5 Outstanding Examples Of Experiential Marketing

By on July 16th, 2020

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Competition between brands grow everyday with new ones being launched. Capturing the consumers attention has become more difficult than ever. To stand out against your competitors, both in sales and client retention, coming up with creative and affordable marketing strategies is vital. One proven way to create memorable experiences for your consumers is experiential marketing. If you ask any best digital marketing agency in Sydney about this, they will tell you that interacting directly with consumers is the surest way to bring your brand to life. 

Before we get deeper into that and look at brands that are already doing this well, let’s, first of all, understand what experiential marketing is. 

Understanding Experiential Marketing?

Due to high competition and the desire to be the best, you have probably tried countless ways to make your customers know and remember your brand. 

However, the saturation of Ads, not just on billboards and TV, but also on online platforms continues to make it challenging for any business to create a lasting impression. Your target audience will probably forget you soon after checking your Ad because there are plenty of tother Ads competing for their attention. 

Fortunately, you have the option to work with a digital marketing agency in Australia that understands how to navigate such challenges. They will help you come with up other advertising options that could work well for your brand. 

At Digital Hub Australia, for example, our digital experts can help you come up with digital campaigns that can give your consumers real-life and memorable experiences. This is what experiential marketing is all about.

How It Works 

Rethink Your Content 

Is your content good enough to make consumers remember about your brand? If not, this is time to make some adjustments. 

To come up with perfect content for experiential marketing, it would be best to hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who have rich experience in this space. They should be able to come up with content that is captivating enough such that your consumers won’t forget it fast. 

Remember to customise your products and services. Creating unforgettable moments for your brand won’t be successful if your products lack uniqueness. From colour to taglines, they should all be able to evoke memories and make your clients feel included. 


One way to make your clients feel like part of your brand is through embracing their feedback. Clients want to share genuine feelings with you after using your products. They want to give suggestions on improvements and so on. You can use this feedback to raise customer satisfaction.  With help from any best SEO agency in Australia, you can gather data that will help you to create the perfect customer experience. 


Remember that one time you ran into a brand campaign on the streets and was immediately drawn to it? Throwing online brand stunts has the same effects when done well. 

Unlike the other modes of advertising, engaging potential clients in a fun and direct way creates a feeling of belonging. To organise a successful brand stunt, you can talk to digital marketing experts who have done it before, especially for business in your industry. Any best SEO agency in Sydney would be a great place to start. 

Event marketing 

Using events to showcase your brand is advantageous since you already have an audience. All you need to do is show up and sell your product or services. Today’s event marketing could be something like sponsoring events or using free samples on audiences. You can partner with other brands that aren’t your competitors to combine brilliant ideas that make memories.

That said now let’s take a look at brands that have done this successfully. 

Brands That Successfully Used Experiential Marketing 

KFC Australia

In an attempt to target male teens who love gaming and KFC chicken, KFC partnered with DT (Now AKQA) where game winners were rewarded with snacks. This campaign saw an increase in sales for KFC chicken as more players got loyal. It also promoted game downloads as most teens wanted to experience the reward system. This is a good example of how you can partner with another brand to make your experiential marketing campaign a success. 

eBay Virtual Shopping 

In 2016, eBay launched the world’s first virtual reality department store in conjunction with Australian retailer Myer. This engaged consumers by giving them a glimpse of what future shopping would look like. Through this, both companies increased awareness about their brands and created a lasting impression which earned them more staying clients. 

You could have a digital marketing expert create for your consumers a unique virtual experience that can leave a huge impact on them. To make such a campaign reach your target audience, you will have to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia.

Ikea Sleepover 

Consumers come back for more when they feel like part of your brand. Through feedback, you can create huge experiences to create a memory for both potential and existing customers. A few years ago, IKEA responded to a Facebook post by a fan about having a sleepover at their premises. They run with this idea and created a competition where finalists spent the night at IKEA in a fully sponsored sleepover. 

Disney’s Doc Mcstuffin’s Check-up Clinic

Targeting their most obvious consumers i.e. children, Disney Pictures created a one on one interaction platform to promote the second season of a popular show, Doc McStuffins. To draw in the target audience, Disney allowed kids to assume the role of the main character and play doctor. This saw an increase in both views and sales of branded merchandise. 


Using popular figures or influencers in experiential marketing is not a new thing. In 2013, Adidas invited Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose over in what was dubbed ‘D Rose Jump Store’. Derrick challenged teens to win free trainers that were placed on a 10-foot shelf. This drew so many shoppers around and created an impression by inclusion. 

There are unlimited ways through which you can reach out to your target audience and turn them into loyal consumers. Experimental marketing has made this possible. Every brand has a chance to make this kind of marketing work for them. Our digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia are always ready to help you figure out how you can take full advantage of this marketing technique. Besides, we offer some of the most affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia designed for just about any business, regardless of the size or industry. 

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