An Update On The Use Of Social Media In Australia And Why You Should Hire Digital Marketing Experts Sydney

By on September 23rd, 2020

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It is easy to get comfortable when it comes to social media marketing, especially when your campaigns are doing well and your pages are performing just fine. But let’s not forget this is a space that is evolving fast. Reusing the same techniques could see you get left behind by your competitors. 

Understandably, keeping up with these changes can be an overwhelming task. But you can save yourself a lot of trouble by working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney. Let them do all the work for you as your focus on running your business. 

We know you might be interested to know what’s new in the use of social media in Australia. Our social media experts at Digital Hub Australia let us in on some of the latest trends. We share them below: 

Utilise The Power Of Communities

Creating and sharing interesting posts on your social media pages is an effective strategy but one of its major downsides is that it offers your customers limited interaction with your content. The most that they can do is like, share or comment. 

It is interesting to see that some of the successful Australian brands on social networks have very limited activity when it comes to individual posts. How do they pull this off? How does one manage to have a large social media footprint without a lot of posts?

The answer is simple: social media communities.

Social media communities are not new. But businesses are coming up with new and interesting ways to make the most out of social media communities.

Having a huge number of people join your group is a great first step. Interesting content will also boost interaction among your followers, leading to a successful group. But you will have to do a lot more to grow and maintain the success of your social media community. Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you come up with an effective strategy for leveraging its potential. 

Influencers Are Your Friends

Influencer marketing has attracted mixed reactions from industry pundits. Some believe that using influencers is like getting Z-list celebrities to promote your products, services or brand. They claim that most influencers do not bring in tangible results.

But this is not entirely true. Your approach to influencer marketing campaigns will determine its success. Cases of successful influencer marketing campaigns in Australia are countless. 

To make this work for you, get a digital marketing agency in Australia to help you pick the right influencers for your campaigns. You need those who are loved by their communities and have a history of creating impact. Working with such influencers is more likely to lead to an increase in your conversion rates. 

There is also a common misconception that only mega influencers with millions of followers are the ones you should be investing in. But, you might be surprised to learn that a micro-influencer with a few thousand followers might do more for your brand.

Try Out Alternative Social Media Platforms

Many of us have been fixated on the popular social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. While these platforms are likely to cover a large portion of your consumers, you should be open to growing your presence on the new social media platforms.

There are a lot of promising social media platforms popping up like TikTok and caffeine. Less popular ones like Pinterest are also full of great opportunities. It may not be possible for you to be on all of them and maintain a meaningful presence at the same time. But you can select a few and leverage them. 

Make use of SEO services in Sydney to find out which new social media platforms your brand will thrive on. The best one for you will depend on things such as the demographic of users on said platforms and the nature of your business.

Generate Buzz By Using Contests

Contests are a great way to get people interested in your brand and create conversations around it. Savvy Australian businesses are using contests and product giveaways to do more than gain more followers.

When done right, contests can grow your reach, increase site traffic, offer your customers more value and help your brand stay on people’s minds long after the promotion is over. You can set up your contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The great thing with contests is that you are not limited to products only. For example, you can offer customers a subscription to an exclusive service for a limited period.

Just like with any other digital marketing campaign, a lot of preparation and planning is involved in making a contest successful. There are also rules and guidelines to be followed. So, hire SEO experts in Sydney to help you do it well. 

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends and techniques in social media management and marketing is one way to maximise its potential. Properly utilising the few we have looked at will put you ahead of the curve. For you to have an easier time keeping with these changes, work with the best SEO agency in Sydney. At Digital Hub Australia, we have talented social media experts ready to work with you in making your social media campaigns a success. 

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