Common Mistakes Made In Web Design, Tips By The Best Web Design Company Sydney Australia

By on October 12th, 2020

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For a growing business that has just launched its online presence, the last thing you want to deal with is avoidable web design mistakes. However simple some of them may sound, they could engineer your downfall. That is why you should only work with the best digital marketing company in Sydney when coming up with or redesigning a website for your business. 

At Digital Hub Australia, we work with plenty of businesses and examine their websites every day. We have come across some pretty great websites and also encountered a few that lacked key elements that are crucial to their success. 

Based on the observations we have made and our experience in web design and development, we were able to identify some of the common mistakes made in web design. We also show you how to address them. Check them out below: 

No Tools To Track Website Performance

Data analytics is a necessity for every small business today. It’s what will help your business become more productive, efficient and better than the competition. 

Up to 75% of small businesses unfortunately still don’t use analytic tools to track their performance. Many hardly bother to factor in this aspect during web design. Yet with no performance metrics, you will not be able to track your progress. You will not be able to tell user habits or needs. 

In the end, you will not have any solid feedback regarding website load times, user satisfaction level, the website traffic and other data that shows you the real performance of your website.

What you may not know is that such insights can reveal the weak areas of your website and help you come up with changes that will deliver great results. You can as well use this data in your digital marketing campaigns to come up with more targeted ads. 

Get a good digital marketing agency in Sydney to help you in identifying the right analytic tools for your website and analysing the data. 

Poor or No Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a great-looking website that is buried in the back pages of Google makes you lose out on so many opportunities. Your website traffic will be low, you will lack online credibility, you will struggle with lead generation. These are just a few of the many misfortunes you will have to deal with and they all trace back to poor or no SEO. 

While having your website designed, it is important that you consider making use of SEO services in Sydney. SEO involves optimising not just the content but also the technical aspects of your website. When done right, you will enjoy better online discoverability and this will open the flood gates for the benefits that accompany high search engine rankings. 

It’s not too late to have this done if you already have a website. Have any best SEO agency in Sydney assist you in doing it. 

No Responsive Web Design 

Internet users nowadays access websites from different devices. Initially, the majority used to do it via PC but right now, mobile devices generate over 50% of global website traffic. 

How your website appears from a user’s device will determine their impression of your website and businesses. 67% of consumers, for instance, say they are more likely to purchase from you if your website is mobile-friendly. Another 48% admit to being frustrated whenever they encounter a site that is not mobile-friendly.

You could lose customers to your competitors when your website is not responsive. If they decide to voice out their frustrations, your business will suffer in so many other ways. 

Have your website designed to provide an optimal experience on all kinds of devices, from desktops to mobiles and tablets. 

Lack Of or Poor Calls-to-Action

What actions would you like your visitors to take? Many expect you to tell them what to do and where to go. If you don’t or do it poorly, they are more likely to switch to your competitors. 

That’s why you must have one and make it persuasive enough to trigger action from your visitors. Be clear and keep it short and succinct. It could be something like Buy Now, Click Here, Contact Us Today, Get Started, Sign Me Up, etc…

Do you need help creating a CTA that converts? ‘Get in touch’ with our digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia. 

Ignoring Social Proof 

Social sharing plays a huge role when it comes to digital marketing. When users cannot easily share your website content on social media, you miss out on an opportunity to reach a new audience and expand your reach. Such a share is like an endorsement. 

Social sharing buttons can also help you improve customer experience, increase brand exposure and enhance your SEO efforts.  You, therefore, have every reason to include social media widgets on your website. It’s a simple task to carry out but we still recommend that you hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you with aspects such as correct positioning.

These five are some of the most common web design mistakes we have observed out there. What should worry you is that all of them are costly mistakes you should totally avoid. Save yourself the pain of having to deal with these and other mistakes by working with an experienced and reputable web design agency in Sydney. We are glad to have helped many avoid such mistakes. Our web design experts at Digital Hub Australia understand what it takes to build a perfect website that will benefit your business. We also provide many other affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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