The Rise Of Podcasts And Podcast Marketing

By on August 13th, 2020

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The radio format never really died; it just got reinvented into podcasts. Interestingly, podcasts have been around for almost a decade now. And what many do not know yet is that you can work with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to come up with innovative ways to market your brand using podcasts.

But what is behind the surge in popularity that podcasts have been enjoying in the past few years? Well, the answer might just surprise you. 

Smartphones! Much of the fame podcasts enjoy right now can be attributed to smartphones. 

Because it is easy to download podcasts on a smartphone, more people are finding it convenient to also use their phones for this purpose. 

As a business owner, you have probably seen the marketing potential in this next-generation reincarnation of the radio format.

Already, there are plenty of brands all over the world that are enjoying wild success on their podcasts. You can use their approach as a blueprint for your podcast. 

In the article, we take a look at some of the popular brands that are successfully exploiting podcasts marketing.

1. Blue Apron-The Why We Eat What We Eat Podcast.

The “Why We Eat What We Eat Podcast” is a great example of how a business can effectively market their products by coming up with highly captivating content.

This podcast focuses on everything food. You might think that there isn’t really much to cover on the subject but listening to the podcast will quickly change your mind.

The hosts offer in-depth analysis of food journalism. They also inform listeners about the origins of different eating habits.

The biggest take-away from this channel is how well it’s presented. You will forget that you are listening to a corporate-sponsored podcast until the very end when sponsors are mentioned in the credits.

You can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you emulate the numerous positive qualities of the Blue Apron Podcast for your podcast idea.

2. Shopify- The TGIM Podcast

TGIM is an acronym for the phrase ‘Thank God It’s Monday’. This podcast is aimed at high-powered individuals who can’t wait for the start of the week.

Their approach is pretty brilliant. The hosts invite innovative businessmen of our time to share their struggles, ideas and success stories in the span of their careers. The conversations are usually lively, entertaining and very informative. 

Shopify has been able to satisfy the demand for the kind of content on their podcasts because they first took some time to learn more about what their customers would love from a podcast channel. 

If you are having a hard time figuring the kind of content that would work for your own podcast, we have an idea. 

First, hire SEO experts in Sydney to create different kinds of content that are relevant to your industry for your website. Thereafter, they will use analytic tools to find the most popular topics among your audience, giving you a base from which to create your podcast material.

3. McAfee- The Hackable? Podcast.

McAfee is an industry leader when it comes to cybersecurity. They have put their years of experience to good use by creating a podcast that talks about different issues related to cybersecurity.

The biggest selling point of this podcast is its presentation. The hosts discuss topics about hacking in a fun and entertaining way. This makes the show accessible to users who do not know much about computer security. They will get hooked to the content simply because of its entertainment value.

The ‘Hackable’ podcast is a great example of how you can work alongside the best SEO agency in Australia in creating captivating and creative content for your podcasts and other platforms. The different varieties of content that a digital marketing agency in Australia will create for your business will help establish your brand’s authority status in its industry.

4. Microsoft- The Future Podcast 

The ‘Future’ podcast is a perfect case in point of how you can capture the attention of your audience by covering a topic that prods them to think “what if?”

This podcast takes an in-depth look at technology and the various tangents that our future as a race might take based on the different choices we are making as a society.

As you can tell, you can generate virtually limitless material from such a topic. This is why the ‘Future’ podcast has a large recurring audience and it keeps growing as more people tune in. 

As you tap into your creativity and try to make such a concept work well for your brand, do not forget to hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you Podcast Marketing.

Podcast marketing is picking up steam not just in Australia but across the world. You can capitalise on this trend by making use of affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. At Digital Hub Australia, we even have custom services designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you want SEO services in Sydney or help you for podcast marketing, we have you covered. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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