How Building Quality SEO Backlinks Can Drastically Improve Your Website’s Search Rankings

By on January 15th, 2021

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Quality SEO backlinks are the key ingredient in building a solid online presence. Your website will have a tough time rising up the search engine result pages without any great website pointing to it. Think of a backlink as a stamp of approval from other websites. It is what Google uses to determine whether to rank you higher or not. 

If you haven’t leveraged the opportunities SEO backlinks offer, now is the time to work with an SEO agency in Sydney. Our SEO experts at Digital Hub Australia helped us come up with this guide to help you understand why backlink building is important in your efforts to dominate search engine results. Let’s get started.

Build Domain Authority

Some brands rank higher on Google SERPs because of their domain authority(DA).  The higher your DA is, the better your chances of dominating SERPs. It is among the key ranking factors Google uses to rank websites. 

So, how does one build their DA? The answer, as you might have guessed, is quality backlinks. 

Publishing quality content is one way to attract quality backlinks. Other sites will only link back to you if your content is valuable, useful, entertaining, information or viral. Customers and other businesses will also trust your brand more if they see great websites linking back to your content.  

Another way to source for quality backlinks is to look for guest posting opportunities from dominant websites, probably in your industry. Even though it takes more time and effort to land such opportunities, the end results make the sacrifice worth it.

Keep in mind that sourcing for a huge amount of backlinks from less-known websites won’t do much for your business. In fact, your domain authority could diminish over time because weak backlinks will not strengthen your brand authority.

Get the best SEO agency in Sydney to help you do this right. 

Faster Index Speeds

Did you know that Google will index your page much faster if you have quality backlinks? Here’s how it works. 

Before your pages can rank on Google, they must first be indexed. Google bots will then crawl and discover your site when a search is executed. You can see why it is always harder for a new website to break into the first page of Google search results.

Backlinks are an effective solution to overcoming this obstacle. Quality SEO backlinks from authoritative websites will propel your site, whether new or old, to the top Google SERPs. Google will most definitely index your website faster when you are associated with great websites through backlinks

This justifies why you should partner with an SEO agency in Sydney as soon as you set up your business. It is in your best interests. You do not have to worry yourself with the technical aspects of sourcing for backlinks. SEO experts will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Boost Your Traffic

The results of your SEO campaign will not be instantaneous; you will have to stay for months, sometimes even years, before seeing the outcomes you desire. That said, it is important to note that your SEO campaign will deliver results much faster with quality backlinks than without. 

Think about it: You will receive a lot of referral traffic early on if authoritative sites link back to your content. This is another solid reason to invest in SEO services in Australia.

Not only will you be receiving reasonable traffic (which is another rank signal Google uses) but also quality leads. You will generally have a lot more to gain from such traffic.

Build Profitable Relationships

Networking is a crucial factor when it comes to building a sustainable brand. Your professional network will determine whether your business stands the test of time. 

At its core, building backlinks is a PR exercise. You will have to reach out to other site owners and convince them why linking back to your content is a good idea.

The result? An exchange of ideas and resources that is mutually beneficial to all the parties involved. 

Working with the best SEO agency in Sydney will give you an edge in your initial negotiations, improving your chances of landing quality backlinks that will drastically boost your ranking. 

It’s easy to see why backlinks are a critical component of SEO. Not only can you use them to strengthen your presence online, but they are also effective in driving referral business to your website early on. Our SEO experts at Digital Hub Australia will be glad to offer you more comprehensive advice on how to build high-quality backlinks for your website. Talk to us today.

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