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By on October 6th, 2020

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Instagram Reels is a Tik-Tok-like feature that was recently added to the Instagram platform. So much has been said about it in relation to its older counterpart TikTok. We joined the fray and shared our thoughts too when the feature launched. Almost every other best digital marketing agency in Sydney has since given their two cents about it. 

Reels has been disrupting the entertainment and social media scene, with more Instagram users continuing to embrace it. Business owners and marketers, on the other side, have been trying to figure out how to implement it in their digital marketing campaigns. Maybe you are one of them too. 

Today we let you in on all you need to know about Instagram Reels, from what it is to how to make the most of it. 

What Is Instagram Reels?

You are probably aware of the tremendous success TikTok has had in the past few years. Much of the credit for its success goes to the fact that its users are able to create, modify, edit and share short videos. 

Instagram Reels is Facebook’s attempt to outdo TikTok. It runs inside of Instagram and has features that let you create, edit and share short videos on the Instagram platform.  

Even though the two have a lot in common, Instagram Reels sets itself apart in several ways which we covered in our comparison of the two. 

Please note that the feature is yet to roll out in every country; it is only available in slightly over 50 countries, including Australia. 

How Does It Work?

Any Instagram user can use this feature to record 15 to 30 second videos, add music of their choice and share them on their home feeds, stories, explore feed or the Reel’s tab. 

Initially, the video length was capped at 15 seconds but a recent update took the maximum length to 30 seconds. Even users that don’t follow you can see and engage with your Reels video on Instagram’s Explore page.

Instagram is still rolling out updates to this feature and so a lot remains to be seen when it comes to functionalities. 

How To Use Instagram Reels In Marketing

As a brand, you can use this feature to create fun and engaging short videos to market your brand. Contrary to what you might know, Instagram Reels is not only limited to cat videos and dancing tutorials. There’s much more that you could achieve with this feature marketing-wise.

Work with an experienced digital marketing agency in Sydney if you want to fully leverage the opportunities it offers and rapidly adapt to the new changes that are bound to be rolled out in the near future.

Just to show you how powerful this feature can be, let’s look at the roles it can play in your marketing campaign. 

Boosting Brand Awareness

If you have already cultivated a substantial follower base on Instagram, then you can pivot to using the Instagram Reels feature to boost your brand’s awareness.

Since it centres around sharing short videos, you can use it to your advantage by showcasing your products. Hire digital marketing experts in Sydney if you want help in making your campaign a success. A professional online marketer will analyse your follower base and help you develop content that is more likely to resonate with your audience. 

Educational Content

Don’t we all want fabulous explainer videos for our products or services? Something your consumers would find useful and enjoy to watch? Uploading long videos on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo works, but there is a high chance that you might not reach a large chunk of your audience that wants short how-to videos.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, consult the best SEO agency in Sydney to help you figure out how you can use the Instagram Reels feature to your advantage in this particular instance. Great SEO experts will devise strategies that are unique to your brand. This will ensure that your short-form educational content stands out from your competitors’.

Stay Relevant

Keep in mind that Instagram is an entertainment platform at its core. The new Instagram Reels feature adds to this concept. Your followers will expect to be entertained by your short videos. Take advantage of this fact to stay relevant.

An entertaining product video will have your brand on the tongues of your followers for a long period of time. But coming up with such short videos is not always easy. You will have your creativity and skills to best use. 

A great alternative is to work with any best SEO agency In Australia that has experience in creating captivating short entertaining marketing videos for various brands on social media and other online platforms. 

Even though Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature, you have every reason to start using it in your marketing campaigns now. Chances of it blowing up just like its parent app are high, given the fact that it is on a popular platform with a massive user base. Make use of the affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia to take your Instagram Reels campaign to the next level. Our social media experts at Digital Hub Australia can’t wait to hear from you and to use their talent and skills in keeping you ahead of your competitors.

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