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By on September 21st, 2020

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LinkedIn has proved to be a great and important marketing tool for both businesses and professionals. Those who make the best use of it have succeeded in establishing their brands on the platform. You can increase brand awareness, attract new customers, build brand loyalty, establish meaningful relationships with customers and other businesses, build credibility….the list of things you can achieve on LinkedIn is endless.  

In Australia, there are over 9 million LinkedIn users. That’s clearly a huge market you should never miss to explore. Get help from the best digital marketing agency in Sydney if you plan to maximise your LinkedIn presence. 

Our social media management and marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia shared with us tips that we believe would be useful to you in your effort to make the most of this platform. Check them out below:  

Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Page

In case you haven’t signed up for one yet, this is the perfect time to do it. It’s a simple process that won’t take you long. However, optimising your page is a whole new ball game. 

To start you off, make sure your business profile looks professional. Use the official name of your company and logo and fill in accurate location and contact information. 

With such a profile, you will have an easier time making connections and establishing professional relationships with other businesses. You will also be able to create better brand awareness since other people can easily identify with your business.

Next, come up with a compelling description for your ‘About Us’ section. Make sure it is clear and answers the 6 W’s (who, what, where, when,  why and how). 

We are not done yet. We’ll list the rest of the actions you should take to optimise your page:

  • Collect and give endorsements
  • Set up a career page
  • Create showcase pages
  • Make use of videos in sections that support it e.g. About us and career pages

There’s still more you can do to make your company page better. Involve a good digital marketing agency in Sydney as they will help you come up with optimised content and handle the technical aspects. 

Share Your Page and Post Quality Content

Just to remind you again, LinkedIn is a business networking platform where businesses and professionals connect with each other and discuss a broad range of subjects beyond the B2B and B2C conversations. 

Be part of these conversations but first share your optimised page with the world. Let your existing and potential customers and even employees know that you have a presence on this platform. You can do this on your other social media pages, websites, via email or other possible ways. 

Thereafter, come up with creative and captivating content that your connections and followers will easily relate with and even share on their timelines. Good content will help you achieve desired goals for your different campaigns. The content can be in the form of texts, videos, photos or graphics and animations. Just ensure the content goes hand in hand with your goals.

Lastly, be part of the conversations that happen on LinkedIn. Actively participate in them. This will contribute towards your effort to be an authority in your industry. 

You can as well hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you with if it sounds a lot to do.

Have a Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn presents so many opportunities for a business that is keen on growing. So in addition to having a great page and being active, have goals you would like to achieve as you make use of LinkedIn. 

Once you have established these goals, come up with a marketing strategy. Without one, you will lack direction. Your decisions will be guided by weak foundations which then opens you to failure. Since this can be an overwhelming process, hire SEO experts in Sydney to help you come up with one.

Once that is done, swing into action. Male use of SEO services in Sydney to achieve better results. 

Leverage LinkedIn Analytics

Just like other social platforms, LinkedIn provides you with analytics of how your business page is performing. This data and information will help know areas you are doing well and those you need to improve on.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Update analytics
  • Followers and visitors analytics
  • Talent brand analytics

There’s a lot of information you will find under each of these categories. Some of these metrics however do not come freely. You might be required to upgrade your account in order to access. 

You also have the option to connect your page to external analytic tools like Hootsuite which can help you manage your social media pages.

For correct data analysis and interpretation, work with the best SEO agency in Australia, especially those that specialise in social media management

There’s definitely more you will have to do to make the most of LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business. But these four will set the ball rolling and grow your business if you implement them correctly.  Our social media marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia are on standby to offer you the help needed to leverage this platform. We also offer some of the most affordable digital marketing services in Sydney that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

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