Top 5 Benefits of Online Advertising In Australia

By on March 26th, 2020

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Online advertising dominates over half of Australia’s ad market today. Businesses now depend on it than before because of its many benefits. Pair that to the fact that right now 88% of Australia’s population are active internet users distributed various platforms that a business could use to reach and convert them into customers. 

If you haven’t given enough thought to what you could gain from online advertising, here’s an overview of the top benefits of online advertising in Australia. 

1. Wider Reach

 Before online advertising, one could only access a particular type of audience, mostly those in your local area or the ones gained through traditional marketing. But the internet has made it possible to reach and connect to a wider audience. 

Social media’s online advertisements, internet forums, websites, and other online platforms carry of millions (while some like Facebook billions) of users/prospects distributed across the world that you can easily access through online advertising and then convert into customers. 

You could get enough leads here as well, go viral through word-of-mouth marketing, elevate your brand, capture customers who are just beginning their buying journey, and eventually raise your profits in the long run. 

2. Online Advertising In Australia Is Very Effective

The success of online advertising in delivering intended results is one of its top attributes. Think about email marketing, social media marketing, video advertising, and search engine marketing. All have recorded tremendous success as forms of online advertising. For example, 95% of the revenue Google makes comes from search engine marketing. 

Other aspects of it like personalised advertising make it possible to achieve much better results than you would through traditional advertising. At least 71% of consumers would rather have this kind of ads. 

Whether free or paid, you have a chance to leverage the potential online advertising boasts of. In case you chose to go the ‘free’ way, see to it that you are putting into use the best practices that will bring you that desired traffic. 

In the case of paid advertising, first make sure you have picked the right keywords as this is what will draw your target audience to your ad. 

3. Pick Your Target Audience

Initially, it was difficult to pick an audience that you felt would most likely be interested in your ad then target them with your message. But online advertising changed that.  Note that for your campaign to be a success, it must, first of all, reach the right audience.  

So go ahead and create that buyer persona. Thereafter, explore the online platforms where your ideal buyer is likely to be found. Platforms like Facebook let you filter your online advertisements based on demographic elements, interest, and specific behaviours. 

For example, if your ideal customer is a university student in Sydney Australia, Facebook or Google (through PPC ads) could deliver your message to that specific segment. You can carry out such a campaign better when you have the help a reliable online advertising business. 

4. Relatively Inexpensive 

Don’t we all aim to make the most of our marketing budget, however small or big it is? 

Think about how much you would have to invest in a TV/Radio, Print, direct mail, or billboard ad. Compared that to the least amount it costs to create an effective online ad. You could invest as little as $20 in a social media ad and reach hundreds or thousands of people if your ad is done properly. 

That aside, your ad on, say, TV, radio, or print, will be a success only if the target customer sees it on the day it airs or gets published. What if they don’t? You’d probably have to do it all over again, which is so expensive in the long run. Now, compare that to a blog post whose relevance could last a couple of years. 

Bigger businesses can comfortably afford to place their ads on TV, radio, and billboards. This makes it tough for the relatively smaller business to compete with them. With the shift to online advertising, which is budget-friendly, both can now compete fairly. 

Your goal should be to pick and invest in an effective marketing strategy that will keep your online advertising costs low and still work well with your business.

5. Availability of Relevant Data 

Before you invest in online advertising in Australia, you are going to need data that will guide you in creating a marketing strategy and campaign that has a higher potential of delivering the intended results. 

Through keyword research, for instance, you can know the search volume and level of competition specific search terms attract.  Customer data such as buyer behaviour and demographic information can also be accessed and used to your advantage, especially when it comes to social media marketing. 

Also, at some point, you will want to know if your digital marketing strategy is delivering the results you expected. Depending on the campaign you are running (social media, search engine, email, etc.) you have a chance to keep track of its performance through the various metrics available in each of the platforms. 

Examples include leads, sales, website visitors, likes, comments, bounce rate, shares, impressions, conversions, etc. With such data and information, you will be able to see areas that are performing well and those that need improvement.

In the end, you will be able to run successful campaigns that will benefit your business in different ways. 

Online advertising is the gap between your current state and the success/growth you have always envisioned for your business. Invest in it today and watch things change for the better. Of course, there are a dozen other benefits of online advertising beyond the five we have discussed. But you can only experience them if you carry out an effective online advertising campaign. The good news is with the help of an agency that specialises in online advertising in Sydney, you can turn this wish into a reality.

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