An Insight Into The New Government Regulation And Its Effect On Marketing By The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Sydney

By on September 2nd, 2020

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Restrictions on movement, gatherings and business services, social distancing and travel bans are part of the lockdown rules instituted by the federal and state governments in Australia to help minimise the spread of coronavirus. 

In NSW, all business now have to observe the one person per 4 square metre rule. Employees have to be allowed to work from their homes if it’s reasonably practical for your business. There are also safety plans that specific businesses now need to have. 

In other states, the restrictions are just as tough. Victoria, which is one of the most affected, continues to receive fresh restrictions on movement, gatherings and the other aspects we mentioned earlier.

Today, we shed light on how these new regulations by federal and state governments have affected marketing. Any best digital marketing agency in Sydney will tell you that marketing (both digital and traditional) has been shaken by the lockdown rules. Let’s find out how. 

Additional Spending On Digital Tools 

Restrictions on movement and the requirement for non-essential services provider to close down has forced some businesses to embrace digital marketing in order to ensure effective continuity of their operations. 

Brick and mortar stores that never had an online presence have embraced channels such as social media. Some have hired digital marketing experts in Sydney to design for them proper e-commerce websites. 

But getting a presence is just the first step. Since it is already a competitive space, many business are now spending heavily on digital marketing. SEO services in Sydney, effective social media management and online marketing are some of the services on high demand by business that are keen on reaching their target consumers and building a customer base. 

Even existing businesses that were already a step ahead now have to pour more money into their digital advertising campaigns to cope up with the competition.

Generally, each business is now focused on digital transformation in preparation for the post lockdown times. 

New Marketing Techniques For Minimalist Shoppers

Before COVID-19, there was a huge number of consumers who admitted to suffering from impulsive shopping. Many would easily go on a shopping spree, both online and offline,  but this has since changed, thanks in part to the restrictions on movement and essential services. 

In states such as Victoria, some retailers have introduced purchasing limits for essential items. For shoppers who were battling compulsive spending, this has been a sigh of relief.  

But some have gone further to embrace minimalism after the pandemic triggered their survival instincts. Surviving with the bare minimum while preserving the normal quality of life is a new normal.

Businesses that once sold products and services to these consumers now have a tough time marketing to them. Many have readjusted their marketing strategies to match this new mindset. Marketing is now more centred around purpose and need. 

If you have been affected by this new mindset, now would be best to speak to a good digital marketing agency in Australia. At Digital Hub Australia, we have expert marketers who fully understand how to readjust a marketing strategy to new consumer behaviours. Talk to us to learn more. 

More priority on Retention than Conversion & Acquisition

Changing consumer behaviour has made it more difficult for businesses to acquire customers. As we saw earlier, this change in consumer habits has partly been caused by the restrictions on movement, gathering and business services. 

Initially, brands would personalise their website for different purposes, key among them being customer acquisition. But many are now giving more priority to customer retention. They are only personalising their websites and other platforms for existing customers. 

AI-driven predictive tools have made their work even easier. Some AI tools can correctly predict consumer behaviour based on their past shopping experience and other activities. A good number of businesses that use AI in customer retention have recorded great results.

We understand that a challenge for many brands is access to the talent that can assist to correctly integrate AI in their personalisation strategies. We advise that you speak to any best SEO agency in Australia about this.  At Digital Hub Australia, we have talented AI experts who will explain to you how to best approach and implement this. 

As more restrictions continue to be put in place, much remains to be seen as far as how marketing will be affected during this time. If you adapt to the changing consumer behaviour and marketing environment, you will have a better chance of surviving these uncertain times. Take advantage of the affordable digital marketing services in Sydney Australia to grow your business during this time. Where SEO is involved, only hire SEO experts in Sydney Australia as they understand the local market pretty well and what needs to be done to dominate it. 

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