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By on August 26th, 2020

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We can all agree that SEO is currently one of the most effective and promising digital marketing technique. Any business, regardless of size or nature, can use this technique to propel their growth. Unfortunately, some of us thirst for overnight success. We want super quick results from our SEO campaign. The thing is, even the best digital marketing agency in Sydney can not guarantee such fast results.

The desire for quick results might tempt you into working with black hat SEO agents. But this is a risky path. You could destroy your business for good. Your website will be a wasted investment. 

There’s just a lot that could go wrong.

The best and only thing you can do is to avoid it. Understand that quality SEO results take time to manifest and the wait is usually worth it.  

Below, I show you black SEO techniques you should never fall for, however bad you want quick SEO results. 

Keyword Stuffing

One popular trick that black hat SEO agents have been using to generate quick results for clients is keyword stuffing. The logic behind this approach is simple but flawed. 

Those who want quick SEO results expect that the Google algorithm will be fooled into ranking their content on the first page. While this approach would have worked a few years ago, nowadays it will only serve to tank your SEO campaign.

That aside, your readers expect high-quality information, creative and helpful content from your website. When you stuff so many keywords into your article, readability suffers.  In the end, you end up with mediocre articles that no reader wants to waste their time on.

Over recent years, the Google search algorithm has gotten better at weeding out such articles.  

You will only get the desired results when you master the art of SEO content writing. When done right, this technique will bring you traffic, improve your website’s credibility, and boost your search engine ranking

Are yet to master it or curious to watch how the experts do it, then speak to a good digital marketing agency in Australia that focuses on creating quality content for its clients and insists on following the rules set by Google on the use of Keywords.

Duplicating Content

It’s okay to admire good content. We all do. But loving it so much as to copy it and call it yours just doesn’t work in SEO. 

Unfortunately, some SEO providers and business owners do it to get quick SEO results. They will find a business that has content they love and which is ranking well on the SERPs. Then they will copy the content and publish it on their site, probably with minimal changes or none at all.

This is a bad idea since it is basically plagiarism. You might record a slight bump in your website ranks but sooner or later you will be found out. And when that happens, your website might be penalised or banned from the search engines.

This is not a sustainable idea in the long run.

You will also lose credibility with customers when they realise that you have been lifting content from other sites.

The best approach, in this case, is to come up with your own unique fresh content. It might not go viral or dominate front search engines pages right away.  But if you are doing this right and there’s growth, then you will eventually get there.

You can do this much better when you have help from any best SEO agency in Sydney. They will share with you tried and tested tricks for creating captivating fresh content. 

Article Spinning

In an effort to get as many articles as possible posted on their website in a short period, some business owners resort to article spinning.

Spinning an article is taking an old article and modifying it to make it seem new and original. Some black hat SEO agencies even have software designed to spin articles.

The problem is, such articles barely appeal to users. Article spinning will make your articles sound unnatural and nonsensical.

You might get a lot of content in a short period using this approach but your website traffic will suffer because of the low-quality articles on your website.

If you find it difficult coming up with new content regularly, it would be best to hire SEO experts Sydney Australia who can do it on your behalf. At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we have top talents who have mastered SEO content creation. Thus, we can deliver high-quality content when you need it.

 Invisible Text

This is another tactic that black hat SEO agents use in an attempt to trick the Google algorithm into placing your website on the first page.

It’s similar to keyword stuffing but the excess keywords match the background page colour so the users can not see them.

Your articles won’t sound unnatural when read, but the search engine crawlers will be able to detect the excess keywords. Google has been modifying its algorithm to detect such hidden keywords on a page. As you can guess, you will be heavily penalised if you are caught.

Picking white hat SEO services in Sydney is the only way to avoid such outcomes, it might take time to see the positive result but is well worth in the end.

Other risky black SEO techniques marketers use to achieve quicker SEO results include:

  • Paying for high-quality links to help you manipulate search engine rankings
  • Sprinkling spam comments on various platforms across the web
  • Cloaking
  • Misleading clickbait titles and thumbnails

Its been proven time and again that black hat SEO techniques are simply not sustainable. You might get quick results in the short term but the risk is not just worth it.  If you care about your brand’s image and quality results, hiring the best SEO agency in Australia is the way to go. In fact, nowadays, you can access quality yet affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia. Digital Hub Australia is proud to be among the few who offer such services. We can provide you with custom SEO solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Talk to us today to find out more. 

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