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By on July 29th, 2020

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Pinterest has come a long way. From a site that was primarily used for finding new recipes and interior design tips to a powerful marketing tool for driving website traffic. Ask any best digital marketing agency in Sydney about its relevance and the answer will be the same: Pinterest is futureproof.

Even today, Pinterest is still hands down one of the most powerful and robust visual search engines on the internet. It has a massive catalogue of graphics, photos, links to video content and a dozen other varieties of content.

This is part of what makes it the holy grail of businesses that utilise visuals for their marketing campaign. Data shows that more than 50% of the users on Pinterest use the platform to find photos of new products on the market.

So how does a business use this potentially powerful marketing tool to its advantage?  Some businesses opt to leave the task to a digital marketing agency. It’s actually an option you will never go wrong with if you work with the best agency.

This article will serve as the perfect primer to get you up and running on using Pinterest for your marketing campaigns.

Personalise Your Business Profile

The great thing about Pinterest is the fact that you can create a dedicated business profile. Such an account gives you access to rich pins and analytic tools that you will find very useful down the road.

Once you create an account, go a step further and personalise it. Make it unique to your brand. One special thing about Pinterest is that it has plenty of personalisation options. To unleash its full potential, we would recommend that you work with a digital marketing agency in Australia.

At Digital Hub Australia, these are some of the ways we use to make business Pinterest accounts effective and powerful:

  • We create a cover board that has product shots, graphics and unique designs from your company. Through this, we are able to give an account a unique branded look.
  • Help you create a powerful profile photo for your business to further personalise your account
  • Help you create a bio that clearly communicates your brand values, goals and what you want to achieve.
  • Verify your website on Pinterest so that you can access the analytics tools.

Determine A Content Strategy For Your Brand

The next major decision you need to make is determining the type of content that you will use to predominantly market your brand on Pinterest. If you feel overwhelmed by this part of the process, hire digital marketing experts in Australia who are experienced in doing this.

Let’s look at some of the most effective pins that you can utilise for your brand on Pinterest:

  • Product Pins – This is perfect if you deal with selling products online or you have a retail outlet. Captivating photos of the products you have to offer will motivate people to buy from you, especially since Pinterest is used as a visual search engine.
  • Blog Post Graphics – These are great pins to promote the blogs on your website. You can use captivating vertical graphics that stand out on a user’s news feed. You should also include a short brief description to let people know what your content is about.
  • Infographic Pins – You can also establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry by sharing valuable information using infographics on Pinterest. Make sure to use catchy graphics to present your data in a compressed format so that users can easily skim through your posts.

Utilise Pinterest SEO

Yes, you can use SEO on Pinterest. After all, it is a visual search engine. Working with the best SEO agency in Australia will ensure that your business profile ranks high on relevant Pinterest search results.

Here’s how SEO services in Sydney can be applied to your Pinterest account.

  • Make sure that the relevant keywords are in your name and bio
  • Use of high-performing keywords on all your boards
  • Striking the right balance of keywords in all of your pins

Put Out Fresh Content

If you want to increase the chances of the Pinterest algorithm suggesting your account to users, you need to make the effort to regularly post new creative and engaging SEO content.

Even though you can use the Pinterest management tools available to you to automatically schedule your content, we would advise that you hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia to create and post content that is captivating to your users.

This approach will give you more time to focus on your other business activities while SEO experts create content for your brand.

There’s a lot more to Pinterest marketing you can learn when you work with the best SEO agency in Sydney. Our team at Digital Hub Australia is always ready to share with you relevant tips that will help you make the most of this platform.  We can always do more than that, depending on the needs of your business. Try out our affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. You won’t regret it!

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