10 New Ideas For Your Small Business Marketing Strategy By The Best Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

By on September 9th, 2020

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Many small business owners struggle to penetrate the market because they do not have the best marketing strategies for their business. Since you are probably not an expert in marketing, chances of you doing this as great as the professionals would are minimal. 

Getting help from the best digital marketing agency in Sydney remains one of the best ways to address this. You will realise shortly that even these new ideas for your small business marketing strategy need a lot of expertise to be executed well.  

We have gathered ten of them that are practical, effective and guarantee great results when done well. They include: 

1. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising tops the list of effective ways to market a small business in 2020. It has levelled the playing field, giving small businesses a chance to square off with corporate giants. 

Australia currently has over 18 million social media users. This figure represents 71% social media penetration. 

To capitalise on those numbers, hire digital marketing experts Sydney who specialise in social media management. They will help you make the best use of your social media. 

2. Use Google My Business

Another strategy to market your small business is giving it a presence on Google My Business (GMB). It’s an effective way to target local clients since most of them use Google to do local searches. 

GMB allows you to centralise your business details, including Google profile, Google Maps, and Google reviews. You can also have it integrated with Google Analytics and Google Insights.

3. Consider Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to your target audience.

The content can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, online courses, just to name a few. When done well, it will help you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

Content marketing remains one of the most suitable strategies for achieving long-term business goals. Hire a digital marketing agency in Australia to help you come up with creative and captivating content that will deliver impressive results. 

4. Have A Better Understanding Of Your Audience

Who are you targeting to buy your products or services? Where are the customers based and what are their preferences? 

These are questions you need solid answers to for your small business marketing strategy to be effective. Having a better understanding of your audience will help you to deliver products, services and information that your audience cares most about.

5. Leverage Your Existing Customers

Nearly every small business owner has their eyes set on new customers. But that does not mean you forget about the existing ones. 

They are still of value to your business and you can always get more from them. Actively engaging them can benefit your business in many ways.  

For example, they can easily recommend your business to their friends and share it on their social media pages which can then benefit your business by increasing awareness and sales. 

6. Use Promotional Campaigns

With rising competition, businesses are going to great lengths in ensuring they win more customers. One way they are doing this is by offering them gifts and giveaways to ensure that they maintain their loyalty and come back again to shop. 

Well executed promotional campaigns can help you achieve different business goals. It is important that you come up with one for your businesses. 

If you plan to do this online, you can hire any best SEO agency in Australia to help you with the planning and execution. 

7. Create a Website for Your Business

Websites are nowadays an important tool for every business that is keen on building their online presence, increasing their awareness, getting more qualified leads, improving customer experience and becoming leaders in the industry. 

But note that only a well-designed website can help you achieve such goals. In case you have a website that is not giving you the results you desire, speak to a digital marketing agency in Australia that has made a name for themselves as the best web designers. 

At Digital Hub Australia, we go beyond web design and development just to ensure you have a website that can grow your business. Rather than separately hire the best SEO agency in Sydney to optimise the website, you can have our team provide you with affordable quality SEO services in Sydney and other digital services your business needs to achieve its goals. 

8. Have A Brand Strategy

Your brand is the face of the business. For a business that’s growing, brand identity is what will help you generate more awareness among your target audience. So, make sure it is appealing. 

Have a logo, mission and vision statement with clearly set out goals. You can hire SEO experts Sydney Australia to help you develop and grow your brand online. 

9. Make Use of Email Marketing

Email marketing may be an old technique but it is the backbone of digital marketing. It currently boasts one of the highest ROIs. You cannot afford to run a small business without this 

Make use of tools that will help you create professional marketing emails and automate the entire process. Remember to personalise the emails so that they can have more impact.

10. Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking high on search engines will get you more targeted organic traffic, improve your website’s credibility, increase your brand’s awareness and bring you many other benefits. 

Doing this on your own will require a lot of time and effort. For a small business owner that is also focused on growing their business, juggling between the two can be difficult. 

Save yourself the trouble by hiring any best SEO agency in Sydney that offers affordable SEO services. If you already have some of these ideas in your small business marketing strategy, congratulations! See to it that you have also included the rest. For those who are yet to utilise them, this is your chance to explore their potential. At some point, you will need extra help. You are welcome to speak to our talented digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia. We provide a variety of affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that are customised to your needs. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

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