7 Emerging Trends In Social Media Marketing

By on May 10th, 2020

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In our internet-driven world, there’s always something new to catch up on and this is especially critical for business. Your competitors aren’t sitting idle either because we all want to make the most out of social media for the benefit of our businesses. Understandably, this can be hard to do on your own, which is why most businesses in Australia prefer to let the best digital marketing agency in Sydney handle it for them. 

Thanks to increased internet penetration, better network connections, and availability of smart communication gadgets, the number of social media uses has risen tremendously not just in Australia but across the entire world. 

With this now comes the need to make the best use of social media platforms like Facebook to achieve your business goals. Part of this involves knowing what’s new and how it affects your business. We’ll be listing some of the recent trends shortly. Meanwhile, let’s first understand how social media marketing. 

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Known by some as e-marketing or digital marketing, social media marketing (SMM) is the use of techniques that target specific groups on the existing social media platforms to sell your products and services. 

SMM builds your brand by creating awareness, increasing visibility for your business, and creating a dependable communication channel for your intended target. 

With the help of a good digital marketing agency in Australia, you can make SMM work for you as they can help you choose the best social media website to advertise your business thus increasing your product and services sales through conducting market research to determine what digital marketing strategy best works for you. 

Top Emerging Trends In Social Media Marketing

In Social media marketing, there are many changes brought about by shifts in consumer habits in relation to the use of social media channels as well as those independently advanced by the platforms. You will need to keep track of them so as to stay ahead of your competitors. These trends include: 

1. Influencer Marketing 

Unlike before when product endorsement was limited to popular people, especially celebrities, most businesses are now using social media influencers in creating brand awareness and for other marketing purposes. 

Today’s influencers are individuals with more followers and fans on social media platforms who are engaging and look up to them for a particular kind of content. Since they have a dependable online presence, they can help with marketing as well when they mention or endorse your product and services.

Selecting the right one is where the challenge lies so you don’t want a person who will not deliver much or might make errors that could harm your brand. If you have never done it before, consult with the best SEO agency in Sydney for more helpful information on how to go about it. 

2. Device Optimisation- Mobile Responsive Websites 

Since your target audience uses different gadgets to access their social media accounts, your choice of marketing strategy should be flexible to access via different means. 

To be specific, develop a website that anyone getting a link from social media is able to access on their respective devices. 

Mobile responsive websites today are a great way to harness potential clients since anyone logging into a social media platform can be redirected to your site. 

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

One strong tool in traditional advertising was always been word of mouth. This is where your satisfied consumers brought others on board by telling them about your products. 

Today, user-generated content (UGC) is an equivalent to word of mouth. Utilise online platforms where your existing clients share their experiences in an attempt to bring others on board.  Today’s potential clients need more convincing than before they consider subscribing to your services

So if you don’t have a platform that can support this, make it your goal to figure which social media platform works best for your business. You can always hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who have experience in social media marketing to help you out.

4. Customer Service Through Online Social Platforms

Initially, social media platforms were generally about basic social interactions which then evolved to pave way for changes and trends like SMM. This has further involved changing how brand advertising is carried out to how you interact and relate with your clientele. 

You can respond to queries like how your products work or how to seek your services. This also creates a reliable channel through which you handle feedback, both positive and negative on social media platforms. 

Now, this is not something you want to do without expert help because everything you communicate is a reflection of your brand. Whether it’s a post or a response to customers, your communication has to be done in a way that it helps the business move forward, win the trust of users, and build a reputation. 

Some companies invest in an in-house team dedicated to such work while others hire the best SEO agency in Australia to do it on their behalf. 

5. Use Of Video Content 

Today’s consumers are an entitled lot that not only wants to know about your product but to also have it presented to them in the simplest way possible.

Some businesses have mastered how to do this. Case in point is creating engaging, interesting and unique videos through which your target audience can know your brand better and understand how your personality products work. 

Compared to traditional advertising, this goes such a long way in marketing your brand. 

6. Diversity 

Facebook has for ages dominated the digital marketing wagon. This mostly limited your reach to a certain target audience. However, a lot has changed, with the introduction and growth of other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit, Quora etc. 

So go ahead and utilise the many possibilities you have by creating your brand’s content to favour these different platforms and their typical audiences. This way, you will reach out to your potential clients in a language and format they understand and relate with.

If you will be needing a variety of content, it would be best to hire a company that provides affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia.

7. Social Media Communities 

Brands create a hard-to-ignore commotion when many people online are talking about them. In digital marketing, your brand stands a higher chance of reaching a massive audience when engagement and interaction are high. This is where social media communities come in, 

Survey and come up with a list of social media users who are more likely to need your services. Targeting such people grows your crowd by the minute leading to social media communities that will create massive engagement for your brand whenever you post.

In summary, understand that the use of the internet brings with it major and minor changes in how you market or advertise your brand online. While these trends affect different business in varying ways, you need to always be on the lookout for them so that you can stay ahead of your game even as competition stiffens. Increase your chances of going about everything right by hiring the best digital marketing agency in Sydney

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