What Is The Future Of Social Media Marketing Post Pandemic?

By on December 8th, 2020

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Is your social media marketing strategy optimised for the future? Have you thought about what you can do to make the most of the post-pandemic period on social media?  If not, now is the right time to consult the best digital marketing agency in Sydney. Our social media marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia are excited about the future of social media marketing. This article has their views on the topic. Keep reading to know more about what the future holds for this space.

Video Will Be More Important Than Ever

People love watching videos. You can tell by the billions of views on YouTube. Video content was always going to take over the internet. When it comes to tutorials, entertainment, reviews, etc. more and more people would rather watch a video than read a blog. 

Lockdowns and COVID-19 measures in place drove even more towards entertainment and other activities that could help them kill boredom.  Video has evidently been the most popular content form on social media networks this year. 

TikTok, for example, has been downloaded 115 times since March. So, what do the experts at every best SEO agency in Australia think the future holds for video content?

At Digital Hub Australia, we believe video content is going to break all expectations post-pandemic. The recent advancements in telecommunications technology coupled with the rising demand for video content will propel this trend to unimaginable levels.

For example, with 5G technology gaining momentum, you will soon be able to enjoy super-fast internet speeds. You will be able to easily shoot your video(or watch) in 4k resolution. As you can imagine, your videos will look better. The rollout in Australia might actually happen faster than you think.

Get in touch with us or any other great digital marketing agency in Australia if you would like to learn how to best prepare your business for the 5G revolution. We would love to brainstorm with your team on how to better integrate video into your social media strategy.

Socially Conscious Brands Will Become More Popular

You will be hard-pressed to find a person in your customer base who doesn’t align with a cause or two. The pandemic has made people come together like never before using social media. Organisations that have come across as inconsiderate to their employees or customers have had to placate angry customers online.

Cancel culture is a reality for businesses going forward. This is why you should hire digital marketing experts in Sydney Australia to help you manage your brand on social media. With their help, you will be able to come up with and share content that is optimised for social media platforms and relevant to your brand.

For example, your brand could donate to social causes or be part of the activities which show that you want to do good in the world. Creative posts about such initiatives will show customers that you are more than just a faceless corporation. But you will need to be very careful with these kinds of posts. Which brings us to our next point.

Copycats Won’t Make It

Think about it. How many brands have been called out by their customers on social media for not being authentic? Put simply, if your content is not original, engaging and creative, you will have a hard time getting the attention of your followers in post-pandemic days.

Customers will relate the content you post on social media if they feel that you are genuinely trying to communicate with them and not just sell a product. As you can imagine, creating this kind of content is challenging work given the number of factors you have to balance.

The good news is we have so many agencies nowadays providing affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. You can outsource the content creation task to them.

Accurate Data Analysis Will Be Required

The pandemic has completely changed how customers interact with businesses. Staying at home made people turn to e-commerce to access products and services. Competition among brands online has increased to the point where brands that don’t make use of SEO services in Sydney can barely keep up.

Your SEO outcomes now greatly rely on how accurate and relevant your data is. Businesses that accurately analyse their social media data are going to have a competitive advantage. You will have access to all the resources needed to predict and take advantage of not social media trends.

To conclude, we can all agree that the pandemic has had a huge impact on how customers interact with their brands and social media has been at the centre of it. Social media networks are going to be an important part of digital marketing for the foreseeable future. Partner with any best SEO agency in Australia to better prepare your social media efforts for the post-pandemic times.

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