How A Website Redesign Can Boost Your Website Traffic

By on March 15th, 2021

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A website is basically your office in the digital space. It attracts potential clients, answers questions about your company and promotes your products and services. With most of the things now being done online following the pandemic, websites have become more essential than ever. Now may just be the time to use redesign website services to optimise its functions and stay competitive.

Most customers nowadays compare websites to see which one offers the perfect user experience. Website redesign keeps you relevant in the consumer market and helps you to maximise your online presence. 

Today, we let you in on the benefits that come with a website redesign, particularly how it can boost your traffic. 

Redesign Website Services Keep You Relevant Online

An updated website will promote recognition amongst customers and reinforce consistency. Potential customers will use the overall design and quality of your website to judge your company’s dependability. 

An outdated website is not good for business. Apart from bad user experience,  there’s a chance that it won’t work well. The result? Visitors will bounce from your site, killing your conversion rates.

First impressions play a crucial role in enhancing traffic on your website. Redesign website services will work in your favour by availing a website that will keep your business relevant while improving your brand image. This will leave your potential customers with a strong impression of your business. 

Improved Search Engine Rankings

SEO is vital since it is the foundation of the Google ranking system. An older site won’t have optimal search engine practices built-in. As you can guess, this will lead to more harm than good. After all,  there is only so much that can be done for an old website when it comes to SEO. 

A well-redesigned website, on the other hand, is guaranteed to increase website traffic. And that’s because it optimises search engine optimisation. 

For example, through a website redesign, you can make the most out of image and text, create internal links to new content and even create meta descriptions that will ultimately improve your SEO on your website. 

However, note that your redesign will only be relevant if people are able to find you online with a simple Google search. Therefore, before you begin you opt for redesign website services, it is advised that you also hire SEO experts.

Web Page Optimisation

While redesigning your website, focus on having a keyword for every page. Remember to utilise white hat SEO best practices to optimise your website pages for search engines. Having quality and more fresh content related to your keywords will improve your search engine rankings.

  • Metadata And Renaming Files

You should optimise image file names to make them descriptive. This includes captions and providing image alternative descriptions. Being able to scale the metadata for images can help Google, and other search engines, better understand the image content. This will prove helpful in providing distinction of your imagery in image searches. 

  • Documenting Your Most Valuable Pages

While redesigning your website, identify which pages are more significant to your target audience and receive the most traffic. You can use Google Analytics to do that. By doing so, you can build around these pages to ensure you maximise your website SEO.

Ensure that before you move these pages, you’ve created 301 redirects. This way, when site visitors try to search for the previously used page, they are redirected to the current page in use.  We recommend that you use the help of a professional web designer to do this.

Better Information System

Your website is an information centre for your brand. It provides potential consumers with useful and relevant information about your business, products and services.  Ultimately, this information helps close deals and boost your website traffic. Search engines after all give priority to quality content.

You can make the information on your site more powerful through redesign website services. Think of your website as your foremost salesperson. It, therefore, makes sense to give it a head start. 

With a website redesign, you can structure your essential information and present it in a manner that is easy to find for users. Having an easy-to-follow flow from one page to another is also necessary. 

Moreover, you will get the chance to refresh your content, especially if you are adding new pages with new categories of services and products. Integrating high-quality content on each of your pages can also be achieved in your redesign.

Improved Leads and Sales

In our experience, beautiful and thoughtfully designed websites are more likely to give a higher conversion rate. On the other hand, your old website won’t. Its outdated architecture can’t churn out high conversion rates. 

If the primary focus of your redesign is to increase conversion rates, here’s what to do. Equip your website with a flow of information that funnels visitors to buy, subscribe or request more information about your website. 

Make use of professional redesign website services so as to get this done right and in the best way.

Redesign Website Services Guarantee Better Customer Experiences

A redesigned website takes up less space on your server and runs more efficiently. This has the effect of improving customer experience on your site, undoubtedly boosting traffic. 

Furthermore, a site redesign is a  cost-effective business solution. Think about it. You can get a lot done, from fixing functional issues to including more features. Such things are harder to achieve on an older website.

Keep in mind that search engines love up to date websites, meaning your redesigned website stands a chance of ranking higher and ultimately receiving more traffic.

Mobile Responsiveness

More people than ever are accessing the internet with their mobile devices. Nearly everything is now done via mobile. From reading the news to making purchases. 

You have every reason therefore to make your website mobile-friendly. Users will definitely love it and have a reason to go back to your website. Search engines too nowadays give priority to websites that are mobile-friendly.  Meaning you could lose out on a lot of traffic if you ignore the need for a responsive website. 

Redesign website services involve making changes that make your website more responsive.

The point of a good website design is improving user experience, building brand trust and converting site visitors to regular customers. Seeking redesign website services from professionals will produce these desired results for you. The more successful a redesign, the more engagement you will receive. 

Providing the best possible experience for your target audience will further improve your success rates in acquiring more customers. The ever-changing online world sees trends come and go, but with a successful redesign, your business can last and evolve online for years to come.

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