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By on September 10th, 2020

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How well you do your keyword research will determine the success of your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. The rest of your digital marketing campaigns will also need the right SEO keywords to be effective. 

Working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney is a sure way to get this right. They will use their skill, experience and resources to help you find proper keywords for your various digital marketing campaigns. That’s part of what we do at Digital Hub Australia. 

Today we will be sharing keyword research tips that will take your SEO campaigns to the next level. Check them out below: 

See The ‘People Also Ask’ Section on Google

This section enables you to find common questions that people are asking on the internet. 

To make effective use of it, type in a question/keyword that your customer is more likely to ask/use then check the follow-up questions underneath the ‘people also ask’ questions.  

You will find more valuable questions that your leads and customers might be asking. Centre your keywords around those questions.

There are a dozen other ways to utilise this feature. Speak to any best SEO agency in Australia for more tips

Use Negative Keywords

These are words that you don’t want to target in your campaigns. Knowing them helps you to match your campaign to relevant search queries. People who use negative keywords are more likely not going to be of value to you. 

To use negative keywords, go to Google Keyword Planner and select ‘Keywords and Targeting’ then ‘Keywords Negative’. After that, click ‘add a negative word’ and select the ad group or campaign then enter the keyword in the edit panel.

This will make sure your ads don’t appear for negative keywords you have included here. You can hire SEO experts Sydney Australia to help you do this right. 

Build a List of Localised Keywords

More than 50% of users who do a local search usually visit a store on the same day. For a business that has a physical location or serves a particular geographical location, this is a technique you cannot afford to ignore. 

Building a list of localised keywords will help you target your Ads and web content to potential local customers. Google’s keyword planner allows you to filter your keyword search based on location. It can help get a good idea of keywords that people in your region are using. 

There are various other tools you can use to identify useful local keywords. Get a good local digital marketing agency in Australia to help you make the most of such tools. 

Know Keywords Your Competitors Are Using

One way to dominate your industry is to do better than your competitors. Know which keywords your competitors are using to attract their customers, then target customers who are using the same keywords as well. 

Here’s how to do it: 

Go to Google Ads and select ‘search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category’. Enter the URL of your biggest competitors and select ‘Ad group ideas’.  Google will give you a list of keywords from their sites. 

Once you have identified them, you can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you come up with campaigns and content that will put these keywords to good use. 

Try Using SEO Toolbars

SEO toolbars help you fine-tune your search engine optimisation efforts. They give you access to relevant marketing data and important metrics for any website pages on the search engine results page. 

You could use these tools to estimate your competitors and figure out how tough it would be to rank higher. The keyword metrics you will gather will help you in your search for appropriate keywords to use in your SEO efforts. 

Keyword research is evidently a wide field. Having a good understanding of the tips we have just discussed will go a long way in helping you find the right keywords for your campaign. For better results, consider using SEO services in Sydney. At Digital Hub Australia, we provide that and many other affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that are customised to the needs of your business. 

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