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By on September 11th, 2020

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There comes a time when you have to embrace digital advertising. It’s the new normal for marketing. But your success in this is going to depend on how well prepared you are. First, you need to have clearly set objectives and goals before embarking on any digital marketing campaign.

Find the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to help you through this process since you just have it get it right. This is why: 

  • Objectives set out what you aim to achieve from your digital marketing campaigns 
  • They give you a basis to measure the progress of your business
  • You will be able to tell what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing your business
  • Having objectives helps your marketing team to focus on what matters
  • They help you establish priorities for your marketing effort and resources

Setting Digital Marketing Objectives for Your Business

When setting objectives for your campaigns, think about your overall business aims and goals. Make your objectives consistent with them. 

More importantly, remember the SMART rule. I.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Your objectives have to meet these criteria. 

Put simply, define them, make sure they can be tracked, look at what the return on the campaign investment will be and set a reasonable time limit for achieving them. 

Make them cover the entire customer journey as well. 

Let’s take a look at a few digital marketing objectives examples you can set for your business. 

Digital Marketing Objectives Examples

Increase Sales

Let’s face it, we all want more sales. Setting this is an objective early enough will help you come up with digital campaigns best suited for helping you achieve it. 

With help from a digital marketing agency in Australia, you can set up powerful marketing campaigns that can help you generate more sales. They will also help you identify key performance indicators (KPI) that are perfect for monitoring your progress towards achieving the set objectives.

Improve Conversion Rate

Another thing we all desire to achieve is higher conversion rates. When doing those digital campaigns, you will want to convert as many people as possible into customers. 

For instance, you can make it your objective to improve the conversion rate of your website by 30% by the end of a marketing campaign.

It’s possible to track the conversion rate using tools such as Google Analytics. These tools will give you a full report on the conversions and help you adjust your campaigns for optimum performance. 

Part of doing this right includes doing proper keyword research and designing effective landing pages on your website. Make use of SEO services in Sydney to improve your chances of success in such aspects.

Organic Traffic Volumes

This is natural traffic that comes as a result of successful search engine optimisation (SEO). 

An example of an objective you can have in this regard is to increase the volume of organic traffic by 50% at the end of your campaigns. More traffic means more sales, more conversions and long-term benefits. 

Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney who will ensure that your website is well optimised for search engines. 

Increase Visitor Return Rate

Another objective you can set for your digital campaigns is to have a particular percentage of your visitors become return customers within a certain period. 

Aim for at least 30%. This percentage will help you know how good your campaign is, who your loyal customers are and how compelling your brand is. 

Having a better understanding of your visitors will help you serve them better. You will be in a better position to come up with more appropriate digital marketing campaigns for them

For extra help in increasing your visitor returning rate, hire the best SEO agency Sydney.  Have them help you with audience research and in coming up with better ways to achieve this objective. 

Reduce Bounce Rate

The lower the bounce rate, the better. Chances are you have faced the situation where visitors land on your website and leave seconds or few minutes after without ever going through the other pages. This is called the bounce rate.

Any best SEO agency in Australia can let you in on more effective ways to reduce the bounce rate on your website or email. They’ll show you tricks that will compel customers to make orders, contact your business and see other products/information on your website.

By now it should be clear why you need objectives for your digital campaigns. Make sure they are SMART and don’t forget that objectives vary from business to business. Our digital marketing experts at DIgital Hub Australia are ready to walk this entire journey with you, from setting objectives to making successful digital campaigns. We provide so many affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia that are designed to match your objectives and deliver the results you desire. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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