The Secret Sauce To Getting On-page SEO Right By The Best SEO Agency In Sydney

By on October 19th, 2020

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In case the term on-page SEO is new to you, we’ll define it for your sake. This is the practice of optimising individual web pages on your website to improve their search engine ranking and attract more relevant traffic. When done correctly, especially with help from the best SEO agency in Sydney, your business will have a lot to gain beyond better ranking and more traffic.

We are aware that not many of us have the skill, resources and time to carry out effective on-page SEO.  That is what informed our decision to come up with this guide. 

We asked our SEO experts at Digital Hub Australia to share with us the secret source to getting on-page SEO right and they were generous enough to give us five tips. They include: 

1. Prioritise User Experience (UX)

Never forget the fact that user experience is an important part of SEO. At the end of the day, Google needs internet users to keep using their search engine. Their search algorithm is designed to ensure this by weeding out websites that do not prioritise on user experience.

The fact that Google is the most popular search engine in the world by a large margin proves that they have perfected this process. To rank higher on it and other search engines, you will have to ensure that your website meets industry standards when it comes to UX.

Users are less likely to stay on your site if they find it buggy and cumbersome to use. With an outdated UI, this is what you will be setting yourself up for. Your bounce rates will skyrocket if users keep leaving your site and this will hurt your chances of ranking high on the SERPs.

The best way to avoid this is by working with a competent web design company in Australia. Make sure that the company you have contracted to create or manage your website has a history of designing and developing websites that go on to perform well on search engines.

2. Create Quality Content

It’s true that SEO is majorly powered by content. Of course, there are other aspects of SEO but, quality content is what search engine users are interested in. It’s also one of Google’s major rank signals. 

The content you post on your blog should be creative, engaging and helpful to your audience. This is the only way you will keep potential customers on your site long enough for you to direct them through your marketing funnel.

Do not forget to optimise it for search engines. You can achieve both by working with the best SEO agency in Australia. If you doubt it, let me explain. 

Generating SEO content for your site is a round-the-clock task. Assuming you are focused on running your business, it will be hard for you to give your SEO efforts the time and focus they deserve. That is why you need a team of experts in your corner doing the heavy lifting for you.

3. Optimise Titles

Let’s face it. We are all more likely to click a title if it is catchy and irresistible. Applying titles that pack a punch will take your SEO content to the big leagues. Put simply, the more your titles stand out, the higher your chances of attracting search engine users.

Now, optimising titles for SEO is an art in itself. You will need to work with SEO experts in Australia if you are keen on doing this right. Otherwise, you will end up running in circles or worse, using over-the-top titles for your content.

Your titles should be short and compelling to search engine users. Be sublime, not over-the-top. Otherwise, your titles will seem too much of a sales pitch.

Remember to include relevant keywords as well so as to double your chances of ranking higher. 

4. Improve Site Speed

Site speed is one of the factors that Google uses to rank sites. If your site loads slowly, then your SEO campaign will fail, even if you have nailed all the other areas. In case you might be asking yourself how you can reduce your load speeds, there are a number of SEO tools that will be of great help in assessing your site speed and pointing out areas you need to work on.

They include:

  • Test My Site
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
  • Page Speed Insights.

If you want to leave all the technical stuff to the pros, make use of digital marketing services in Australia.

5. Optimise Your Site For Mobile

Smartphones are everywhere nowadays, consumers prefer to use their smartphone devices on the search engines of their choice, and that is just one side of the story.

Google, which is the most popular search engine in the world, announced that they will be crawling and indexing mobile website versions first before the desktop versions.

What does this mean for your SEO campaign? 

Well, you will need to first make your website responsive if you want to increase the chances of it ranking higher. The desktop version of your site is still important, but this is the time where you give all devices equal priority when it comes to website responsiveness. 

With these five, you can create a huge positive impact on your SEO on-page efforts. But there are many other techniques you can still make use of to take your campaigns to the next level. That is another reason to work with an experienced digital marketing company in Australia. You are welcome to DIgital Hub Australia if you would like to work with the best SEO agency in Sydney.

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