How to Gain More Customers on Instagram

By on June 7th, 2020

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In case you forgot, here’s a reminder why Instagram is a social media marketing giant. Right now, the platform boasts over 25 million active business accounts and upwards of 1 billion active users monthly. If you haven’t leveraged its potential yet, now would be the right time to speak to the best digital marketing agency in Sydney about that. 

Both big and small brands the opportunity to be recognised and interact with their customer base through this photo-sharing platform. However, the process of cultivating a loyal and active follower base on Instagram is not a cakewalk. 

You are probably not new to stories of businesses that invested fortunes in Instagram for marketing purposes only to receive dismal returns on their investments. Most definitely there’s something they did wrong, and which could have been avoided if they had expert help.

That’s what digital marketing experts do. They’ll help you cultivate a user base that will lead to more customers for your business on Instagram and also assist you to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

Have I piqued your interest? Good. Then let us look at the ways you can use to get more customers on Instagram, even as you plan to bring in the experts. 

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective assets available in your Instagram marketing arsenal. The correct word combinations in your hashtags allow your brand to attract more customers from your target group and increase brand awareness in the process.

Finding the correct mix of words to create effective hashtags requires a lot of research on your part. You could also use tools like Hashtagsforlikes that help you find the hashtags that are trending and relevant to your brand.

More awareness leads to more followers which might ultimately lead to a noticeable bump in sales.

2. Post Captivating Content

Instagram is all about captivating visuals. People want to see the best of what you are selling so why not give the people what they want? Make sure that your photos match your overall brand aesthetic to promote the consistency of your posts.

You can show your product in use by different customers in your photos. This adds a feeling of authenticity to your posts, making them better received by your followers. 

Using ultra-sleek, overdone photos that scream “sales pitch” might backfire as it might come across as an aggressive marketing tactic to your followers. If you want guidance or help to create the right content, get in touch with a digital marketing agency in Australia that has reasonable experience in Instagram advertising. 

3. Create A Loyal Following

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a business on Instagram is using underhanded tactics when cultivating your follower base. Buying followers, spamming people on direct messages or mass following accounts then later unfollowing them are some of the methods that will only serve to dilute your brand.

Taking the time to create a loyal and engaged follower base might take more time but it will also increase your chances of generating viable leads for your products. 

If your efforts have been in vain, this might be the time to hire digital marketing experts in Sydney because of their experience in carrying out such tasks. 

4. Link Back To Your Website

Once your follower base starts growing, leading to more posts getting more likes, your next move should be to convert those likes to actual sales. And the best way to do this is by attaching direct links to the photos promoting a particular product. This will make it easy for followers who like your posts to buy from you.

And since most Instagram users access the platform via their smartphones, make sure that your website is mobile responsive and easy to navigate. If it’s not, those potential buyers will end up not completing any sale. 

To create a fully responsive website, only hire an agency that provides the best SEO services in Sydney. This is because you will also need your website to be optimised for search engines. 

5. Make Use Of Instagram Ads

If your business is new on Instagram, then paid advertisements might give you that extra boost you need to help you hit the ground running. With Instagram ads, you can target a customer group that is most likely to buy your product.

Another advantage of advertising on Instagram is that you get to include links back to your website on your post, increasing your chances of generating leads directly from Instagram.


Instagram no doubt remains one of the most profitable online platforms when it comes to marketing products/services and generating leads. Taking time to familiarise yourself with Instagram for business will help you grow your brand awareness, leading to increased sales. You can as well have the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to manage your Instagram marketing strategy. This will save you the failure and frustration that comes with experimenting without experience

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