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By on August 5th, 2020

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Research data shows that not too long from now, over 80% of the businesses across the world will be competing on mainly customer experience(CX). That would explain why every best digital marketing agency in Sydney has invested in technologies and tools that enhance customer experiences in their services. That’s pretty much the case for us at Digital Hub Australia as well.

It has become apparent to every business owner that one of the most effective ways to retain or attract new customers and at the same time effectively promote their products or services is by offering memorable customer experiences.

However, there is only so much you can do that hasn’t already been implemented by your competitors. If you feel that your efforts to offer unforgettable customer experiences have stagnated or need a bit of refining, there is something else you can do to have that coveted competitive edge over other businesses: Artificial intelligence (AI)!

AI is the next big thing in businesses on many fronts, led by customer service. Our focus will be on how you can use it to improve the experience of your customers.

To get you started on this, we will first look at Australian brands that are offering their customers experiences to remember using artificial intelligence.

Woolmark Company 

Woolmark is a popular wool company that researches, develops and certifies Australian wool. 

Internally, they use AI to educate their staff and help them respond to customer questions faster and better.

In a recent event dubbed Executive Connections, the company’s SEO Damian Madden said that for them, AI is about understanding their customers better, their wants and what they have no idea they want yet.

The Iconic 

Another Australian company using AI to make their customer’s lives better is The Iconic. It is an online fashion and sports retailer. 

At the centre of their AI operations is data, which they use to augment, automate and homogenise decision making not just internally but even in the supply chain. 

Just like ASOS (more about this later), they use AI to have a better understanding of fashion which then helps them suggest suitable outfits for their customers. 

If you run a similar business, this might be the right time to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia. They will help you to implement this and more importantly, make your business more visible to your customers.

Big Red Group 

Big Red Group is a holding company and parent to Marketics, RedBalloon Redii, and Adrenaline. Mitchel Klassen, who is the head of technology at the company says they use AI to personalise the customer experience, understand their purchasing decisions and to optimise and attract the right organic traffic to their brand.

Globally, here are the brands making the best use of AI in enhancing customer experiences.

Delta Airlines

Getting your bags checked in at the airport can be an exasperating experience, especially if you are in a hurry. There is always a risk that your bags might get mixed up in the process, complicating your check out when you land.

Delta Airlines came up with genius use of AI to help speed up this process and reduce the chances of mix-ups.

They have specialised computers that use facial recognition technology to match customers with photos on their passports. Here’s how to works:

The customers print tags in a special kiosk at their airport then place their luggage in bag drop machines. The bag-drop machines weigh the bags. The AI system records the weight of the luggage and matches it to each customer through the collected identity data.

This self-service system has greatly improved the customer service of Delta Airlines. You can tell by the conducted surveys that their customers are very pleased.

If you are interested in similar AI Innovations for your business, you can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who specialise in this to help you implement it.


Wouldn’t be great if you went to a restaurant that could figure out the best food order you could make? Well, KFC is well ahead of you on this and they are using AI to make it happen.

China is very particular on speed and efficiency when it comes to customer service. KFC has partnered with the largest search engine in China, Baidu, to make this happen at their eateries.

They are using facial recognition systems paired with AI technology to predict what their customers will order. Their advanced systems use details such as the estimated age of a person, time of day, gender, and the kind of mood the customer is in.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the system will remember what you ate the last time you were there.

This is another example to show you that the applications of AI are endless. You can work with the best SEO agency in Sydney to find out what sectors of your business that can benefit most from AI systems and how you can implement them.


You probably have a celebrity whose fashion sense you would love to emulate. Unfortunately, the price tags on designer clothes that your favourite celebrity wears might be too pricey for you.

Do not despair because the UK-based clothing retailer has come up with a brilliant solution using AI.

The process is simple. You upload a photo of a celebrity wearing something you like on their app. Their AI system will then scan their database for similar clothes but more affordable. Their App has been a runaway success. 

This is a perfect example of how you can utilise affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia to come up with innovative AI solutions for your business.


AI systems are changing the way businesses are interacting with their customers for the better. You can work with the best digital marketing agency in Australia to figure out the most effective way to implement AI in your business. Don’t forget to also seek SEO services in Sydney as it would be pointless to have such good technologies at your business yet never get them to the right customers. At Digital Hub Australia, we have a team ready to walk you through AI ideas that match the specific needs of your business. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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