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By on April 25th, 2020

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If not for social media, digital marketing would not be what it is today. Social media platforms have grown in popularity in the past decade, with billions of people around the world online and interacting with each other.  Another thing that has risen out of this trend is social media marketing in Sydney. 

Now we have various social media platforms in operation with each of them designed to meet the needs of a specific group of internet users. That’s why certain platforms appeal more to people from a particular demographic group. e.g. LinkedIn appeals more to professionals, Instagram appeals more to artistes, photographers, etc., and so on. 

Established businesses with large marketing teams can easily be active on all the relevant social media platforms but this is not usually the case for smaller businesses on a tighter budget.

Whichever side you are on, it is important to consider which demographic your ideal customer belongs to before choosing a social media marketing strategy. 

The ‘spray and pray’ approach won’t work well on social networks if you are on a limited budget; you have to come up with a clear and concise strategy that targets one or two platforms where your potential customers frequent the most.

Below is a detailed look at top social media websites that could be perfect for your business.

1. Facebook

Most businesses in Sydney love using Facebook for the purposes of product/service promotion, building a brand, marketing, and customer service. 

Facebook remains one of the most popular social network platforms in the world, boasting a user base of two billion users globally. Roughly 15 million Aussies are active Facebook users. 

This is among the reasons most of the social media marketing benefits are tied to it. Almost everyone with an internet connection has a Facebook account.

People who are most active on Facebook are mostly 18 years or older with gender being distributed almost equally. Most of them have received some form of higher education and have some sort of income. This means that they have money to spend on your product or services

Some of the features that make Facebook ideal for businesses include: 

  • Facebook ads Facebook ads target your potential customers, those willing and able to purchase your product. With millions of users in Australia, it is easy to see why this feature is so powerful.
  • Ecommerce Integration – With features like Facebook marketplace available, it is easier for you to display your wares and the prices accompanying them. Buying has been made as easy as clicking a button.
  • Facebook messenger – Enables you to interact with all your customers easily, breaking down the communication wall between your business and your customers. Improved communication increases the rating of your business in the Facebook community.

Others features include Facebook Live, Business Pages, create and advertise events, and Facebook Videos. 

2. Twitter

Despite having fewer users compared to Facebook, Twitter thrives at keeping its users engaged with a steady flow of information from the internet through features like trends and hashtags.

Bear in mind that Twitter has a 280 character limit on messages. This will force you to be creative and concise when posting your tweets. If your tweet appeals to your target audience, it will be shared over a broader audience through the retweet feature.

Features that twitter offers that are great for social marketing in Sydney:

  • Hashtags – With hashtags, you can follow and participate in trending topics. If you create a catchy hashtag, there is a chance that it will reach new audiences who might be interested in the trend you are setting.
  • Twitter ads- Twitter also offers unique advertisement opportunities to businesses. You can promote your twitter account, a tweet from your business or a trend that your business is trying to set. 

On top of that, there’s Twitter Events, Twitter Lists, Direct Messages, and Livetweets.

3. Instagram

Instagram could easily be one of the best social networks to market your brand. With over one billion active users sharing multimedia content like photos and videos, it is easy to see why this presents a goldmine for your business.

Some unique Instagram marketing features your business include:

  • Instagram stories – You can share live videos with all your followers. Employee interviews and behind the scenes footage are some great ideas for content. This endears your business to its customers and creates brand loyalty.
  • Multimedia sharing; with great content sharing features, Instagram makes it easier for you to tell your brands’ story with captivating visual content.
  • Instagram Ads – This is similar to the other ads we have looked at. They are posts or stories you pay to have them targeted to your preferred user base. 

4. YouTube 

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, with over two billion active users watching all sorts of content daily, it is the perfect place for video content from your business. Instructional videos on topics related to your product or industry insight can be a great marketing tool for your business.

YouTube grants its users an unlimited amount of video hosting making it an affordable option for small businesses looking to publish video content. 

Posting videos also helps with your search engine optimization (SEO), since your video content is searchable in both YouTube and Google.

Social media marketing in Sydney is here to stay. With new features that cater to business needs being introduced on a regular basis on the different platforms, this is the best time for you to come up with your own social media marketing strategy. That’s if you have not already done so. And if you need professional help, be it how to do social media marketing or refine your existing strategy, get in touch with a top and trusted social media agency in Sydney.

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