How To Find The Right SEO Keywords For Content Marketing

By on May 14th, 2020

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Let’s face it, don’t we all want to our businesses to rank on the first page of Google and other search engine result pages?  Because this way, your website gets both random and targeted traffic who could end up as leads, buyers or part of your online community. Unfortunately, this kind of success will be hard to achieve without the right SEO keywords for your content. If you need help doing this right, now might be the right time to talk to the best digital marketing agency in Sydney. 

Already, there are so many businesses already using the help of such agencies to optimise their website for search engines, through proper keyword usage, among other techniques. 

Understandably, maybe you do not yet have the budget to hire the services of such SEO experts. If that’s you, there’s still a number of things you can do to ensure that your website has a shot at being ranked on the top SERPs.

We’ll briefly be looking at how to go about SEO keyword research, but be bear in mind that there’s always a chance to do better when you have expert help. 

Why The Need For Keyword Research?

Put simply, keywords are words and phrases that people enter into search engines to find answers to topics or content that is of interest to them. Keywords also describe the content you write about and help users find your content faster by acting as a bridge of sorts.

Now, keyword research helps you to understand the intent behind your customers’ searches. You can understand what topics they care about and this helps you in crafting your content to suit their needs.

Google and other search engines use keywords to understand where to rank your content. So, getting them right can mean the difference between being on the front of the SERPs and finding your content in the forgotten realms of Google pages.

This does not mean that you should stuff your content with keywords at the expense of quality. This will get you penalised by Google. In fact, Google tweaks its search algorithm to make sure that their users get the best content available. Keyword stuffing will see you pushed to the bottom pages faster than you can blink.

If you hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia, this is one of the things you should ask them about, just to be sure their approach won’t harm your business. 

How To Find The Right Seo Keywords For Your Content

To begin with, please note the Google search algorithm is always evolving so you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest guidelines on doing keyword research if you are to boost your chances of ranking high on the SERPs. 

Companies that offer SEO services in Sydney, probably to your competitors, do it all the time. So, this is not negotiable if you are doing everything on your own.

Meanwhile, the following tips will be of immense help to you in your SEO keyword research:

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Thinking like your customers is a great way to start your Keyword research. You have to put yourself in the mind-set of a customer who is searching for the services that the businesses in your niche offer. Your current customers are a great resource. Ask them about the type of phrases they use when searching for products and services that are similar to yours.

Understand The Different Types Of Keywords

Taking the time to understand the different types of keywords available will allow you to better optimise your keyword arsenal. The most common types you should be aware of include: 

  • Head/Short-tail keywords – They have a high search volume and consist of one or two words
  • Body keywords – They consist of two to three-word phrases and have a moderate search volume. 
  • Long-tail keywords – They make up the bulk of web traffic and consist of four or more word phrases. Long-tail keywords often have a lower search volume, are less competitive and rank very well on Google and other SERPs
  • LSI keywords – These are words or phrases that have a close relation to your target subject. 

When you have the best SEO agency in Sydney, working for you, it’s easy to know what kind of keywords to use and which ones to avoid. This is because they have plenty of experience when it comes to keyword selection.  

Scrutinise your competition

You should study your competitors to find out what types of keywords they are using to rank higher. This doesn’t mean that you should ape everything that they are doing. What works for them could backfire on you. 

Comparing your keywords to those of your competitor will help you evaluate your choices better and help you improve your ranking. You can do this manually by searching for keywords in your browser to find what positions your competitors rank.

Since this can be very involving and overwhelming, you may be tempted to skip this step. But don’t. Rather, try to get find an agency that offers affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia to help you out. 

Regular Analysis of your results

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after choosing your keywords is not monitoring them to see how they are performing. Try to evaluate the performance of your keywords every few months to make sure that you are not missing out on trending phrases or keywords that your competitors might be using.

In Summary 

It’s important to note that search engine optimisation and keyword research require a lot of patience to pull off correctly. And as we have observed, the importance of the correct keywords for your content cannot be understated. Don’t hesitate to speak to the best digital marketing agency in Sydney If you feel that juggling SEO and managing your business is too much for you to handle. Besides, their goal will be to ensure that your content ranks high on the various SERPs.

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