How To Choose Right Colours For Your Brand And Create A Brand Guideline

By on February 4th, 2021

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Colours are a core part of branding. Blending the right colors for your brand has proven to be a successful marketing tool. However, a lot goes into using colours to evoke different types of emotions. This is where a digital Design agency in Sydney comes in.

With the help of an expert designer, you will have an easier time selecting the right colours. You will also be in a better position to maximise their use.  

Why brand colours are important

Market statistics show more than half of consumers are largely influenced by the visual appearance of a product, logo or brand name. Clients may not have the time to go through details of your business portfolio. Colours therefore, have a strong effect on emotions and can convey a lot more than the eye sees. 

In the rest of the article, we show you how colours can grow your brand and how to go about choosing the right ones. 

Colour Psychology And The Need To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

A lot of research has been done on colour properties. Especially testing the different emotions and feelings they evoke in people. 

Brand colours can give people an in depth perception of your business. They save them the need to assess your products or services. Emotions evoked by colours have a direct effect on a customer’s reaction and will determine whether they’ll be interested or not. 

Understand what colours mean

That said, let us look at some of the common colour palettes, their qualities, and how they make us feel.

Red– Represents danger, alertness, warmth, energy, passion, anger. It can also signify status and authority.

Orange – Energy, Vibrancy, vitality, adventurous, cost-effective, refreshing.

Yellow – Happiness, playful, youth, optimism, attention seeking.

Green – Nature, growth, stability, prosperity, prestige.

Pink – Feminine, innocent, sentimental, modern, luxurious.

Light blue – Fairness, serenity, integrity, trust.

Dark blue – Maturity, professionalism, structure, security.

Purple – Royalty, mystery.

Brown – Honest, down to earth, old-fashioned, vintage.

White – Mastery, simplicity, flawless, purity, affordable, expensive.

Gray – Neutral, serious, classic, indifference, maturity.

Black – Powerful, modern, Mystery, edgy, deep, sophisticated.

right colors for your brand

Create Your Brand Palette

The colour spectrum features an extensive set of shades and intones that give you a large colour base to work with. If you’re opting for a single colour brand, you’re lucky enough to not need a complex colour scheme. Choosing the right colors for your brand is hard enough. 

Combining different colour shades would be better left to a design team at any digital marketing agency in Australia. Here are important aspects of colour you should keep in mind while choosing right colors for your brand,

Colour Hues

Hues are different alterations of the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue. You can derive any colour from mixing the primary colours.

Colour Shades

By adding black to a colour, you can control how much shade you apply.

Color tint –

Achieved by adding white as a shade to make a colour lighter.

Colour saturation –

By adding both black and white to a colour, you can alter its appearance.

Colour codes –

If you want to avoid the hustle of coming up with your colour palette from scratch, colour codes are a great alternative.


stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key/Black. PMS means The Pantone matching system. These are used for printing and can be done onsite or offsite


Stands for Red, Green, and Blue, HEX means Hexadecimal Numeral System. These prominently feature in platforms like websites and emails.

With your colour context broken down to its elementary properties, you can choose what colour mode suits the creation of your brand. In house development tools can help you design your own palette. It’s however in your best interest to seek professional help from a digital marketing agency in Australia.

Create A Brand Guideline

Once you have identified a suitable colour palette for your brand, this is the next thing you should be concerned about. Put simply, brand guidelines explain how your brand operates. Colour palettes are part of the brand guidelines. Other elements include:

  • Brand overview
  • Mission statement
  • Messaging
  • Logo usage
  • Image/photography and so on

All these parts come together to give your brand a unique identity. Designers love it when your brand guidelines are flexible, clear and easy to execute. Therefore, you should ensure that there’s consistency in all aspects of your brand guidelines. This is not only good for your designers but also your audience.  Get the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to help you with this process too. 

More On The Importance Of Brand Colours & Hiring A digital marketing agency In Sydney

Brand Identity

Brand communication is key in bridging the gap between the company and its public. Viewing your brand’s value through the public eye can help you tailor your colour scheme to client preferences. Ask yourself the following questions for guidance on choosing the right scheme:

  • What are the core values that define your business?
  • How do customers and employees perceive your brand, product and value?
  • What are some of the insights shared by the top leadership?

It is not always easy to figure out your brand identity. Whenever you get stuck, speak to an experienced  digital marketing company in Australia for help.

Outdo Your Competitors

Top brands carry a distinct and attractive visual design and here’s why. First, it is to outrank other brand names with similar products. Second, it is to attract customer’s attention. 

In a market where producing the same products can render your brand ineffective, employ innovative solutions that define your brand and set it apart from the rest. An orange juice cart, for example, can have a shade of green to show natural extracts.

For the best outcomes, consider working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney.

To conclude, colours play a huge role in the growth of your brand. But as we have observed, finding the right colors for your brand is a thorough process that requires you to invest plenty of time, effort and skill in order to get everything right. There’s no doubt that working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney will set you on the right path and save you time. Our experts at Digital Hub Australia will be happy to walk this journey with you. Get in touch with us for more information. 

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