How To Gain Organic Traffic On Your Website Without SEO

By on April 21st, 2020

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After putting up a website, the next thing you want is people visiting it and checking out what you have to offer. Unfortunately, directing traffic to your website is not as easy and as straightforward as it sounds. If you do not do your homework to get proper organic traffic insights in Sydney, you might find your glossy site buried in the forgotten pages of Google.

The good news is there are many ways to ensure that your website ranks high on search engine page results. One of the most effective ones is search engine optimization (SEO). 

Once it picks up, SEO can work wonders for your website. However, note that this could take a while and requires a lot of patience.

If your business exists in a competitive niche in Sydney, SEO efforts could take months or even years before they beat any fruit. This may not be an ideal scenario for you as a business owner, most probably because you want to generate traffic to your site at a faster rate and over a shorter period of time.

Well, today must be your lucky day because we are introducing to you other ways that can help you gain organic traffic faster on your website without using SEO.

But before we get to the meat of it, there are some things you should familiarise yourself with first.

Organic Traffic Vs Paid Traffic 

Organic traffic refers to visitors who land on your site after executing a search on a search engine like Google. They are not referred to your site from any other site or by clicking an advertisement link. Paid traffic, where visits to your site are generated through paid ads, is the complete opposite of organic traffic.

Why Is Organic Traffic Important

Organic traffic is the best way to increase the popularity of your website and its relevance to users. Users who get informative tips from your site will keep coming back and recommend your site to people in their circle.

Benefits Over Paid Traffic

The most obvious benefit of organic traffic is cost. Organic traffic costs the user no money to generate, making many starting websites with shoestring budgets to prefer it over paid traffic.

Organic traffic will also help improve the quality of your website by forcing you to post information that is bound to captivate your users. Visitors to your website will want to stay longer and this will increase the chances of a purchase being made.

Ways To Gain Organic Traffic Without SEO

As I stated before, it takes a long time before you start reaping the benefits of search engine optimization on your website. You can use some of the following methods to increase organic traffic to your site if you do not want to use SEO. 

1. Use An Influencer

An influencer is a social media user with a massive amount of followers. Their many followers are often interested in what the influencer shares, posts and talks about. 

If you get an influencer to talk about your product in order to generate interest in it, a lot of the followers will be curious about what you have to offer.

They will talk about your product in their social circles and a buzz will be created around it. You will note a spike in your traffic as curious visitors come to check out what you have to offer due to influencers marketing.

2. Use Video Marketing

Internet users love videos so much that videos are poised to dominate more and more of content on the internet in the coming decade. The fact that videos have both visuals and audio means that users can easily retain information from them.

You can use different approaches to marketing with videos. Posting on video sites like YouTube or Vimeo is one way of going about it. Having videos on your website with relevant content not only increases your conversion rate but can also lead to organic traffic generation. 

3. Social Media Marketing

With millions of Aussies on different social media platforms, it makes sense for you to try to promote your product through some of them. 

Planning is key in social media marketing. Make sure you know your target demographic and the platform(s) that will suit you best.

An efficient social media marketing campaign will direct a lot of traffic to your site, create brand loyalty and open new communication channels with your customer base.

4. Referrals

Online referrals are another way to generate organic traffic to your website. One of the most effective methods is using a custom hashtag. If done correctly, your customers can promote your product to their social circle, generating interest in it.  

Using incentives like discounts or free products can make your customers more enthusiastic about referring other people to your product.
These are great methods to use when trying to quickly generate organic traffic for your website. For the best result, you are advised to employ SEO for your long term traffic goals because it is truly effective. Meanwhile, the methods mentioned above, combined with other organic traffic insights in Sydney, can be used to generate traffic as you perfect your SEO technique. You can always learn more about how to increase organic traffic and do it right by speaking to a digital marketing agency in Sydney

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