Is AI The Future Of Digital Marketing?

By on May 9th, 2020

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You probably first heard the term AI thrown around in a sci-fi flick or when someone you know claimed that AI will enslave humanity in the near future. To be honest, there can be some confusion when it comes to this topic and its relationship to marketing. So what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can the best digital marketing agency in Sydney help you leverage its marketing potential?

To begin with, note that AI is simply a system that mimics cognitive functions associated with the human mind such as learning and problem-solving. AI systems are able to collect data, analyse it and use it to achieve a specific purpose. 

Top digital marketing agencies usually utilise AI systems to improve the quality of their SEO services tenfold. For example, some use the AI systems in analysing big data from their customer base. In the process, they gain deeper insight into the market, which is something that would have been otherwise impossible, if not really hard to obtain before.

As AI systems continue to mature, becoming more efficient in the execution of their tasks, the question you may have as a marketer or business owner is how is the future of marketing being shaped by this revolutionary technology? Well, let’s find out.

1.  AI Chat Bots

Ask any top digital marketing agency in Australia about their web design strategy and you will most likely be met with information of how they utilise AI chatbots in their projects. The reason for this is that business owners have come to recognise the many advantages that AI chatbots have over manual customer service, increasing the demand for the feature.

AI chatbots can provide support to several customers at the same time, unlike manual customer service that can only deal with one person at a time. AI chatbots do not need rest therefore they are able to offer support long after office hours.

Customers can also choose the language to be used by the AI chatbots service according to their needs, allowing your business to deliver localised service to them.

2. AI Digital Advertising

AI systems are revolutionising digital advertising by reducing the guesswork in the process and placing the right advertisements in front of the right people at the right time. AI autonomously analyses data from consumers, including gender, age and interests, allowing SEO experts to know what kind of ads are relevant to specific consumers.

Through this technique, agencies that offer SEO services in Sydney have been able to maximise the impact of google ads by focusing their ads campaign on promising targets. 

3. AI Providing Personalised Content

AI systems allow digital marketing agencies to find out the types of marketing content that work best for their target audience. AI can also suggest blogs, videos and other forms of content that are relevant to users visiting your site based on their past interaction with your content. Such a system will help you drastically reduce your site’s bounce rates and possibly increase your conversation rates. Before you hire SEO experts in Sydney  Australia, this is one of the things you should watch out for. Do they employ such techniques?

4. AI In Email Marketing

AI systems analyse customers’ behaviour allowing digital marketing agencies to personalise email marketing campaigns with increased chances of generating leads. Through this, they are also able to come up with designs, images, subject lines and messaging types that provide the best results for a specific email marketing campaign.

5. AI Generating Content

There is an increasing potential Of AI being able to generate content in the near future. At the moment, AI systems can only do so on a basic level. When this becomes possible, AI might be used to generate viable content for a target audience with little or no human input required. This will enable businesses to maximise their return on investment through the creation of quality, relevant marketing content with minimal human input required.

The reason you will want to hire digital marketing agency in Sydney to carry out your marketing is that a good number of them are already using AI with outstanding results. It is becoming apparent to the rest of the industry that AI systems are here to stay and choosing to ignore the advantages they have to offer will lead to your business being obsolete in the long run.

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