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By on March 7th, 2020

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Congratulations for taking the step to get your business off the ground! Now let’s explore what’s potentially the best Launchpad for your startup – Facebook!

Through this platform, you have the chance to spread the word about your startup far and quickly. Imagine introducing your business to billions of people who could be your potential customers. What’s more, it’s absolutely free. You have a chance to keep your costs low as well.

Now, the question you probably have in mind at this moment is “How Do I Do It?”  I’ll let you in on that shortly. To begin with, let’s look at what you should do before the launch.

Before The Launch

Since it’s a brand new business, it follows that you should start working on your social media marketing plan early enough. This will give you sufficient time to get your Facebook page ready and gain the attraction of your target audience.

The great advantage of having this platform ready before launch is that you can prepare your audience for what’s to come and be completely ready to take off. 

Create & Optimize Your Page

Begin by setting up a Facebook page (if you don’t have one yet). It’s totally free to create one. Choose the right categories and subcategories because they determine what functionalities will be present on your page.

Next, do the basic branding. That should include things like

  • A simple, clear, short page name
  • A relevant and attractive profile picture and cover image
  • A compelling ‘about us’ section
  • Review your permissions
  • If possible, include apps that will add value to your page
  • Site link
  • Branded hashtags

 When your page is ready, go ahead and invite your friends and family to like it. Extend the invitations to your email subscribers (in case you have them). You can also create and run a Facebook ad campaign (for as cheap as $50) inviting your target audience to be part of the business. 

Do you need help doing all that? Speak to a well-known reliable social media agency in Sydney, They will make the process easier for you. 

Share Valuable Content

First off, the content you share on your page should take into consideration your business values. Make sure your expertise is evident in the content. Make it useful and valuable to the readers as well.

Remember to also create content that can engage the emotions and senses of your target audience. Add multimedia content like photos, infographics, links to useful content and videos. If possible, do a live stream to interact with your audience. Facebook tends to favour them in their news feed, meaning such content will be more visible and able to reach a wide audience.

One common question business owners ask a lot in relation to content is “how do I know the right time to share my posts?”  Facebook has made it easier for you to figure this out. After posting for 1-3 weeks, just check the insights section.

You can follow that up with a social media calendar. This will ensure consistency and at the same time give you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Make it your goal to build a community of loyal followers who will then be a key part of your business.

Join Groups & Be An Active Member

Search for groups and communities that focus on your niche. Request to be a member.  Once accepted, follow the rules and guidelines set by the platforms. For example, some groups don’t allow members to post ads. If you are aware of these rules, you will minimise the chances of being removed from the group. At the same time, you will have an easy time achieving your goal(s).

Don’t just join and stay inactive. Instead, make significant contributions to the group/community.  Answer questions that you have the correct answers to, be part of the discussions, share valuable content that can benefit the members, and so on.  


Networking can help to build and increase your visibility on Facebook. Note that Facebook is full of influential people spread out in almost every niche. Your goal should be to first identify those that fall in your niche or might be relevant to your business. Find as many as you can with the help of Facebook’s search engine.

Look for areas you can work together or collaborate. Their reach and influence will be key to the success of your startup

That aside, if you share valuable content that many users find useful, chances are you will run into networking opportunities that you can leverage to your advantage. 

Direct Users To Your Website

You can do this in several ways. But the most effective would be through the content you share. As mentioned earlier, have valuable content. If possible, make it fun and compelling enough that the reader will follow the link at the end to go find out more. You can also include a link to your website on your page profile and in the apps section.

I understand that some of these processes can be a little bit complicated for the average person. You may, therefore, want to look at social media packages in Sydney to see which agency has the best offers and services you need to navigate this stage. 

Launch Day

As your launch day approaches, create a Facebook event that talks about it. Make it look grand, inviting, compelling, and worth paying attention to. Share the event to other social media platforms as well.

On the eve of your launch day, double-check every detail on your Facebook page. Quickly review your social media strategy as well. You can come up with a comprehensive check-list just to be sure that everything is in place and ready for the big day. Some of the areas you will want to pay most attention to are:

  • Your bio, about us section, and other profile info. Confirm that they are correct and the final versions
  • Your posts have been proofed and ready for scrutiny
  • The links are working
  • Branding and copyright issues (images, videos, etc.) are addressed

When you finally launch your startup, engage your existing and new customers, respond to their questions and comments in a timely way and see to it that they are addressed to their satisfaction.

Even after the launch, remain active, responsive, and passionate. Engage with your followers as your brand starts to grow.


If you do each of these steps correctly, your launch will stand a greater chance of succeeding. There’s no doubt that most startups fail within their first one or two years. So always seek out ways to make your business better.

Do more research about building your startup through Facebook. Seek professional help where necessary. If you are having second thoughts, that’s okay. Spare some time to talk to a social media agency in Sydney experienced in doing this. The best ones will offer all the help you require to launch your startup successfully on Facebook.

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