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By on July 27th, 2020

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As you are aware, competition in the business world has gotten more fierce lately, particularly on the technological front. And it’s not just the big corporations fighting to increase their market share and stay relevant. Nearly every medium and small business is also trying to make the most of developing technology and grow their brands.

Have you been thinking of ways to outdo your competitors and win more customers? Here’s an idea you will never go wrong with: Integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and tech to improve your customers’ experience.

I know what you are thinking ”AI for my business? isn’t that an overkill?” Well, it’s not, especially If you work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney in implementing it. 

At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we can help you utilise AI and other technologies in ways that will impact your customer’s experience. AI is no doubt a huge field. Our intention is to start you off about this by walking you through four important ways AI can improve your customers’ experience.

Round-The-Clock Availability

Delays can break your business. This is especially apparent in customer care. Your customers will be so disappointed if they have to wait for you to open your business for them to get answers to urgent questions.

A few years back, the only solution to this problem was to have a 24-hour customer care staff. But thanks to AI technology, there’s a new way to go about this. 

Many companies are now implementing chatbots and virtual assistants to answer frequently asked questions about their products or services.

Now, if you are not sure how you can balance your human customer care service and such technologies or how to go about the entire process of implementing AI, it would be a great idea to hire digital marketing experts in Sydney. 

This way, you will be in a position to get the most out of AI technologies while maintaining the human element of your customer care service.


Initially, advertising was a hit or miss affair. Business never had many options beyond ‘spray and pray’ marketing. But digital marketing has revolutionised marketing. 

Through AI personalisation, it’s now possible to target your intended customer. Add on to that SEO services in Sydney and you will attract such customers in large numbers. 

With the help of a digital marketing agency in Australiayou can gather and analyse your consumer’s activity on the internet then suggest products and services that are relevant to each of them. 

AI Personalisation has been credited for the huge success of marketing campaigns. This is because the technology makes it possible to predict the needs of a consumer and act on them. 

In the end, everybody wins. As a business, you get to make more sales, win more customers, build brand loyalty and generally get better ROI from your investment. Customers, on the other hand, get exactly what they need and become fond of your business. 

Empower The Consumer

You can use AI technology to make it easy for your customers to interact with your business. Think about AI-related technologies like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa. They have brought more functionality to the table by enabling people to use the internet by voice.

eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2020, more than 100 million smartphone users will be relying on voice assistants to do online searches and interact with businesses. 

Integrating voice technology in your business is one way to meet the needs and expectations of your consumers in this age. With such a technology, your consumers can be able to schedule appointments, order products or find out about a service by simply using their voice. 

To learn more about voice technology and how it could benefit your business, speak to any best SEO agency in Sydney


Customer service agents will not always be cordial in all their interactions with customers. No matter how professional they are, there is always the possibility that they might experience a bad day and your brand will suffer as a result.

But you do not have to worry about this when you are using AI-powered virtual assistants. Provided you have implemented it well, you can rest easy knowing that your customers are going to receive consistent customer care service.

Another advantage of using AI is the fact that it can learn emotional intelligence. This means that it can adapt to the mood of a customer and respond appropriately.

In summary

Right now, AI technology is one of the few technologies you should never ignore if you want to improve customer experience. However, you need to make sure that you are working with the best SEO agency in Australia, particularly one that understands the nuances of AI. 

For example, a lot of consumers are wary of data collection. Unless they are convinced you are going to handle their data ethically, they will never share it. But if you are working with an experienced agency, they will help you navigate that. 

At Digital Hub Australia, we have a tried and tested approach to this. We also offer affordable digital marketing services in Sydney that include AI solutions.  Talk to us today to learn more.

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