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By on June 22nd, 2020

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Reaching out to as many clients as possible is key to effective growth in every business. And the good news about this is that there are many ways through which you can achieve that. Right now, digital marketing sits on top of the list. If you have utilised this method of marketing before, then you must understand how important it is to hire the best digital marketing agency in Sydney to get the job done right.

Did you know you could use LinkedIn stories to sell your brand? As the company puts it, this is an opportunity for organisations and members to share images and brief videos of their daily professional moments. 

If you have no idea what this means for your brand, stay with us as we usher you into ways you could use this platform to advance your business. As you will see later, having the help of a digital marketing expert will help you make the most of this LinkedIn in ways you never thought possible. Take a look: 

Professional Tips

Of all online platforms that support digital marketing, LinkedIn has the highest numbers of professionals. Which is why Your LinkedIn stories will have more impact on your clients if you attach professional advice in engaging ways.

When not sure of what kind of information to give, you can hire digital marketing experts in Sydney to help you develop content that will have the most impact and deliver great results. They will assist you to choose between industry recaps, interview tips, or other helpful advice depending on your products and services.


Stories may seem like a limited way to market your brand’s information on LinkedIn, but did you know you can use it like any other platform? One way to go about this is to adapt all your content to fit stories.

For example, you can even turn your blog content into stories that can be viewed by a larger number of people. To achieve this, you can use advanced tools to make short videos from written content. 

At Digital Hub Australia, we do this often for our clients. We’ve witnessed rewarding results, which is why we recommend that you try it too alongside SEO services in Sydney

Exciting Content

Every best SEO agency in Sydney concurs that LinkedIn stories have a higher chance of being seen than normal posts as people keep checking them before they expire. Due to their short lifespan, stories can capture a huge number of clients who might not want to miss out.

While this may work for you, creating captivating content is key as this means those who view your stories will not forget the content. Boring and flat stories might be viewed but with less conversion as people will avoid your posts in the future. 

When you hire SEO experts Sydney Australia to help you with this, make sure they have knowledge and experience in generating catchy stories through announcements, giveaways and competitions among others.

Real-Time Event Updates

When you use platforms with lasting posts, you are bound to edit and polish content as it stays longer on your page. The LinkedIn stories, on the other hand, are a one-off thing with a short lifespan. This allows you to post any quick and raw content for your clients to view.

You can keep these live event posts lively by posting engaging video clips or quizzes that will evoke reactions and responses from your target audience hence maximising the content. 

For the best results, you will need to have a qualified and experienced in-house team whose main role is to develop and post such content. Alternatively, you can also hire a social media management team from a digital marketing agency in Australia to do such work on your behalf. 

Personalised Content

It’s common knowledge that clients remain only loyal to a brand when they feel accommodated. Ever heard about personalised digital marketing? You can use LinkedIn stories to attract more loyal clients through such a technique.

A majority of LinkedIn users are likely to skim past your brand announcements or sale offers when scrolling through their news feed. LinkedIn stories increase the chances that people will spend more time on your content.

To create more appeal, come up with personalised content that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Behind the scenes videos are one way to build and maintain the interests of your clients online.  

There are many other ideas too which you can learn and experiment with correctly if you have help from any of the best SEO agency in Australia. 

Host Question And Answer Sessions

Research conducted over time indicates that clients are more likely to buy from brands they trust. This means that your marketing strategies should be centred around building trust. 

You don’t have to worry about how to achieve this if you hire SEO experts. Our team at Digital Hub Australia has mastered this so well. We help clients schedule and host Q&A sessions on their LinkedIn stories to engage with clients. This interaction allows a sneak peek of their operations to potential and existing clients which in turn builds brand affinity.

Is that all there’s to maximising the opportunities presented by LinkedIn Stories? Definitely no. Consider this a foundation that you can only build on when you have help from experts who understand how to do this right. Before you think otherwise, note that currently, we have so many agencies offering affordable digital marketing services Sydney Australia. For example, at Digital Hub Australia,  we give custom services that can match your budget. Talk to us today to learn more. 

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