8 Digital Marketing Ideas To Consider For Growing Your Small Business in 2021

By on January 6th, 2021

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For your small business to achieve its desired goals, you will need customers. Plenty of them. Promoting your business is one way to attract and retain customers. 

Now, we all know how unaffordable older advertising methods such as print, TV, and radio can be for a small business, not to mention the difficulty in keeping track of their performance. 

You do not have to go down this route. Digital marketing provides endless possibilities for your small business. With a reliable digital marketing agency in Sydney by your side, your business will have a lot to gain. Below we share some great digital marketing ideas you should consider as you embark on this journey.

1. Make Videos

Video is no doubt the future of content marketing. More people nowadays prefer video content to other forms of content. Brands too haven’t been left behind, as many are now using it to connect to their audiences and build solid online communities. 

Video will give a voice and face to your small business, help you reach a wider market and create value not just for your customers but also prospects as well. It has in fact emerged as a significant component in social media marketing, search engine optimisation and other digital marketing avenues. 

Have a good digital marketing agency in Australia help you to come up with video digital marketing ideas that will transform your business. 

2. Personalise your Experiences

The experiences you give your customers will influence not just customer perception but also loyalty. A common attribute many great businesses have is the superior experiences they create for their customers and prospects. 

One of the best ways to do this is by personalising their experiences. 

This can be accomplished in so many ways. You can create tailored services and products for individual customers e.g. real-time personalised responses, product recommendations based on previous purchases and personalised offers. 

Personalised emails have also been found to have a higher open and conversion rate. Generally, the more you are able to personalise customer experiences, the more you will win their support and loyalty.

Speak to a trusted digital marketing company in Australia for digital marketing ideas on how to create personalised customer experiences. 

3. Optimise Your Website For SEO

One crucial thing every small business needs is an online platform where customers, prospects and other visitors can learn about the business and what it offers. A website that is optimised for search engines is a great place to begin. 

Part of what you will gain from an SEO-friendly website includes more web traffic, website authority, online credibility, higher conversion rates, increased online visibility, just to name a few. For a small business, such gains could see you grow to unimaginable levels.

As much as you can do this on your own, we suggest that you work with the best SEO agency in Sydney for better results. Also make use of web development services in coming up with a fully functional, responsive and well-designed website. 

4. Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing

No matter the type of business you run or location, you can leverage the power of social media to grow your small business. Part of what makes this digital marketing channel special is that it’s cheap to use yet so effective if you do the marketing right. 

You can have your in-house team carry out social media marketing, but please note that this approach will require you to invest plenty of effort and time for it to work perfectly. 

An equally great, if not better alternative, is to work with a digital marketing agency in Sydney. 

At Digital Hub Australia, for instance, we have an experienced team of social media marketers, advanced tools and resources that have enabled us to deliver exceptional results for a variety of businesses. We can do the same for you, no matter what your goals are. 

5. Make Use of Business Analytics

Data has become an extremely significant item for businesses that want to grow and tower over their competitors. Your small business is not an exception. 

To streamline your operations and refine business processes, you will need to make use of business analytics. Businesses that have embraced data analytics attribute some of their successes such as increased profitability, significant cost reduction and better risk management to it. 

A major challenge for many has been getting data that is accurate and consistent. This is where you will need to work with the best SEO agency in Sydney. Have them collect relevant data for you and help you analyse and put it into good use as far as your online campaigns and other businesses processes are concerned. 

6. Create an Authentic and Compelling Brand Story 

Your small business may have a great product or solutions to offer to customers but unless they are convinced that you truly have the answers to their problems, you will not achieve the success you desire. 

An effective solution to this challenge for many businesses has been how they tell their brand story. A story that your customers can relate to and find value in will always bring exceptional results. Make it about your company’s culture and what you do to fulfil and deliver your business promises. 

A lot goes into making a brand story compelling and authentic. For better results, consider working with an experienced digital marketer who has successfully completed such projects before. 

7.  Have A Business Blog

Earlier on, we discussed web development services and the need to have an SEO-friendly website. As you go about this, do not forget to include a business blog. 

Content has grown to become a key component of any SEO strategy. In fact, content marketing is a completely separate field that you have to master and execute professionally. 

A business blog with valuable, educational, informative and entertaining content will attract quality leads, build your authority online, earn you customer loyalty, and expose you to many other opportunities that will exponentially grow your small business. 

Examples of blogs with huge impact include how-tos, Q&As, customer testimonials, guest posts, instructional posts, listicles, just to name a few. 

Use the help of a digital marketing agency in Australia to come up with a solid content marketing strategy that will deliver on your desired goals. 

8. Leverage Google Ads

Who wouldn’t want to see their small businesses on top of search engine result pages? It’s what we all desire, but the truth is that this can take months, if not years if you are using search engine optimisation.  

Ignore anyone who tells you that they can help you rank higher in weeks; chances are they plan to use black hat SEO techniques which can be very harmful to your small business. They could stunt your growth. 

Google Ads is an alternative you should definitely consider if you want quick quality SEO results. These Ads show up on top of search engines, just above the organic results. You can use them to increase your reach, gain traffic, improve conversion rates and complement your SEO efforts. 

There are a dozen other digital marketing ideas out there that could be of significant impact to your small business. The few we have looked at will give you a great head start. Make it your goal to ensure each of them is executed well. Our experts at DIgital Hub Australia would be happy to work with you in ensuring you have carried out each of these processes correctly and in a way that guarantees quality results. Get in touch with us for more information. 

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