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By on September 28th, 2020

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Keeping your website up to date is no longer an option; it’s an essential move for any business that wants to grow or maintain its success. A perfect way to do it is by working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney

At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we have highly skilled digital marketers, web designers and SEO experts who keep abreast of these new changes and continually master how to leverage them. That is the kind of team you need by your side if you plan to make the best use of all the promising new trends in web design. 

In the rest of the article, we shine some light on these trends and the impact they have on your business. 

Dark Mode

Your visitors will definitely love this one. The dark mode is easy on the eyes and perfect for visitors who cannot stand a glaring white page for long. 

Also, the optional dark theme has good contrast and makes all the other colours in your design pop out brilliantly. Neon on black, for example, has brought a vibrant meaning to cyberpunk and dystopian styles.

In addition to the looks, the dark mode extends a screen’s lifespan through power saving. This is because fewer light pixels are needed to keep it running. 

What started as a low-key trial in 2019 is now a craze sweeping across major websites, including Facebook, Viper and even WhatsApp.

If you haven’t added dark mode to your website, now is the best time to speak to a digital marketing agency in Sydney Australia, particularly one that is well recognised for reliable web design and development services. 

Realistic And Interactive 3D Elements

It is easier to convince buyers by showing replicas of the product in the most realistic way. Showing a 3D model of a dress you are selling captures the attention of your website visitors more than its 2D illustration. 

An interactive product on display allows potential buyers to turn, revolve and view the products well before making up their minds. This is why great websites now have this feature. 

3D renders of your products give a level of interaction you cannot achieve even with real photography. It’s a simple feature that can make you stay ahead of your competitors. Hire digital marketing experts Sydney if you need help implementing it. 

Cursor Effects

Mouse movement is probably the least imagined thing when it comes to website aesthetics. But this new trend is proving to have far-reaching gains beyond enhancing user experience.

Cursors with unique shapes, ripple effects, colourful circles and bright colours stand out on your website. Visitors are often drawn to small intrigues like a different looking mouse cursor and are likely to remember your website and come back after their first visit. 

An interactive cursor also keeps people from logging off if your page takes a little bit longer to load.

The Glitch Effect

A while back, glitches were a big problem and every web designer cringed from the thought of having one in their final product. But not anymore. 

The distorted image and graphics effect is now a popular web design trend across the globe. Glitches are currently used to create a high-tech and extraterrestrial vibe in so many ways. 

Hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia to show you how to use this effect creatively. It can be applied in your logo, between slides or even combined with your 3D renders.

White Space

A crowded website with no plain areas between its elements can be disorienting and will drive visitors away.  The need for white space has never been more relevant than now, thanks in part to the ever-changing website user behaviour. 

Today’s consumers are more demanding and will easily drop you and switch to your competition if your website provides a bad user experience. 

Invest in a website that makes effective use of white space. Contrary to popular belief, this space doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘white’. The ‘ideal white space’ takes into consideration things such as the content on your website and its colour scheme.  

Since this is an essential part of technical SEO, consider having the best SEO agency in Sydney help you with it. They will identify the ideal white space for your website that will enhance user experience without compromising the message. 

Ultra-Minimalist Navigation

In website design, less is more. Getting rid of unnecessary content makes your website welcoming, easy to use, quick to load. Visitors will also have an easy time concentrating on the products/services you sell. 

But this has to be approached carefully so that you don’t end up leaving out helpful information or elements. To do it right, use the help of any best SEO agency in Australia. 

Changes in marketing and advancements in the use of technology are some of the factors that continue to drive the current trends in web design. Many businesses have been quick to accommodate these new trends because of the potential they carry. The trends we have looked at so far can make a huge difference in how visitors interact with your content. If they are implemented correctly, your business will also have a lot to gain. 

Digital Hub Australia is ready to walk this journey with you. We will help you maximise your website’s potential. Get in touch with us to learn more about our affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia.

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