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By on June 18th, 2020

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Changing times come with new trends. The field of marketing is a good case in point. It has witnessed many trends in the recent past, with almost every business now depending on modern and recent technology to sell products and services. To keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs and expectations, every best digital marketing agency in Sydney continues to adopt the best marketing strategies, ways and methods. 

Digital marketing is one of them and comprises the use of several unique marketing techniques. It has been with us for quite a while. OmniChannel marketing, on the other hand, is one of the few recent powerful digital marketing trends that businesses now use to refine and create the perfect customer experience. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a keener look at each to see what’s involved, how they differ and who can benefit most from them. 

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is promoting your products or services through internet platforms and smart gadgets. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing changes the way consumers understand your brand as information is given to them through buyer-centric avenues. 

Digital marketing revolves around social media networks, search engines, websites and the use of mobile phones and tablets to access the internet. Digital marketing in Australia is now a viable option for every business looking for an effective and affordable alternative to traditional marketing services. Hiring a great digital marketing agency in Australia is a sure way of ensuring that you go about this right. 

What Is Omnichannel Marketing

While digital marketing utilises technology and the internet to sell your brand, omnichannel marketing focuses mainly on customer experience, regardless of whether your consumers are on digital platforms or physically interacting with your brand through a traditional brick and mortar setting. 

Omnichannel marketing generally focusses more on a consumer’s journey than brand sensitisation. Doing it right also requires that you hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who completely understand this marketing technique and possess the experience needed to execute it properly. 

Differences Between Omnichannel And Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps you interact with your client while omnichannel marketing makes the interaction seamless. 

While both methods aim to increase your consumer base, digital marketing focuses mainly on interacting with clients through online platforms, getting to know their preferences and collecting feedback. 

Emails ads, SEO services in Sydney, promotional posts on social media are all aimed towards actualising this result to improve your brand. For the best results, consider hiring the best SEO agency in Sydney that specialises in all these areas. 

However, omnichannel marketing is targeted towards easing and refining communication between you and your target customers. With help from a team that fully understands this technique, you can come up with ways to have a seamless customer experience for your clients from when they bump into your brand to when they make a purchase

If curious to know if your business can benefit, our team at Digital Hub Australia will be ready and happy to answer all your questions. 

Here are more differences: 

Omnichannel Marketing Is More Personalised Unlike Digital Marketing 

Having multiple avenues to reach out to potential clients can greatly boost your business revenue. Digital marketing offers you many ways to communicate to potential customers about the products and services that you offer while receiving important feedback on ways that you can improve your products. 

Omnichannel marketing then goes a step further and allows you to personalise this information to match the customer’s needs as they venture into business with you. Here’s an example: While digital marketing allows you to send emails out to users regardless of their purchase status,  omnichannel marketing ensures that an email about an offer isn’t sent to a client who has already made an order. 

Making the most of both techniques will require that you find the best SEO agency in Australia that has a rich experience in executing these two. 

Digital Marketing Doesn’t Tie All Your Avenues Together While Omnichannel Marketing Does 

The many platforms under digital marketing do not necessarily connect to offer your clients a seamless experience. This means that someone who bumped into your brand through a search engine will probably visit your website where they look for a way to reach you and make inquiries. Unfortunately, this is a broken chain and it may discourage further interaction. 

With Omnichannel marketing, you can go a step further to ensure your client engagement is continuous. This way, the client finds your website, views products and makes inquiries through chatbots or messaging apps. They can then make a purchase and still pay on the site or be presented with an option to visit your physical store (if available) for close interaction with whatever products they want to purchase. 

For successful designing, implementation and execution of such a customer experience, only hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia who successfully completed such projects before. 

Digital Marketing Helps Reach A Bigger Audience While Omnichannel Increases Conversion 

Brand awareness through social media, promotional posts, ads, emails and bulk messages advertises your business to a wide range of potential clients. This is great for your business if these recipients turn into real leads or consumers.

Hiring the best digital marketing experts helps you maximise these emails, posts and messages rightfully to ensure they have a higher return rate. By sending the right email to your client depending on the stage of interaction they are in and easing them into the next step, omnichannel marketing converts many of your potentials to real business. 

Final Thoughts

Methods of marketing your brand are made better when coupled up with seamless customer experience. Digital marketing helps you achieve the former while omnichannel marketing gives your clients a seamless journey from when they first reach out to you to when they finally make a purchase. 

While digital marketing creates your brand’s awareness through different platforms, omnichannel marketing increases conversion and client retention through easy service delivery. The rise of afforadable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia means you can get an agency that can help you leverage both techniques for the benefit of your business. 

At Digital Hub Australia, take pride in being one of the few agencies that will offer you custom digital marketing services that fit your budget. Talk to us today to find out how we can help your business grow through effective digital marketing services. 

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