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We are a full-service digital marketing company in Sydney, focusing on the design, development, and delivery of the best in class solutions for our clients. Our ability to help our clients grow online faster has enabled us to be the best digital agency in Australia. We have a young and energetic team, dedicated to delivering our services with the utmost quality and efficiency. We weave inventive and innovative ideas into reality. Our team has also spent endless hours creating digital marketing technologies and strategies to make us digital marketing specialists. We provide all digital marketing services for your needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

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1What are digital marketing services?

The simplest explanation of digital marketing is the use of various channels to reach customers online. Digital marketing services are therefore professional services that help you to promote or grow your business online.

Modern-day consumers spend most of their time online. You will be hard-pressed to find a person in your customer base who is completely removed from internet services.

Customers feel comfortable buying a product they have extensively researched online. Making use of digital marketing services will therefore allow you to make direct contact with potential customers. But as many business owners will tell you, achieving this isn’t a walk in the park.

So what options do you have? In our experience, consulting a reliable Sydney digital marketing agency will work wonders for your online campaigns. They will get your brand the recognition it deserves.

Digital marketing services which such an agency offers can be broken down into different types. They include:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels, and the reason for this is because customers are always on the lookout for informative content online. The main aim of your content marketing campaign should be to generate brand awareness online. Great content will also allow you to boost lead generation and traffic to your online platforms.

Content marketing can be further broken down to the following channels:

  • E-Books- Publishing EBooks is a great way for you to educate your customers on different topics relevant to your industry. This kind of long-form content is great for collecting contract information from your audience.
  • Blogs: Posting informative blogs on your website will establish you as a thought leader in your industry. This will have the effect of boosting customer loyalty.
  • Infographics: Some customers do not have the time to read walls of text. In such cases, infographics are perfect for delivering quality information using imagery.
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is a very fast and effective form of digital marketing services. How it works is that you will pay a publisher every time your ad is clicked. There are no hidden costs with PPC. You get what you pay for. Some of the most popular PPC services include:

  • Google Ads
  • Paid ads on Facebook
  • Ads on Twitter
Social Media Managament

Social media platforms are a great place to market your brand. Digital marketing specialists at Digital Hub Australia can help you to fully leverage social media platforms to boost your bottom line. Advertising your services on different platforms will allow you to quickly generate quality leads for your business. Other popular services that fall within social media management include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising
Email Marketing

Email is still as effective, if not better than it was a few years ago. It is the perfect promotional tool for your business. Using email, you can notify your customers about events, new products and even keep them up to date on what’s going on in your business. The advantage of using email is that you can customise the messages to individual tastes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the practice of optimising your website for search engines like Google and Bing. Your website will rank high on the SERPs(search engine result pages) anytime a person searches for products in your catalogue. SEO is effective, but it takes time and skill to pull off. This is why you should partner with an SEO Agency in Sydney that offers high-quality digital marketing services.

Web Design And Development

Your website is the face of your business online. It, therefore, needs to look beautiful, be functional and offer users a unique and memorable experience. These are goals you can achieve through web design and development services. At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we have expert designers, web developers, content writers and digital marketing specialists who will work with you to ensure your website stands out and delivers your desired results.

You can learn more about digital marketing services and what value they can bring to your business by speaking to an experienced digital marketing company in Sydney. Our experts at Digital Hub Australia are always ready to listen to you and answer all your questions.

2Why are Digital Marketing Services important for your Business?

Investing in digital marketing services is a smart business move for two major reasons. First, digital marketing specialists will handle everything related to your campaign, saving you time and money.

The second reason is pretty obvious. Partnering with an experienced digital marketing company in Sydney will increase your chances of success tenfold. But these are not the only benefits such services have. Others include:

Compete With Major Players

Before digital marketing services were a reality, large companies had an unfair advantage over small brands when it came to marketing. Traditional advertising was too expensive for small businesses to make full use of. As a result, it wasn’t possible to effectively penetrate the market with your marketing campaign.

Digital marketing has made this a thing of the past. Channels like content marketing and SEO are great for showing your audience that your brand is trustworthy. You can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry through the content you share. This will have the effect of boosting customer loyalty and conversion rates across the board.

Targeted Marketing

Targeting your ideal audience using traditional advertising is an exercise in futility. That’s because the ‘spray and pray’ approach used by traditional marketers is highly unpredictable. It might work, but how can you be sure? Your business could be sinking thousands of dollars in a stagnant marketing campaign

On the other hand, digital marketing specialists will isolate your ideal audience and draw them into your marketing funnel using various digital marketing channels. Customised content will allow you to generate better leads for your business.

Monitor Your Results

Another advantage digital marketing services have over traditional ones is analytics. Experts from a great Sydney Digital Marketing Agency can track and monitor your campaign in real-time. The information gathered can then be used to make changes to your campaign on the fly.

Partnering with an SEO agency in Sydney adds an edge to your marketing campaign. That’s because they have more experience when it comes to analysing marketing data. They will help you make better business decisions after analysing and interpreting the data from your marketing campaign


Deep down you know that your competitors are already using these services. What this means for you is that you won’t be able to compete effectively unless you invest in high-quality digital marketing solutions.

Your competitors could be siphoning customers from your business just because they are making use of top digital marketing specialists. Jumping on the bandwagon as early as possible is your best option. This will help you gain traffic and quality leads that should be yours.

In summary, investing in digital marketing services is the fastest and most effective way to grow your business online and achieve your other marketing goals. Digital Hub Australia will give your business the edge it needs to thrive. Contact us for more info.

3What Are The Top Digital Marketing Tools Used In A Digital Marketing Agency?

Any experienced digital marketing company in Sydney will never lack the following tools:

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a must-have tool for any digital marketer. You can use it to get your products advertised on the largest search engine in the world. It works on a pay-per-click basis where you only pay for an ad every time someone clicks on it. This payment model is one of the reasons why Google Adwords is one of the top tools for digital marketing.

The tool also comes with Google Keyword Planner which is used to do research keywords for campaigns. Before hiring a digital marketing company in Sydney, make sure their marketers are adept at using Google Adwords.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry standard for web analytics. You will be hard-pressed to find digital marketing specialists who have no idea how this tool works. The best part about using Google Analytics is that you can set it up to track and monitor every aspect of your website.

Google Analytics will show you who is visiting your website and how long they are spending on your pages.


HubSpot is a great resource for your digital marketing campaign. The great thing about this tool is that you can start using it before hiring an SEO agency in Sydney since the free tools are easy to use. However, you will have to bring in digital marketing specialists if you want to make the most out of the advanced paid features. HubSpot is an all-round tool. You can use it for tracking emails, growing traffic and managing your social media and marketing content.


This list wouldn’t be complete without an SEO tool. Ahrefs takes the crown for various reasons. This is the tool to use if you want to boost your website traffic and better manage your SEO. You can use it to analyse how your competitors are approaching SEO and compare their campaigns to your own. This tool will help you gradually improve your SEO campaign.

Other top digital marketing tools you should be aware of include:

  • MailChimp - For email marketing and social advertising
  • Buffer and Hootsuite - For social media management
  • Yoast - A WordPress plugin for optimising content
  • Moz - For SEO optimisation
4What Does It Cost to Hire A Digital Marketing Company in Sydney?

To begin with, understand that there’s no standard rate for hiring a digital marketing company in Sydney. Different agencies have different pricing structures. What each of them charges depends on a couple of factors. Let’s find out what these factors are and how your budget will be affected by them.


One thing every best digital agency takes pride in is their rich experience in digital marketing. Many have been operational for many years in which they have worked with dozens of businesses from different industries. Experienced digital marketers are in a better position to successfully run your campaign. They cost more to hire but in exchange, you receive quality digital marketing services.

Project Scope

This has the biggest impact on your budget. For example, SEO services alone cost less than paying for every digital marketing service. When hiring digital marketing specialists, you should only budget for services that are critical to the success of your business. This approach is more affordable especially if you are just starting out.


You might not know this, but hiring a marketing agency located in a large city will more likely cost more. This is in part due to their operational expenses. An agency located in a suburban area will cost less but the digital marketing services offered there rarely match those of an agency in a large city. Don’t settle for a local agency just because they are cheaper. Your business might be better off if you partnered with a Sydney digital marketing agency.

Agency Size

Hiring a small SEO Agency in Sydney might cost you less but your campaign could suffer in the long run. Full-fledged agencies cost more, but they have the resources and capacity needed for an aggressive marketing campaign. What’s more, an agency with a large team of professionals will take less time to reach important milestones.

One important thing you should never ignore is ensuring the rates are reasonable. Expensive doesn’t always mean that the services are of good quality. So take the time to compare the prices and quality of services offered.

5How Does A Performance Marketing Agency In Sydney Australia Work?

To answer this question, you must first understand when performance is relevant. A performance marketing agency is paid after they have delivered the promised results. This is why businesses looking to make the most of their market budget opt for such an agency. Here’s when you can use this service.

When Can Performance Marketing Be Used?

Generating leads

Are you trying to create a buzz around your brand and grab the attention of your customers in the process? If yes, then performance marketing is perfect for you. Consult digital marketing specialists to help you pick the right marketing channel for your business.

Boost Sales

You should make use of digital marketing services if you feel that your business has hit a sales plateau. Performance marketers will help turn your business around by boosting your sales and increasing your revenue. Effective advertising is used to attract potential customers to your brand.

Increase App Downloads

Mobile apps have become common among successful Australian businesses. However, getting people to download your app is a different story. Low download rates can be depressing, especially if you spent a fortune on your app. Performance marketing can help boost your app’s downloads. The more your app is downloaded, the more revenue your business will earn.

How Does A Performance Marketing Agency Do It?

Coordinate Across Multiple Channels

A performance marketing agency will coordinate your marketing campaign across multiple channels. This is done with the aim of ensuring your singular goal is achieved, be it boosting sales or generating leads. The digital marketing company in Sydney that you hire should be able to do this seamlessly.

Protect Your Brand

A performance marketing agency will put your brand first. Fast results won’t come before the Integrity of your brand.

Strategise your campaign

The tactics used in performance marketing do not operate in a vacuum. A performance marketing agency will strategise your campaign ensuring that every channel works towards achieving your specific goal. Performance marketers make sure that there is no wastage at any stage of your campaign. This has the effect of streamlining your marketing efforts and increasing your return on investment.

You are welcome to speak to our digital marketing specialists at Digital Hub Australia if you need more information on performance marketing.

6What kinds of business does digital hub Australia caters to?

At Digital Hub Australia, we cater to businesses from multiple industries who are looking to make the most of digital marketing services in growing their business. Here are some of them:

Law Firms

Clients looking for a law firm to hire will have a lot of questions. They will use search engines and social media platforms to do their research. Successful law firms in Australia make extensive use of digital marketing services for this reason.

Over the years, Digital Hub Australia has helped many law firms that specialise in different arms of the law to strengthen their online presence.

PPC services and SEO services have proven effective in attracting potential clients to a law firm. Blogs with answers to frequently asked questions are also great for pulling in and converting clients. This is part of what we do.


People are more conscious about their health than ever before. Patients looking for quality health service more often use search engines like Google and Bing to find facilities close to them and also search for answers or explanations to their conditions.

Hospitals in North Ryde and across Sydney continue to make use of our digital marketing services for these and many other reasons. We offer custom high-quality digital marketing services that can be tailored to any institution or business in the health care sector.

Real Estate

It’s almost a guarantee for any businesses in the real estate industry to record a high ROI after investing in digital marketing services. Social media services in particular are great for real estate businesses followed by SEO services. Most potential clients have a presence on social media and use search engines a lot.

At Digital Hub Australia, we have worked with lots of businesses in real estate in creating and executing digital marketing strategies. Publishing informative blog posts on real estate subjects is a highly effective way of attracting potential customers to your website and directing them further up your marketing funnel.


People looking for educational content online will not pay for a course unless they believe an e-learning platform is trustworthy. Digital Hub Australia has experience in creating marketing content that students can resonate with.

Targeted marketing makes it possible for an educational platform to attract customers that are more likely to convert. Working with an SEO agency in Sydney is the most effective way to market your educational services.

Cleaning Companies

Businesses in the cleaning industry have a lot to gain from partnering with a digital marketing company in Sydney. Business to business marketing is one of the areas Digital Hub Australia thrives in.

We use effective channels such as email, content marketing, online marketing and many others to attract potential clients to your business.

Daycare Centres

Many parents and guardians begin their search for childcare services online. A good number also search for childcare related information online. Your goal as a childcare provider should be there when parents need your services or guidance. This is where digital marketing services come in. We can help you connect with potential clients online in a meaningful way and also strengthen your presence online.

App Development Companies

If you are a mobile app developer looking to attract more potential clients your way, we are your trusted partner. We employ techniques such as content marketing and SEO services to help you become an authority in your space and attract more potential clients. Whatever your goal is, trust Digital Hub Australia to help you realise it.

Are these the only ones? Definitely not. The list goes on. We are open to working with just any business, no matter the industry, in achieving their business and marketing goals through digital marketing services. Get in touch with us to learn more.

7 What services do a full-service digital marketing agency offers?

Knowing the various services offered by a full-service digital marketing company in Sydney will help you decide what is best for your business. They include:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation should be at the centre of your digital marketing strategy. Almost every other marketing channel depends on it. Think about it. Customers use search engines to find businesses and products. Without SEO, customers won’t find your website. An SEO agency in Sydney will optimise your website to rank high on the SERPs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective digital marketing channel simply because most people spend their time on social media nowadays. Byt running a successful social media marketing campaign is not as easy as it sounds. A deep understanding of your audience and the platforms they prefer is critical to the success of your social media marketing campaign. Digital marketing specialists will help you create unique content that will resonate with your audience on different social media platforms.

Retargeting Services

Let me guess, a good number of people visiting your website leave without buying anything. Re-targeting services allow you to reach such potential customers with your ads. Partnering with the best digital marketing agency on your retargeting campaign will help you attract and potential customers back to your site.

Content Creation

Content is king. Customers prefer learning about a product in entertaining and informative ways. What does this mean? People don’t trust a sales pitch; content marketing will help you better sell your products. A digital marketing agency in Sydney will create marketing content that is unique to your brand and helpful to customers. Content marketing allows you to advertise your products while offering customers valuable information at the same time.

Web Design And Development

Just as the name suggests, this service is aimed at either building you a beautiful website or redesigning it to fit modern standards. A digital marketing agency normally has web developers, designers and content writers who will work alongside you in building a fully functional website that offers maximum user experience.

Pay Per Click Services

PPC is an advertising technique where you pay a publisher to promote your Ad on their platform. PPC is more often used to drive traffic and increase sales. It’s part of the digital marketing services you can expect from a fully-fledged Sydney digital marketing agency.

We offer all these services at Digital Hub Australia. Contact us to learn more or get a free quote.

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