The Correlation Between Marketing And The Customer Journey

By on July 15th, 2020

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As a marketer or business owner, you’ve probably interacted with these terms severally. What you probably haven’t figured out yet is how they work together to advance your business goals. Put simply, one complements the other. Nearly every best digital marketing agency in Sydney admits that optimising the customer journey is central to any marketing effort. 

Customer journey refers to a series of sequential steps, interactions and experiences that customers go through with a product, service or brand. You can map this journey and then plan, measure and manage the customer experiences. 

Marketing, as you already know, is any activity a company or organisation does to promote and sell their products or services.  

In this article, we will explore the connection between marketing and customer journey, discuss the key components of a customer journey map and how they are beneficial to your marketing efforts. 

The Connection Between Marketing & Customer Journey 

One of the primary goals of a marketer is to predict and then influence consumer behaviour. We can all agree that the goal of any Ads we create and promote, content and posts we share and emails we sent out is to not only inform but also persuade the customer to act while we anticipate their reaction and prepare to act accordingly. 

For you to do this well, you have to know your buyer personas, what motivates them, their interests and so on. This is where the customer journey comes in. Put differently, this is a story about you trying to understand your consumers, how they act or behave when interacting with your brand, service or product and things you can do to make their ‘journey’ exciting so that they can come back again. 

Now, unless you map your customer journey, your digital marketing efforts will simply be you taking a shot in the dark. And as we all know, such kind of marketing barely achieves anything. If you have no idea how to go about this, you can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you with the process. 

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey template or map is a visual representation of a customer’s experiences right from their first interaction with your brand, product or service to the moment they achieve their goal. 

Creating one may seem like a totally crazy idea but as you will realise shortly, such a tool can be so invaluable not just to your marketing efforts but also your business’s future strategy.  

At Digital Hub Australia, we do this often whenever we have to create a marketing campaign or help a business achieve its other marketing goals. When you hire a digital marketing agency in Australia to carry out digital marketing campaigns for you, this is among the things you should ask to know how they approach. 

That aside, we’ve all witnessed how consumer needs and expectations keep evolving fueled by among other things technology. So, if you don’t commit yourself to understanding how your customers behave and act, you will most likely get a lot of things wrong in your marketing strategy. 

Next, let’s take a look at what makes up a customer journey map.

Key Components Of A Customer Journey Map 

For you to come up with an optimised customer journey template or map, you are going to need the following elements:

Buyer Persona 

This is a researched-backed profile that represents your target consumer. Buyer personas describe in detail who your ideal consumers are, their interests, challenges they face, etc. They also include demographical information such as age, job title, gender, etc. You will have to create a customised journey for each buyer persona. You can hire SEO experts Sydney Australia to help you gather data that will be relevant in doing this. 

Customer Phases/Marketing Funnel 

Find out the stages customers go through as they interact with your brand, product or service. Each stage is like a goal that your customer is trying to accomplish in their journey.

Customer Goals 

What are your consumers trying to accomplish at each of the customer phases? You can get this data by doing interviews and surveys. 


These are places a customer interacts with your brand at every stage of their journey. List of all of them as well as those you feel they should be using. Examples of touchpoints include an Ad, your blog/website, platforms where they can review your product/services, etc.  


Detail all the actions that customers take during their interaction with your brand product or service. This could be things clicking on a post from your social media channels or following the link in your email. If they have to take too many actions to accomplish a goal, you’ll have to make some adjustments. Any best SEO agency in Australia can help you to streamline this process. 

Other components you might want to consider while mapping your customer journey include:

Customer emotion

Painpoints and obstacles

Points of friction

In all these components, you can see that customers are the main focus and at some point, they make decisions that determine the direction they will take. One of the primary roles of marketing is to influence these decisions. But that can only happen after you have identified and met their needs. 

As you study their journey, you will be able to know where you are not meeting their expectations or alienating prospects. Unless you address such shortcomings, you will have a difficult time providing customer experiences that encourage your consumers to take desired actions like purchasing your product/service or remaining loyal to your brand.

That aside, by understanding their journey, you will be in a position to help your customer achieve their goals with ease. For instance, you could minimise the touchpoints to make the buying process easy and seamless. Or use SEO services in Sydney to make your products and services more visible to them. 

In summary, marketing is more effective when one understands the customer journey. Of course, there’s more to this beyond what we have discussed. You can speak to our digital marketing experts at Digital Hub Australia to learn more. At the same time, you could make use of our affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia to enhance the customer experiences in your business. 

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