The Impact Of COVID On Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility In Marketing

By on August 14th, 2020

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Digital marketing is like walking a tightrope. This is why you are better off hiring the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to do the heavy lifting for you. If you were not convinced before, then the COVID-19 pandemic has probably changed your mind on the subject.

The question you are probably asking yourself right now is “How does one advertise their products and services to a market facing an uncertain future?”

Let’s face it, it would be too risky to advertise your products and services as before or carry out the typical CSR activities you are used to without assessing how the public will perceive your campaigns and ads in light of this pandemic. 

At Digital Hub Australia, our marketing experts now have to work extra harder in coming up with socially conscious marketing content for brands during this time. Can you imagine how tough it will be for you to run your marketing campaign without rubbing your audience the wrong way?

In the article, we show you how the COVID has impacted ethical marketing and corporate social responsibility and the new direction you have to take to protect your brand, retain your customers and attract new ones, and generally continue to grow your business. 

Ethical Marketing 

Under normal circumstances, you will want your ad or campaign to be appealing to different kinds of people, reach a wider audience and be convincing enough to elicit desired actions from your target audience. 

But right now, consumer behaviour is different. Many are more concerned about their health and survival. Unless you are providing essential services, you will come out as insensitive if you market your products or services to them with the same approach you used before the pandemic.  

That means you need to overhaul your entire marketing strategy if you are to continue with your campaigns and Ads. Keep in mind that taking advantage of frightened consumers might bring you temporary gains in the short term, but you will lose a lot when your unethical marketing methods become apparent.

When you take an ethical approach in your marketing, bearing in mind the current situation the world is in and the plight of your consumers, you will win their trust and loyalty. They will never forget that you cared about them during their worst moments. 

Remember, ethical marketing is anchored on three main factors: 

  • Transparency 
  • Being Factual
  • Not misleading your consumers

Here’s how to do it best during this pandemic:

1. Create Ads That Promotes Safe Practices

Working with a digital marketing agency in Australia remains the best thing you could do for your business when it comes to ethical advertising. 

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of uncertainty among consumers during this period. Your brand stands to gain a lot if your marketing content advertises your products in a way that encourages your users to stay safe.

Such an advertising approach will convince users that you care about their well being and not just your bottom line.  It will also portray your brand as socially responsible.

2. Create Ads That Are Free From Misinformation

You might create content for your marketing campaign with the best intentions, but your audience might not take it as well as you hoped. You might be accused of spreading misinformation with the aim of taking advantage of fearful customers.

Even if it’s not what you intended, it would be impossible to convince people otherwise once your ads roll out. This is why it is important that you hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to handle your advertising, especially during this time. 

At Digital Hub Australia, for example, we will listen to the ideas you have on how you would like to portray your brand during this pandemic. We will then use what you had in mind to create an Ad that empathises with your customers’ plight instead of coming across as exploitative.

3. Make Sure You Are Creating Transparent Marketing Content

It might be tempting to take advantage of the current fear in your consumers to sell more of your products. For example, an unscrupulous brand might create a rush for its products by insinuating an impending shortage. 

You might enjoy the gains for a moment, but your consumers will never forget that you misled and took advantage of them. You will lose their trust and loyalty and your brand image will become tainted. 

Thankfully, you can avoid all that by working with any best SEO agency in Australia. Such an agency will have a limitless supply of ethical marketing ideas to keep your business thriving even in these uncertain times.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Since corporate social responsibility deals with  ‘social goods’, old approaches might also not be effective and right during this pandemic.  Just like with ethical marketing, your CSR strategy should take into consideration the effects and changes brought by COVID. 

The activities you carry out at this time should not portray your brand as more dedicated to meet its bottom line at the expense of its consumers. Your consumers should instead feel that you care about their plight and are dedicated to making their lives bearable, if not better during this pandemic. 

Here’s how to best approach CSR at this time: 

Let Your Good Deeds Be Known

Providing essential support to members of the public and your customers who need it during this time should be done without expecting anything in return. For example, you can provide financial support, face masks, sanitisers, etc. to struggling families. 

But it wouldn’t hurt if the public knew that your business is a socially responsible establishment. However, if people think you are pulling a PR stunt, then it will all blow up in your face.

With the help from any best SEO agency in Sydney,  you will be able to let the public know of your good deeds in the community. They will achieve this by promoting an organic flow of information with the aim of generating positive conversation around your brand.

Creating an online newsroom for your website where you can post content on how your business is helping out during this pandemic, is a great example of how SEO services in Sydney can promote your brand’s efforts on social responsibility.

Much remains to be seen in terms of how the COVID pandemic will change the way businesses market their products and services during this time. But for now, the tips we have highlighted will help you meet your bottom line while remaining sensitive to the plight of your consumers. At Digital Hub Australia, we have a team ready to help you carry out ethical marketing for your brand during this COVID-19 times. We also now provide the most affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. Take advantage of this to keep your business going during this pandemic. 

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