy for users to browse through the information you’ve shared. Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Well-labelled menus and buttons placed in easy to find places
  • Sub-headings to break down the information
  • Consistently aligned pieces of content
  • Well-thought-out typography

Keep in mind that having content on your website that is a headache to read as a result of poor organisation will increase the bounce rates. Before you hire a digital marketing agency in Australia to design a website for you, it would be great to find out how they plan to go about this.

Your Website Must Be Mobile-friendly

More than half of the web traffic on the internet is generated by mobile users. Keep this in mind during the development process of your business website. Make sure that your website is optimised for both desktop and mobile users. Ignoring mobile users by focusing solely on a desktop experience will hurt your business in the long run.

Your Website Must Be Interactive

Have your website designed with interactivity in mind. Users should be encouraged to interact with your content through filling forms, taking surveys and participating in mailing lists. Encouraging interactivity on your website is one of the best ways of generating tangible leads for your business.

Other crucial aspects to consider include:

  • Website maintenance – Every page and functionality on your website should work fine all the time. Should an issue arise, you want to be sure that there’s immediate help. If you don’t have an in-house team for that, then you have to hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who will be on standby to help with that.
  • Aesthetics – This has to do with how your website looks and feels. While the colours and themes have to be consistent with your brand, also make sure that they can make a great first impression.
  • White space – In addition to giving contrast to a web page, white spaces also help to guide users on where to pay attention.

With all these factors in mind, you will be in a position to pick a web designer who understands what you need and can deliver a website that matches your expectations. It would actually be great if you explained what you expect to them. Sometimes they will have a questionnaire that will help figure out what you want and expect. Either way, it’s important that you go through this step.

Next, let’s briefly look at what else you should look for in a web designer in Sydney.

What To Look For In A Website Designer

Here are some important questions that will guide you in finding not just the best web designer but also the best SEO agency in Sydney since you will need those SEO services too.

  • Are they ready and willing to listen to your ideas and bring their own as well?
  • Do they have a portfolio of complete websites, especially those that fall in your industry?
  • Can they do local SEO for you as well?
  • Are they keeping up with the latest trends in web design?
  • Do they have reasonable experience designing websites, especially in your industry?
  • Is the pricing commensurate to the value they provide?
  • What’s their approach to website design and development?

If they are reluctant to answer your questions, consider that a red flag. You begin your search with Digital Hub Australia. Our web design team is ready to answer all your questions and share their ideas as well.

With a well-designed website, there’s a lot you will achieve. Let’s look at some of the benefits such a website will bring you.

How a Well Designed Website Will Benefit Your Business


A website for your business assures customers that they can contact you when they need to and they can look up information on your products. If you have a well-designed website, consumers will feel safe when purchasing your products since they will assume that they will have a seamless experience with whatever your business has to offer.

Gather Valuable Data

When you hire digital marketing experts in Sydney, you will have the advantage of making your business more competitive through the use of analytics tools. You can be able to understand how visitors find your business and the factors that influence them to make purchases or make them leave your site.

Round-the-clock Online Presence

A reliable website will enable your business to stay operational throughout the day, even after working hours. Customers can access the information they require or purchase without having to visit your premises. Since customers are used to interacting with businesses through websites, you have to make sure that your website is always functional and there’s immediate help should technical issues come up.


Setting up a website opens up your business to more efficient methods of online advertising. SEO services in Sydney are effective in helping your website visible on search engine results.

You can hire SEO experts in Australia to streamline your SEO campaign and get your website to rank on the first page of search results. This will generate a lot of high-quality traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates.

In Summary

As mentioned earlier, a great well-functioning website is among the best investments you can ever make as a business. The ROI will definitely be great if you do it right and this guide makes sure that you don’t make a mistake that will see you regret your decisions later. With the rise of afforadable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia, you really have no excuse when it comes to leveraging the opportunities digital marketing can offer your business. At Digital Hub Australia, we are ready to walk this journey with you, right from web design and development to search engine optimisation, online advertising and social media management. Talk to us today to learn more.

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