How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By on May 31st, 2020

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Even though Pay per click advertising (PPC) is no longer the new kid on the block of digital marketing, it remains king in the world of online advertising. At Digital Hub Australia, we continue to push the envelope with this technique. We’ve helped many businesses grow to greater heights and beat their competition, a feat that has made us the best digital marketing agency in Sydney

To put it simply, PPC advertising is buying a listing at the top of your preferred search engine result page like Google or Bing and you pay only when your ad is clicked. If your business is already utilising PPC advertising then that’s awesome, you are probably already reaping the fruits of your investment.

If you are still on the fence about PPC advertising, the paying part probably has something to do with it. So, allow us to give you a friendly push to the winning side by showing you why spending your hard-earned cash on PPC advertising is one of the best moves for your digital marketing campaign.

1. Instant Results

In digital marketing, instant results can spell the difference between a success story and a marketing nightmare. The problem is, achieving this with SEO alone is impossible since it might take months or even years for you to end up on the coveted first page of a SERP.

Besides, with SEO, you have to constantly monitor your website, tweaking it to ensure that you stay at the top. This can easily become your worst nightmare when you don’t have experts from the best SEO agency in Australia helping you. 

Interestingly, combining the best SEO services in Sydney with proper PPC advertising might just be the secret sauce to your recipe for success.

With PPC advertising, especially Google Ads, you can frog leap the competition and end up on the top a SERP within a day. Is it cheating? No, it is not. You will still need to do your research on the search terms that target your buyers and other factors that will ensure the success of your PPC advertising campaign.

Our advice is, instead of going at it alone, you should hire SEO experts in Sydney to work out all the minute details on how to fine-tune your PPC campaign while you kick back and watch your conversion rates go through the roof.

2. Increased Conversion Rates

Let’s be honest, traditional marketing methods are at best hit or miss when it comes to conversion rates. It is almost impossible to calculate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign since you can not tell who you are reaching and if they are even interested in what you have to offer.

Research shows that most of the people clicking on your PPC ads are at the late stages of your marketing funnel, in search of a final solution and likely to purchase your product if it offers them what they are looking for.

To capitalise on this, hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who are capable of researching the SEO keywords that your target consumers use and increase clicks from potential buyers. 

Digital Hub Australia should be at the top of your list since we have been perfecting their research methodology on search terms and keywords for years. The fact that we also design robust landing pages that lead directly from your PPC ads increasing your conversion rates tenfold is just icing on your cake.

3. Maximise The Return On Your Investment

Your growing business is a testament to the fact that you are careful when it comes to where you invest your hard-earned dollars. Burning money on investment opportunities without prior calculations on potential returns is one of the main reasons many Australian businesses go belly up within the first few years.

PPC advertising solves this problem by offering you complete control over your ad expenditure. Since the amount you pay is determined by the number of times your ad is clicked, you can research the search terms that your target consumers use most allowing you to calculate your ad expenditure estimate.

My recommendation when it comes to locking down a probable ad expenditure figure is to hire the best digital marketing agency in Sydney, especially those who have highly refined formulas of calculating the money you need to spend on your PPC campaign, reducing the chances of a blown budget.

4. Optimize Your PPC campaign With Ease

The relatively low costs of PPC advertising offers you a unique opportunity to optimise your digital marketing campaign by following an iterative method of trial and error. With tools like Google AdWords, you can easily tell how noticeable your ads are by the number of times they are clicked.

This offers you a low-risk method of testing various search terms allowing you to find the ones that offer the highest returns on your investment. 

By rinsing and repeating this process, you can easily optimise your PPC campaign to dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have now realised the immense advantage that PPC advertising can offer your business. Even if you are doing better, this is your chance to be the best. Go ahead and hire SEO experts in Sydney to manage your PPC advertising campaign.  Mostly consider those who offer affordable digital marketing services in Australia for different business models.  Contact us at Digital Hub Australia today for a quote. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! 

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