5 Tips To Promote Your Business Via Influencer Marketing

By on March 17th, 2020

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Influencer marketing has grown in recent years into a 5-10 billion dollar industry. And the proof of its effectiveness is all over. 

For example, at least 40% of consumers admit to having purchased something online after watching an influencer use it. Dozens of businesses also admit it has a relatively better ROI, if not comparable to other effective marketing channels. I could go on about all the other influencer marketing statistics that validate this idea, but you get where this is going, right? 

Now, in the wake of the reality that millions of consumers, especially millennials, no longer trust ads and blog reviews, your next step should be exploring influencer marketing in Australia. That’s where all the attention is now. 

But before you dive into it, you might want to learn a few things that could help you do it right and get the most out of it.  Check them out. 

Know Your Goals

Don’t begin the journey without first knowing where you want to go. List down your reasons for wanting to carry out an influencer marketing campaign. Keep in mind what you stand for as a brand and have a good grasp of your target audience.

Common goals include increasing traffic to a site, creating awareness about a product/service, gaining more followers/fans on your social media platforms, increasing sales, and so on. 

You can separate them into short-term, mid-term, and long term goals. Once you have your goals in place, it will be possible and easier to track the success of your campaign.  You will also be in a position to identify influencers that are more likely to fit your campaign and help you achieve your goals. 

Get The Right Influencer

This might take a while. First off, spare some time to scrutinise the online marketplaces. Take note of the people your target audience follows and who they interact with the most. Pay more attention to the interactions and engagement happening than the number of followers/fans one has.  Consider the influencer marketing platform as well. 

Go beyond social media and explore blogs and podcasts as well. An ideal influencer should at least meet the following requirements:

  •  An authority in your niche or topics that are of interest to your brand
  • Usually, create content that is shared often and attracts engagement
  •  Have a great reputation and track record
  • Be in a position to help in the realisation of your goals 

If finding one seems difficult, you can use tools like BuzzSumo, HYPR, and Insightpool to look for top influencers in your niche or subject. You don’t need to only work with the big influencers; extend your focus to the best as well. The three types of influencers you will come across include micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and celebrities.

Have A Plan For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Obviously, you will have to set up, launch, and manage your campaign. This is where an influencer marketing strategy comes in. Steps to accomplishing every part of your campaign should be well laid out. 

After knowing your goals and the right influencer for the job, the next thing you will want to consider is the type of influencer marketing in Australia that will help meet your goals.  Common ones include:

  • Request the Influencer to review your products and/or services
  • Running contests and providing products for giveaways to the influencer
  • Giving gifts to an influencer in exchange for a mention or review
  • Guest posting
  • Sponsored content
  • Affiliates
  • Making them brand ambassadors
  • Do collaborations 

Next, track and analyse the results from the campaign. Identify the metrics that can measure the true success of your campaign depending on the goals you have set.

Give Enough Compensation

It has been established that not compensating the influencers fairly is among the worst mistakes you can commit in your campaign. Remember, the influencers are letting you use their platform and influence to achieve your goals.

Find a compensation model that seems to work for both of you. It could be cost-per-engagement, cost-per-click, guest post fee, free products/services, etc.  More influencers prefer monetary compensation, but there are also other ways you can use to compensate their efforts, like invitations and exclusive access to events, attractive deals, trips, and so on. Remember to also respect them as publishers. Understand their interests and values as well.

Remember, when you fail to recognise their effort and to pay them well, your relationship with them will be ruined. Some often go to the extent of using the same influence to reverse the gains you may have made. 

Encourage Creative Freedom

Some influencers will ask to know if you are open to creative ideas for your campaign. In fact, over 70% of influencers believe that being honest and authentic is what keeps their fans and followers engaged. Your brand can benefit from such.

The last thing you will want to deal with is your messaging coming off as fake or as an ad, which as we saw earlier is no longer effective. Let’s also not forget influencers have the potential to properly connect with their audience in a way they are best familiar with.

But given the risk of them creating the wrong message, you could opt for limited creative freedom. This is where you play a role in the content creation process. However, much of the creative freedom still goes to the influencer.

Great influencer marketing could be the gap between you and success in your business. Now is the time to take action. Put as much effort as you can in creating a winning influencer marketing strategy. With the rest of the tips, you have the foundation needed to build a great influencer marketing campaign. Where you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to speak to a reputable digital marketing agency in Sydney that has experience in properly carrying out influencer marketing in Australia.

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