How Digital Marketing Leads To Higher Conversion Rates

By on May 20th, 2020

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Of all the things digital marketing makes possible, higher conversions sit at the top. Isn’t this what every business wants? More sign ups, extra sales, increased subscriptions, additional loyal customers?  The bridge between your current state and these coveted feats is digital marketing. And this can only be delivered by the best digital marketing agency in Sydney

Admittedly, not many of us are aware of what has to be done to get higher conversion rates and how such agencies are able to achieve it. 

Worry no more. We have prepared this comprehensive guide to let you in on that and answer many other questions you have about this subject.  So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it. 

Social Media Marketing

Even though each social media platform has its own unique audience, what has emerged lately is that nearly everyone has a presence in one or several of these platforms. Be it the teenagers, adults, professionals, artistes, elderly, students, you name it. Chances are high your target audience can be found in these platforms.

You can leverage social media marketing in different ways to achieve your business goals, including higher conversion rates. And the best thing is, this can be achieved in many ways. A good example is the use of platforms such as Facebook for sign ups and logins. Omnicore reports that websites and apps do it half the time they are faced with such situations. 

Social media Ads and influencer marketing are the other popular ways businesses use to get more qualified leads, which automatically translates to higher conversions.  

Now, before you go down this path, make sure you are using a social media platform(s) that suits or supports your type of business.  To get excellent results, you will also have to use the right tools and familiarise yourself with all the emerging trends. This is where you might need the help of a good digital marketing agency in Australia because they understand how to go about this right. 

Content Marketing

If you are wondering whether there’s a way (or better ways) to create content that converts or encourages a purchase, the answer is yes. This is all part of digital marketing, but a task that needs expert help for you to get desired results, preferably from the best SEO agency in Sydney

If you have a strained budget and don’t see yourself getting that much-needed expert help, then you will have to first learn the basics of creating content that converts.   

First of all, know and understand best practices for creating such content. That includes things like the use of emotion to motivate your audience, optimising on relevance and clarity, embracing lists, partnering with influencers, doing content upgrades, incorporating user-generated content, and so on. 

Another equally important thing to know is how to create different types of content (text, image, graphics, & video) and the platforms where they would have the most impact, from blogs and emails to social media and online business listings. 

If all these two aspects are done right, then you’ll be on your way to having content that will deliver your desired results. 

You can actually use content marketing to achieve other goals, like search engine optimisation, lead generation, brand awareness etc. If not sure how, you will have to talk to a good agency, like Digital Hub Australia, to know how this is done. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO primarily focuses on increasing the traffic to a website by improving its rank on the search engines. Beyond that, it also factors in aspects that can be implemented or tweaked to make the user experience better and consequently raise conversions. 

Having your website appear on the first page of Google or other search engines is just the beginning. And this part of the process will involve use of correct keywords and metadata, optimising your web pages and content for search engines, working on the links, and so on.

But for you to ensure that the traffic generated from your SEO efforts doesn’t go to waste, you’ll need to invest in a great landing page, make your site mobile responsive, improve website loading speed, fix and/or improve site navigation issues, eliminate custom error pages, among other things. How good each of these factors is done will determine the conversion rate on your website. 

Now, this is where you’ll want to hire the best SEO agency in Australia. The last thing you want is to pour money into an investment that fails to deliver expected results. Having an agency with an impressive track record work on your site is the best way to go about this. A good place to start your search would be at Digital Hub Australia.  

Proper Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

This is a critical part of content marketing, but one that you need to handle with care and precision. That’s because without a proper call-to-action, the rest of your efforts will have gone into waste. Compare it to the bullet in your rifle. 

What’s more, your conversion rate majorly depends on how effective your call-to-action is.  We know this from partnering and working with marketers and businesses that needed CTAs that work.

When coming up with one, don’t always fall for the generic ones i.e. click here, purchase now, add to cart, etc. Just because they worked elsewhere doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. 

Instead, create one that has a direct relation to what you offer. And to make it stand out. Choose a colour that effectively isolates the CTA button and your website.  

But that’s not all. Other aspects such as design and location matter as well. For professional help on this, only hire digital marketing experts in Australia who have gathered reasonable experience in advertising.

Lead Generation Tools 

However far-fetched this may sound, it’s possible to have a set of lead generation tools that can deliver predictable results.  By that we mean those that can bring you more traffic, convert more visitors, and build your audience. 

Your only challenge is finding the best one, given that we even have AI-powered ones that promise a lot more better results.

When looking out for such a tool, it will be best if you first consider those that lift off the coding work on your part and make it super easy to capture those cherished qualified leads.  Critically examine the usability aspect as well and don’t forget to also check out the tool’s flexibility when it comes to integration with other tools. 

Examples of tools that continue to receive positive feedback from website owners and marketers include, A/B tasty, Google analytics, Crazy Egg, Optinmonster, etc. Each of these tools will play a role in optimising conversion for your website, from helping you create effective lead-capture forms to knowing whether or not your lead will convert. 

Now, if you have never gone down this route before, expect it to be tricky and a bit confusing. To add on to that, learning how to use each tool properly might take a lot of your time. Thankfully, there’s an alternative, which is, working with experts who specialise in optimising your website for conversions. You can begin your search for one by inquiring from a top agency that offers SEO services in Sydney. 

Final Word

It’s clear that digital marketing holds the key to higher conversions. But that’s only if it’s done right. These four are just but among the many ways digital marketing can help you experience unbelievable conversation rates. And as observed, no one does this better than the best digital marketing agency in Sydney. Our team at Digital Hub Australia is ready to answer all your questions and guide you in making this a reality for your business. Talk to us today. 

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