In-House SEO VS SEO Agency VS Freelancer: Which Should I Hire & Why?

By on February 11th, 2020

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As you’ve probably realised, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer optional; just about every business in Australia and across the world today needs it so as to raise their sales, get steady targeted traffic, promote their market efforts, and achieve many other goals.

You’ve probably made up your mind to invest in it. Now that’s another starting point with its share of challenges, but don’t worry about it. Most of them can easily be handled with the right knowledge and necessary help. To start you off, here’s a question you will soon ask yourself before making the next step. Who do I choose to take care of the SEO work?

Here are three common options you will come across: In-house SEO team, an SEO Agency in Sydney or SEO consultants in Australia. Actually, the debate as to who is ideal between these three just never seems to end.

Last year, Backlinko published a comprehensive report where SEO agencies seemed to be the most preferred by the majority of businesses. But that doesn’t mean that the rest should not be considered.

Luckily for you, I have rounded the relevant info about each of these options that you would need to make the right decision for your business. Take a look:


In-House SEO

Some of the compelling reasons you will want to have an in-house team include:

  • Timely response to your website issues
  • They can lend help to your upcoming projects designed to grow your business e.g. another website to complement the existing one
  • More control over your SEO strategies and programs
  •  More flexibility when it comes to adjusting your programs and strategies

However, the biggest drawback that comes with this option is that it can be expensive and barely feasible if you are running a small business. Besides, your website may be the kind that doesn’t need a full-time SEO or maybe you already have someone in-house who can manage it just as well. Internal politics could also be a major setback.



A freelance SEO specialist neither works for an agency or in-house team; they are a one-person team. Like in the case of an in-house team, you assign them your entire SEO project and the expectation is that they will get everything done. Most of them charge less than SEO agencies and are definitely cheaper to hire compared to an in-house team.

However, the majority of them nowadays only do consulting work, leaving the execution part to you. Not to mention they may lack a comprehensive marketing strategy due to the resources required to develop one and also the capacity to handle bigger time-consuming SEO problems.  Also, finding the SEO Consultants in Australia might take longer since the due diligence has to be extensive.


SEO Agency

SEO agencies are independent firms complete with SEO specialists, project managers, content creators, among other experts whom you outsource your SEO and marketing work to. Usually, they work with several other clients across the world.

When you lack the budget for an in-house team yet you want affordable and reliable expert help for all your SEO and marketing needs, look no further than an SEO agency. Your work will be in safe hands, given their experience, skill, and knowledge gathered from working with multiple clients and handling all sorts of projects.

One major worry that many businesses have when it comes to agencies is their lack of timely response, which can be attributed to the volume of clients they are handling. But as most businesses can admit, the Best SEO Agencies in Sydney are objective, professional and communicative and they will always see to it that your queries and concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.


Final Thoughts: In-House SEO VS SEO Agency VS Freelance: Which Option Is Ideal For My Business?

Before making your final decision, here are a few aspects you will want to keep in mind:

  • Your budget
  • Extent and nature of your SEO work
  • Expertise required for your SEO work
  • Your business model

Each option evidently has its own benefits and drawbacks. Don’t forget that this is an investment, so go ahead and evaluate the returns each option promises.

Generally, if your budget doesn’t permit you to hire an in-house team yet you desire professional quality SEO services that are affordable, reliable and ideal for small, medium and even large businesses, an SEO agency in Sydney is your best bet.

No matter your budget, they will offer you a package that matches it. On top of that, they have the capacity to handle any scope of work you assign to them plus the expertise required to deliver stellar results.



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