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By on November 17th, 2020

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You have probably heard about brand storytelling. Even if you haven’t, you can appreciate the impact that stories have on our society. From myths and legends to stories with historical facts. People can’t resist a good story.

This is what consumers want today in order to connect with you and buy your products or services. They want to see the soul and heart of your business, meaning you have to ditch the conventional advertising ways if you are to win over the modern-day customers. 

This is what has driven many businesses to want to work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney. Our guess is you want to fully leverage brand storytelling as well. So, we spoke to our digital marketing experts at Digital Australia and asked them to share with us their thoughts about storytelling as the future for advertising.

We discuss everything below, from what it is to how you can tell a good story. Keep reading to learn.

What Is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling uses a narrative to connect your brand to your customers on a deeper level. A great brand story will make your current and potential customers more interested in your brand. They will want to engage with you on a deeper and more meaningful level. 

For example, instead of just liking your social media post or being less responsive to your email, they will want to actively interact with your brand by asking questions, being active on forums and giving their opinion on your products and services.

Your business will generally have a lot to gain from effective brand storytelling, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

But there is a catch. Your brand story has to be honest and unique to your business. Consumers are not stupid. If a business has a reputation for disregarding consumers, then a positive brand story won’t change consumer opinion.

So, first, you have to make sure you have a solid strategy in place for this. Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you come up with one. 

How Brand Storytelling Has Revolutionised Marketing

Nowadays we have so many businesses that attribute their marketing success to relatable moving brand stories. Here’s how this technique is able to deliver great results. 

Creating Relatable Brands

It is almost impossible to make your business relatable, especially if you are a big brand or a highly competitive business. Most people tend to see such businesses as soulless corporate entities that are only motivated by profit.

But you can change that by humanising your business. Make your brand relatable, honest, humble and consistent. This always wins you the interest of customers and later on their trust. 

Nike is among the few brands that are so relatable to consumers due to their great storytelling. More often, they do a round-up of stories that connect so deeply to consumers across the world.

You can give your brand such an opportunity by working with an experienced digital marketing agency in Sydney in coming with your stories. 

Brand Uniqueness

How we tell our stories matters a lot. It doesn’t matter how often it has been told. You can always figure a way to retell your brand story and make your brand stand out. 

The Scarecrow Animation video by Chipotle is a perfect example of how you can make your brand be seen as unique by retelling similar stories in a unique way. The story in the video is about their commitment to providing healthier alternatives and is told in the most emotional way that makes consumers see the brand differently. 

Such brand storytelling will make your business stand out from the competition. Consult the best SEO agency in Australia on how to create stories that deliver this kind of impact and attract such attention.

Building a Loyal Customer Base

A compelling brand story will strengthen the connection between you and your customers.  They will be driven to learn more about your business and your brand philosophy. This will have the effect of creating a loyal customer base with a deep connection to your brand and business. This is actually one of the most obvious ways that brand storytelling has revolutionised marketing.

This may not be all the ways that great storytelling can change your brand but they highlight why this is the future of marketing, given the changing consumer behaviour and rising competition between businesses. 

How To Tell Your Brand Story

To help you get started with this, we thought it would be great if we briefly discuss how you can go about telling your brand story.  First, your brand story should answer the following questions.

  • Who you are
  • What your business does
  • Your approach to achieving your goals
  • Who you serve
  • What you bring to the table
  • What you stand for.

To make it more compelling and effective, here are some elements of great brand storytelling that you should consider: 

Emotional Content

Consumers always have a lot of choices when it comes to content. They will not stick around to hear what you have to say if your content does not evoke their emotions.

Aim to trigger happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear or any other emotions that will lead the customers towards taking your desired action. 

A deeper understanding of your consumer base and use of emotions in marketing will be needed if you are to create emotional content. It’s a task that seems daunting but one you can accomplish by making use of the affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia.

Keep It Simple

Always remember the fact that most of your customers have short attention spans. A convoluted brand story won’t do well. An average consumer won’t have the patience to stick to a brand story that doesn’t hold their attention from the start.

Use Real-World Examples

Real-life examples are great for your brand story. Examples that show the positive impact your products and your way of doing business have had a positive impact on consumers. This will make it easier for people to relate with your brand and picture themselves benefiting from your services.

One brand that has used this so well is AirBnB. By allowing customers to tell stories about their experiences, they have made their brand more honest, relatable and attractive to many people. They have even managed to build a community that comprises millions of loyal customers. 

Final Thoughts

What we have discussed is simply the start or introduction to brand storytelling. There’s more for you to learn if you wish to make use of this technique in growing your business and achieving your marketing goals. That gives you another reason to hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia, especially those with experience in doing this, to help you fully leverage this opportunity. You are welcome to speak to our talented digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia. We will walk this journey with you until you have the outcomes you desire. 

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